In a town in the southeast region of Fire Country was a merchant. He was rich, but not overly so. Unfortunately, a new group of criminals had thought otherwise. They poison the merchant’s daughter and demanded a ludicrous amount of money for the antidote. The poison was never seen before and even Tsunade couldn’t find a way to cure the girl. The gang was also never heard of. There was no clue of who they were much less their whereabouts. The merchant didn’t have enough money for a large-scale mission, hence sending two jounins who had the appropriate abilities and experience instead of a team. In three days, the girl would die.

End of briefing.

That was fifty two hours ago.

Three days to find an unknown headquarters of a band of criminals, find an antidote within the lair and bring it back to Konoha. Three days before their client’s daughter dies. If it weren’t for Shikamaru’s knowledge of medicine and geography and Kakashi’s ninken, the first task alone would take at least five days. If it wasn’t for their knack in infiltration and assassination, the second task would take at least a team of five ninjas. If it wasn’t for their speed, they would still be too far from Konoha to make it back in time. And now?


That was all that mattered.

They had been running for eight hours straight and they were still running; jumping from tree limb to tree limb at maximum speed under heavy pursuit. At first they had time to stop and hold back the enemies, raining destructive jutsus and explosive traps on their pursuers every couple of miles. Now they no longer had the luxury. They were short on both time and chakra reserve. In twenty hours, all of their effort would be for nothing.

Their pursuers were lagging behind them, already battered and bruised, and cut down to only half of their actual number. Kakashi’s collection of big, explosive jutsus and Shikamaru’s talent in creating deadly traps in a blink of an eye had done that. At first, the older jounin had covertly smirked at the Nara’s utility belt, just like four years ago when he joined a team of angry teenagers in their vengeance ride. What would that many tools and small weapons do other than adding more weight and possibly hinder your movement? And that belt was most likely uncomfortable.

“My chakra reserve is no more than average,” the young Nara had responded when he finally asked, the night warm and their eyes locked on their enemy’s headquarters in observation. “My stamina is also average at best. Instead of any big jutsu, my family taught me how to utilize equipments.”

“In direct combat?” he had asked again, trying hard not to sound demeaning.

Shikamaru had answered calmly, “I don’t usually do direct combat, but yes.”

Ah, of course. People commented that young Nara Shikamaru was a tactical genius and had good leadership, yet he was mostly sent on solo missions. Assassination missions. Just like his father before him. Kakashi knew that because he often hung out with the guys from the mission room. It wasn’t surprising, really. With his blood limit and his chakra’s nature, he was practically born for those jobs. He wondered how Asuma would’ve thought about that if he was still alive. He knew his friend had different expectations for his protégé. The man had wanted Shikamaru to be a leader, maybe even the Hokage someday, not a silent killer.

“Does the belt give you any difficulty?”

At that question, the young Nara had turned to him and raised an eyebrow. “Your Sharingan was opened when I dueled with Hidan to separate him from Kakuzu. What do you think?”

Well, shit. That pretty much answered everything. It didn’t bother him then, so it wouldn’t bother him now. He was fast enough to engage an Akatsuki in hand-to-hand combat then, so he sure as hell would be fast enough to keep up with his partner now. The unsaid ‘Don’t worry, you smug ass, I can take care of myself,’ hung in the air, even as they finally made their move and infiltrate the enemy’s base from two different points.

Of course, the famous Sharingan Kakashi didn’t get to see just how good his partner actually was with ningu until much later; until they were running like their asses were on fire. The gang was bigger than predicted, consisted of many nukenin and even more thugs. Sure the antidote was safe in one of the many hidden compartments in Shikamaru’s shinobi attire but by that time, the sun was already up and their enemy was well aware of their presence, and to fight all of them would be stupid if not downright suicidal. So they ran.

The Copy-Nin had never seen hands moved that fast before, not unless they were forming seals. He had to use Sharingan to see it in slow-motion, how those hands worked on exploding tags, strings, kunais and shurikens, how speed and precision turned to magic that brought out screams of death amidst an explosion, or a rain of kunai miles after that. No chakra was used, no stamina spent. Unlike with the big jutsu he had to use when it was his turn to hold back the enemy.

Speed wasn’t the only thing the younger jounin could keep up with. Kakashi didn’t know how long it had been since he had had a partner that could keep up with his witty banter and dry humor. After Asuma had died, Genma was the only one who could laugh with him in a life or death situation and he could count the times they got sent on a mission together with one hand. Appropriate comments placed at the appropriate moments could bring forth amusement in place of stress, but it didn’t work with that many people. They didn’t understand that it was better, it would help your head stay cool, if you make that faster beating of your heart came from excitement instead of fear or pressure.

The tight deadline, the big stake, the miniscule odds of success.

The rush of adrenaline.

Kakashi hated to admit it, but he was having fun.

And he knew that this excitement was their excitement. His and Shikamaru’s. That the mission would be nothing but dark and impossible had he been sent with any other shinobi. And he could see it in the Nara, how the adrenaline being pumped inside him brought flashes of mischief in those apathetic eyes and turned that seemingly-permanent pout in to a wicked smirk, how he responded with remarks as sarcastic and funny as Kakashi’s own, all the while they were running like hell and thinking how they would get out of this mess.

They were far from the enemy’s hideout they just destroyed, which was hidden in a forest in the no man’s land between their country and Wind Country. With this pace, they could reach the border in four hours. From there, still at maximum speed, it would take another two hours to reach the merchant’s house where Tsunade was waiting. That was all fine and dandy, but what of their pursuers? They weren’t visible anymore but both knew they were still following.

“Hey, you do know they’re still chasing us, right?” Kakashi asked.

“They’re still trying to.”

“You think they’ll follow us cross the border?”

Shikamaru laughed. “I hope so.”

Kakashi snickered along as he jumped to a tree branch many feet away. If they managed to reach the border before their enemy caught up with them, all they had to do was continue their hurried journey without any hassle. Their country’s border was protected by ANBU. If what’s left of their enemies were stupid enough to chase them that far, the masked guardians would give those idiots the pounding they deserved.

After almost four hours of traveling in full speed, it turned out that luck was on their side. There was no sign of their pursuers when they crossed the border, but they met up with an ANBU personnel guarding the area and briefed the masked kunoichi about the situation just in case. After that they were racing only against time and, before they knew it, they were jumping on rooftops instead of trees.

To say that their client was grateful would be an understatement. The second they landed on the window sill of his daughter’s bedroom, Shikamaru holding out a small container to Tsunade, the old man was gaping at them with teary eyes. The second Tsunade declared the antidote was working and the girl would be fine, he was down on his knees and praising them to the high heavens.

It didn’t feel as good as most people would imagine.

They weren’t used to having a nice, loving, old person groveling at their feet.

Tsunade saw their discomfort. She also saw the way their breaths still racing and their muscles still flexing here and there, ready for action. She knew.

Adrenaline rush.

She dismissed them right away, telling them to go wherever and do whatever to relax while she treated her patient some more. She told them to come get her in three hours so they could return to Konoha together where the two geniuses would report in and had the rest of the week off.

“You deserve it,” she said. “You just accomplished a mission which had zero percent probability of success. Well done. Both of you.”

“Please stay and let my servants tend to your needs,” their client chimed in with enthusiasm. “This house has the best cooks. We have a private onsen you can use. I know that’s nowhere near enough to thank you, but it’s the least I can do after what you’ve done for me and my family.”

The two shinobis merely nodded and smile before jumping out the window.

Outside, in the garden, they parted ways without saying a word. Kakashi didn’t know about Shikamaru, but he was way too high-strung to deal with pleasantries right now. The mission ended too abruptly, like an anticlimax after a rushed buildup. His body had prepared itself by pumping out hormones in all that excitement, but they didn’t fight until they had to practically drag themselves home like they usually would have.

The Copy-Nin took a deep breath to calm himself. He was hard. This was not good. He knew that it was common for shinobis to have an erection after exciting, fast-paced missions. Hell, soldiers and athletes had the same problem. All the adrenaline and testosterone had nowhere else to go but there, and until that particular side effect was taken care of; his body wouldn’t realize that it was actually worn out. Maybe he could use Gai’s trick and run fifty laps around town? His body would surely give out after that.


That would take more than three hours… and embarrassing as all hell.

He wondered where Shikamaru had gone to. Wasn’t he supposed to be having the same problem right about now? Meh, the kid was probably sleeping somewhere. Sometimes he wished he could just drop himself and relax anywhere like that young Nara. Yeah, that was exactly what he needed. A good place to relax his muscles. All his muscles, he thought as he glanced down and practically glared at his own crotch.

A place to relax… An onsen would be a good idea. But where would he find an onsen? He was familiar with this town, just like all the towns and cities in Fire Country, but not enough that he could find a place without searching for it first. And with the wood he was sporting, he wasn’t in the mood for jumping on rooftops. Asking people for direction was also out of the question. He couldn’t just cover his groin with his Icha Icha now could he? What would he say? ‘Of course I’m reading it. I have eyes down there too. Wanna see?’ Right. He’d be directed to the nearest mental rehabilitation facility instead of the nearest onsen.

Wait, didn’t the old man say this house had a private onsen? Oh, yeah. Why didn’t he think of that before? At this time of night and with the whole house worrying about the sick daughter, he doubted anyone else would be in there. This was perfect.

It didn’t take long for Kakashi to find the private bathhouse. It was the only separate building other than the shed and stable, after all. The inside was also simple. It was easy to find the towels and soap he would need before entering the bathing area. Dressers were provided to keep his clothes safe while he bathe. Again, this was perfect.

With one small towel around his waist to cover his private parts and another one around his neck to cover his lower face, Kakashi stepped in to the onsen. He scanned his surrounding in reflex and noticed the area for soaping and scrubbing on the other side of the pool of hot water. He saw a figure there, somewhat blurred by the steam coming out of the small pool but was most definitely facing the other way, so he quickly went in to the waist-deep hot water before that guy turn around and saw him with his- uh… problem.

The splish-splash of Kakashi’s entrance made that figure looked back at him, and that was when he was sure that God hated him.

There, standing no more than a few feet away, was the most beautiful man he had ever seen. Did he say the onsen was perfect? Well, scratch that. This person in the onsen was perfect.

That face? Perfect. The man had delicate features; small nose, small lips, fine eyes. Kakashi thought only guys in Icha Icha illustrations could have eyebrows naturally that slim and perfectly shaped. Now he knew that he was wrong. The sharp jaw line gave that pretty face indisputable masculinity which is -- again -- perfect because Kakashi never liked men who are feminine.

That hair? Perfect. Dark hair was always his taste. The locks were thick, very much male. They reached that solid jaw line at the front and tickled that sexy shoulder blade at the back, obviously cut without much concern, indicating that the owner didn’t care much about looks. Hatake Kakashi approved.

That skin? Perfect. Kakashi hated his own pale complexion and always found himself attracted to men and/or women with tanned skin. Too dark a skin was a turn-off for him but golden skin like this one? This was exactly the skin tone his brain supplied him when he was having a wet dream!

That back? Perfect. It formed perfectly under broad shoulders, with lean muscles complimenting the slender tone. It was similar to his own back, actually. Which meant they would look good together. He was sure of it.

That ass? Perfect. Round and bubbly was nice, but he liked the firm and slightly muscled type better. Just like this guy’s ass.

Those legs? Perfect. Long, slender and, again, slightly muscled. The strength palpable. Oh, he could just imagine those strong legs locked around his waist as he…

Arg! Enough! If he wasn’t fully hard before, he was now. He came to the onsen to relax, damn it, not to be turned on even more! By being exactly his type, this person just ruined everythi~ng! Oh, great. Now even his brain was whining. All this because of some guy he didn’t even know. Who was this -- hot -- son of a bitch anyway?



“You okay?”


“Oi! Kakashi!”


Wait, Shikamaru? The walking wet dream was Shikamaru?! But- but- how come he didn’t recognize him before? One measly pony tail couldn’t possibly make that much of a difference, could it? Oh, no. Oh, dear God, no. This couldn’t be happening. This was just wrong. Shit, if dead people could hear thoughts Asuma would be rolling in his grave!

The young Nara raised an eyebrow. “Uh… yeah?”

Damn it, Kakashi swore inwardly. That was sexy. How come I never noticed before? “What are you doing here?”

“What’s it look like, genius?” Shikamaru snorted. He wrapped his towel around his waist and stepped in to the small pool.

“Oh… yeah. Wait, why are you walking backwards?”

“Because I’m too lazy to turn around?”

Kakashi rolled his eyes. Yeah, right. Too lazy to turn around? The kid was most likely hiding the same problem he was hiding.


Well… if they happened to be sharing the same problem…

The older jounin watched as Shikamaru submerged himself before turning around, taking off his towel and threw it to the side as he leaned on the side edge the hot pool. They were of the same height, same built. They had that same dangerous glint in their eyes. He decided, then, that this was no kid. This was most definitely a man. A strong, smart, beautiful, very dangerous man. Their playing field was one and the same. It might have been wrong years ago but now, Nara Shikamaru was fair game.

And so was seduction.

He knew it wouldn’t be too hard to seduce Shikamaru. The other shinobi was as high on adrenaline as he was. He knew what to do to push the young man over the edge.

Slowly, deliberately, Kakashi took off his towels. First the one on his waist under the water, then the one covering his lower face. Then he moved forward.

Shikamaru was transfixed. And he didn’t like it. He could feel his brain shut down, cell after cell, as he watched Kakashi approached. He didn’t even have enough brainpower left to mutter his catchphrase. He didn’t like that. People called this man Sharingan Kakashi, the Man of a Thousand Jutsu, the strongest shinobi in Konoha. Naruto said this man was smarter than even him. But no one, not a single person, had ever informed him that Hatake Kakashi was a freaking god.

If the young Nara ever wondered why Kakashi wore a mask, he had just gotten the answer. That face was so devastatingly handsome it should’ve been outlawed. That face could cause brain damage, and he would give you prove if it didn’t mean he’d have to crack open his skull. Hell, not even the scar could ruin it.

The perfectly toned body wasn’t surprising. The man was a shinobi, after all. But having a fit body and being sexy were two different things in Shikamaru’s book, and Kakashi had the sexy part down pat. Very much so, in fact, that the renowned tactical genius had to go on instinct and let his body guide him forward. No more thinking, no more calculating. Just that pale magnificence moving gracefully towards him across the water. Just those strong hands grabbing him as he grabbed back. Just those lips crushing his.


That was the word that flitted across Kakashi’s mind.

The kiss was brutal.

Adrenaline and testosterone.

And passion.

The meeting of their bodies was harsh, demanding. Both he and Shikamaru were pressing, domineering. Those arms he had grabbed were taut, hard. Those hands gripping his hips were rough, uncompromising. And he knew that his hands were just as forceful, his whole body just as ruthless. There was no gentleness, no waiting for parting lips before going in, no caresses just strong hands grasping solid muscles. And under the water, where the embodiment of their desperation met, the grinding was severe. He loved it. He craved it. And he knew the feeling was mutual.

However, both knew that this battle for dominance must end. They hadn’t slept in almost three days, hadn’t eaten in almost two, and had been on the move for almost one. They didn’t have much time before the adrenaline would run out and their bodies would give in to fatigue.

Kakashi pressed forward.

Shikamaru relented.

In two steps, Shikamaru was back where he was before the battle began, leaning against the edge of the onsen. Only this time, Kakashi was with him, against him, weighing him down, and he wanted more. They wanted more.

Kakashi didn’t hold anything back. The younger man under him could take it, he knew. He could feel the strength in those wiry muscles, all rigid and flexing in excitement, giving back as much as they had gotten with the same brutality, the same force. This was what he was always searching for in a partner; someone who could dominate him even when he was dominating, taking over his senses and thoughts entirely; someone who could keep up with him in both strength and intelligence even during sex, especially during sex. This was perfect. Shikamaru was perfect.

When their lips finally parted, his exposed Sharingan was swirling rapidly, taking in the view and recording it in less than a second. Those eyes were no longer lethargic but burning with lust, focused on him instead of the sky or their surroundings. Those lips were slightly opened to let out hurried breaths, swollen from being mashed and there was blood from where he had bitten without realizing it. That neck, long, slender but sturdy, elegant but still solid. That skin… that glorious, golden skin, wet and shining against the moonlight. Those nipples, dark against their radiant canvas, already stiff and protruding with need, enticing him, challenging him. Suddenly he was struck by an appetite he had never felt before. And he indulged it.

He hungrily lapped at that neck, now arching against his lips with a silent request. He kissed it all over, with both tiny pecks and hard presses of lips. He wanted to taste this body writhing against him, all of it. When he reached that juncture between neck and shoulder, strained and dense against his lips, he could no longer stand his hunger and bit harshly, almost drawing blood. His hips thrust forward in reflex and their cocks slammed against each other.

The body under him arched beautifully at the bite, and those hands on his ass gripped almost painfully at the slamming of their groin. And the sound… Kakashi felt like he had just won a lottery. The moan was low, very quiet that if it wasn’t for their proximity, if those lips weren’t right above his ear, he would’ve missed it. And he knew, he didn’t know how but he knew, that Shikamaru made a silent lover, his body responsive but his vocal chords locked, that even a quiet moan was a sign of complete victory for the person pleasuring him.

Kakashi continued his journey down. When those nipples grazed him firmly as the younger man vaulted against him, he knew he just had to get a taste of them. But in a split second, before he could reach his target, one of those quick, skillful hands had moved from his ass and circled both their erections under the water. It squeezed steadfastly; making him throw his head back in pained pleasure.

“Ah… shit…” he really is good with his hands, the rest of the sentence came as a rush inside Kakashi’s brain. And then that hand was stroking, the rhythm fast and the pressure unyielding, perfect, just like he liked it, and all thoughts were gone. If Shikamaru hadn’t used his other hand to grab one of his and pulled, his eyes would’ve remained closed; his senses would’ve remained lost. As it was, he opened his eyes as if he was waking up and they looked at each other as the younger man placed his hand under the water, cupping the other’s ass.

Kakashi felt his fingers being pushed in between those clenching muscles and got the message. Those eyes were hot on his, ordering him to ‘get on with it, damn it! Or we’ll both come before the good part even started!’

The Copy-Nin obliged, inserting one finger without reservation. And with his senses back he remembered what he was after. He homed in again on those nipples and let his teeth latched on one as he savagely suckled on it, enjoying the tastes of water and sweat, of the lazy genius who turned out to be, for him, the perfect lover. He was rewarded with that quiet moan again; this time sounding like his victim was a bit surprised. It was a bit louder, more pronounced. Kakashi grafted that moment in his brain, that Nara Shikamaru had sensitive nipples, that he now knew what to do to hear that pleasant sound.

Just like in their latest mission, time was of the essence. Kakashi inserted another finger while his lips moved to the other nipple. Another slight moan, a buck of that slender hips, a squeeze around their rock-hard members, he took it all in and savor it. Their hurried movements urging him on as he worked that tight channel to submission; twisting and scissoring his fingers to prepare it for something bigger, better; poking about in search of that elusive spot that he knew would drive his partner crazy when touched.


The sudden gasp that ended with that quiet, low moan and the abrupt tensing of that slender body told him that he had found it. Kakashi shuddered at the reaction, and as he stopped nipping and sucking the nipple in his mouth and ended up in a vicious battle of fierce kisses, suckles and bites with Shikamaru, he attempted to reach it again.

It was deep, hard to reach even by his long fingers, but now that he knew where it was he knew he would never miss it later when he was using his other appendage. His much longer and thicker appendage. Yes, Kakashi knew he was blessed with an impressive dick and though he hadn’t seen it yet, from the way their cocks pressed together he could tell that this much younger man was equally well endowed. And somewhere in the back of his mind, he wished that someday he would get the chance to feel that equally impressive member inside him because he was a switch, he enjoyed being either top or bottom, and somehow he knew that Shikamaru was too.

Insides stretched and legs spread, the Copy-Nin knew his partner was ready. He took out his finger just as Shikamaru let go of their erections and he positioned himself, his engorged shaft brushing and nudging the small entrance. When he finally pushed in, he realized just how tight his partner actually was. The walls gripped him like a glove. Their foreplay and preparation were too hurried, too rushed. Although it felt like forever for them, both knew that it had only been a couple of minutes.

Kakashi slid in slowly and with care, pulling back a bit and pushing in a little deeper a couple of times so that wall of muscles and nerves could adjust to his girth and accept him. He could feel Shikamaru trying to regulate his breathing, to relax his muscles and calm his adrenalized body to make their joining easier.

The older jounin was halfway in when suddenly, just like he had imagined earlier, those long legs wrapped themselves around his waist. He didn’t have any chance to react before those legs pulled him swiftly, slamming their bodies together, burying his cock to the hilt. Kakashi cried out in both surprise and pleasure. Water was rippling around them and stone was digging in to Shikamaru’s back as both men shuddered at the sudden intensity.

They stayed still for a moment, only a few seconds, and their gazes locked at one another. Kakashi then started to move, pulling back and slamming back in, hands steadying his partner’s hips. He delighted in the fact that he was rewarded with that sensual, quiet moan at each thrust. He delighted in the fact that while most uke would just throw their head back, closed their eyes and enjoy the ride, this particular one was looking at him, gaze sharp instead of lidded. And he admired the way Shikamaru firmly stroke himself under the water, rhythm unwavering even as his prostate was brutally stimulated.

Those hips and legs kept up with his ferocious, rapid pace in apparent ease and Kakashi was beginning to wonder if it wasn’t the other way around, if he wasn’t the one following the rhythm and trying to keep up. It was a strange sensation, not knowing who the lead was in a dance, but very gratifying. He wasn’t the lead, Shikamaru wasn’t the lead; they were just moving together and having one hell of good time.

It didn’t take long before both jounins got lost in the rhythm, got lost in unadulterated pleasure. Kakashi could no longer hear that quiet, sensual moan he was eliciting with each thrust, deafened by his own cries of gratification. He didn’t realize that Shikamaru was no longer composed, now trembling with eyes closed and face buried in his shoulder, both hands doing nothing but gripping his arms. Everything was too hot, too intense. He was burning, burning while trying desperately to reach that proverbial peak of desire, both black and blood-red eyes shut in rapture.

Kakashi was still climbing. He knew he was close but he couldn’t seem to reach it. Then suddenly, too suddenly, his world imploded when sharp pain stung his right shoulder, and he was catapulted to his climax. His scream of fulfillment echoed throughout the onsen but he didn’t hear it. He was jerking, shuddering, trembling; the last rush of adrenaline became an explosion, white and deafening. Those muscles and nerves trapping his manhood were clenching, milking him for all his worth. Those hands gripping his arms tightened like a vice, bruising him, but he didn’t care.

He felt like his orgasm went on forever, although he knew that in reality it was only seconds. At the end of it, just like that, his whole body felt like he just got out of the hardest, longest fight as it realized that it was actually worn out from the mission, and he could barely keep himself from falling. He tried to regulate his breathing back to normal, focusing his senses again, and finally realized that Shikamaru was… licking him?

“Sorry about that,” the Nara said as he looked up from Kakashi’s shoulder. His tongue was dark red, covered by the blood he just licked from a noticeable bite mark on the older man’s shoulder.

Kakashi blinked as Shikamaru licked his lips, all red and swollen. He just had to kiss those lips, so he did. This time he did it slowly, deeply, methodically mapping the insides of the other man’s mouth, tasting both their blood and liking it. There was almost no pressure now. The kiss was gentle.

The Copy-Nin sighed happily to the kiss. Who would’ve thought the lazy bum was one hell of a good kisser? No one should! His mind exclaimed. No one should think that or, God forbid, actually got a kiss from Shikamaru but him.

Oh-kay, Kakashi said inwardly to shut down that train of thought. His brain was starting to spout really weird nonsense which meant it was lacking oxygen. That’s right. He should probably break the kiss now.

Now, lips!

And so the kiss ended.

Shikamaru smiled lazily and pushed Kakashi a bit. The older jounin got the message and carefully pulled his dick out, both hissing at the process. Both were quiet as they relaxed, Kakashi leaning against the stone next to Shikamaru. Then the Nara reached behind him and felt his way around before finding a pack of cigarette and lighter.

Kakashi watched the younger man pull out a stick, light it up, take a deep drag and exhale a long trail of smoke with a contented sigh.

“I thought you quit all those years ago,” he said by way of starting a conversation.

“I did,” answered Shikamaru before taking another drag. “Now I only smoke after sex.”

“You only smoke after sex.”


“You brought your cigarette in here with you.”


“You knew that you were going to have sex.”

“Pretty much.”

Kakashi glared at the younger jounin.

Shikamaru looked at him and stated, very calmly as if saying the sky was blue, “Didn’t Asuma ever tell you? I always think ten steps ahead.”


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