Reviews for A Thrill on the Tongue



I've always loved this pairing. It was written wonderfully. The only thing I could say is there were errors, not so much that I couldn't read through, but I know it was probably because you didn't run it through any kind of program for corrections. Erik is such a sexy demon.  




Man, I wrote this story and I still get chills everytime I read it. Thank you for putting it up!



Silverwind Fara

Great story I hope to read more soon  




Very sweet, but also ironic sometimes...




zomg, if that fic is not the definition of "hot" i don't know what is!! XD X3 lol i'm too addicted to this pairing for my own good *mmmm*




Oh my God, I loved it!!! Seriously!!! This was the first Phantom of the Opera fan fiction I ever read, and I was giggling and squeeing all the way through!!

I think I've got myself a new OTP XD

Anyways!!! This was wonderful. I loved the details, and the roses, and it was just perfection :]




I must say...that was hot. Very, very, hot. I've never read a PotO fic before but I'm glad this was my first. Very good. ^^



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