Kankuro had one hand on Kiba's shoulder, the other at his hip, gripping tight. The boy's back was arched into him as he rocked his hips against another set, heat enveloping him over and over again. He grit his teeth together, crinkling the cigarette he was smoking, causing the ash to fall onto the bare flesh below him, and Kiba's hand shot out to grab at Kankuro's knee and thigh.

"Shit," he groaned. "God, again." Kankuro snorted, smirking.

"'s gonna be a minute," he grunted between thrusts, appreciating the way Kiba's body could take a beating from his cock. Head tilted, he swallowed a moan that was bubbling up. "Gotta wait for all that ash to build again."

Kiba just panted another strangled cuss word, pushing back into Kankuro's groin. This was the only man he'd ever bent over for like this, elbows and knees shoved into the sheets, but it hadn't been without a fight. Looking over his shoulder momentarily- though Kankuro almost immediately pressed his head back into the pillow, meaty hand on the side of his face- he could see the man's nose was still covered in congealed blood.

"Harder goddamn it," he panted, biting at the fingers holding his head down. "Th' fuck you think I am, a woman?" Kankuro replied by grabbing a fistful of that unruly hair, using it as a steadying post to ram himself into Kiba.

"...cock looks good, pushin' inside of you," he rumbled, and it made Kiba a little lightheaded. He could feel every inch of the older man, stretching him; filling him, purposely missing his prostate.

Still, he couldn't ever let Kankuro know just how much he loved being fucked by the man. "Tch, shame it doesn't ahnn doesn't feel good," he jeered, lip curling in a snarl. "C'mon, c'mon fuck me already."

Their skin was sweaty, sticky, as proved when Kankuro's balls fused to the inside of Kiba's thighs each time he pushed in, peeling away as he pulled out. He let the cigarette fall onto the other's back, singeing the skin, and reached around, pulling at Kiba's dick. He could feel the boy tighten around him when he did so, trying to milk him inside that tight body.

With a hand pulling his hair, making him arch his back, and another at his cock, Kiba could only hold onto Kankuro's knees and ride it out, mouth opened and eyes squeezed shut, trying hard not to cry out. He was chanting, cussing, he knew that, knew that Kankuro loved making him unable to speak properly.

When Kankuro leaned forward, pinning Kiba to the bed with his forearm and pressing his chest, all hard and rippled, against Kiba's back, each thrust pushed against his prostate, and Kiba twisted; squirmed. God, when they fucked like this, it was his body's natural reaction to try and ease itself away from the pleasure, because they building crescendo was just too much for it to take. Lips that smelled of tobacco pressed against his ear, whispering harshly what a little cockslut he was.

"F-fuck you," he whined.

"Some other time," Kankuro murmured, teeth biting the cartilage and scraping down his jaw until Kiba's head twisted just enough for them to kiss. Their teeth met, biting each other's tongue and lips, chin and mouth, until Kiba felt the heat start to spike and gasped, pulling his mouth away and letting his head hang.

"G-god, yeah, yeah faster faster come on-" His words were strained, and he brought a hand over Kankuro's, moving with it, past it, squeezing his own balls tightly. With a smirk, Kankuro's thumb rubbed against the dorsal vein in Kiba's cock, tracing it crassly as the organ become rigid and Kiba came, small spurts that continued as Kankuro kept his hand moving. It was always better with him- every other partner Kiba had always left his cock alone after the initial spurt; never continued jacking him off and letting him fully cum.

Kankuro did. Always did, and Kiba pressed his face into the bed as his hips jerked. His mouth was hollering Kankuro's name, he knew it, Kankuro knew it, but it was better to try and hide it as he rode out his orgasm.

The older man was still moving inside of Kiba as he tried to recover, muscles tired. "Kiba," he heard from behind him, and he shifted to watch Kankuro with half-lidded eyes.

"Mmmn, yeah?" he slurred, still feeling that heavy hand on his cock. His partner was close- he always grit his teeth like that right before he came.

"Do-" he paused to grate his teeth together, removing his hand from Kiba's dick to plant one on either side of those bruised hips. "Do the thing." Kiba snorted, but grinned, and shifted underneath Kankuro until his fingers brushed over his own anus. Slowly, he pushed two fingers inside himself, letting them catch Kankuro's rhythm and fucking alongside him. He winced, only slightly, the tight sphincter muscles demanding that this was too much, but it was well worth it to hear Kankuro's low groan behind him, Kiba's bent knuckles digging into the underside of his cock as he fucked the boy.

There was the usual sharp jerk, the tightening of fingers on his hips bones, and Kankuro was releasing inside him, coating both Kiba's insides and digits in cum. The sound of the older man's cumming reverberated through his body, making him tingle, and he pulled his fingers out, absently wiping them on his sheets.

Heavy breathing washed over the back of his neck before they kissed sloppily again; Kankuro pulled out and flopped on the bed, pulling Kiba on top of him, exhausted.

"Fuck I love it when you do that," he wheezed. "Wasn't I angry with you?" Kiba snickered, rolling off the top of Kankuro and to his own side of the bed.

"Yeah, I think so. Only time you cum that hard is when we're havin' hate sex." To emphasize his point, he motioned to the dribble of cum trailing from his ass to his thigh and knee. Kankuro couldn't help but lick his lips at the sight.

"I don't remember what it was over," he admitted, hands sliding behind his head, and Kiba shrugged, chest still heaving.

"Dunno. Don't care," he mused. "And you're welcome for agreeing to go bareback." Kankuro frowned.

"I didn't ask for it; don't sound so smug." Kiba just grinned at him, stretching across his wide chest to grab the pizza lying neglected on the floor and taking a piece, munching into it.

"Whatever," he laughed through a mouth full of pepperoni and Italian sausage. "Just remember who's idea it was, cock jockey."

"Fuck you, Inuzuka," Kankuro grumbled, rolling onto his side and squishing the pillow under his head. Neon red numbers reminded him that it was practically the middle of the afternoon. "Don't say it," he warned almost immediately after, knowing the boy's mouth was poised to make an awful pun. "Just- don't."


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