Reid gasped and arched as his already over stimulated skin was tormented by long fingers trailing from his collarbone down between his pecs and over hardened nipples. Clenching his long tapered fingers into the rumpled sheets underneath his back and letting his eyes slip closed in bliss, Reid moaned as a slick tongue replaced those tormenting fingers. It felt like a line of fire was being drawn down his chest and over his stomach, sensitive nipples peaking at the sizzling touches. Thrashing his head back and forth as his lover bit gently at his nipples before trailing his tongue lower, Reid moaned and sucked in a loud breath when that tormenting tongue slid across his sharp hipbones.

The room was long dark, it was way past midnight and into a soft shifting darkness of twilight between sunrise and the darkest part of nighttime. The windows were open and the drapes shifted and fluttered in the scant amount of wind that blew through the open panes. It had been hot all day, the air feeling sticky and muggy as the temperature rose to around 108 degrees, the night was not any cooler. Any kind of sounds from outside had long since ceased, leaving the only sounds to come from the two lovers entwined on the bed. The sheets were damp and clingy with sweat, both from their lovemaking and the heat, and smelled of laundry and sex.

Their touches had started out passionate, almost desperate as they reached for each other, ripping and pulling at clothes that blocked the way to skin contact. Teeth clashing as they pressed their lips together, it had taken while for finesse to return to their almost animalistic attempts to get close to the other. Hands had wandered, relearning the planes of each other’s bodies, and mouths had followed as ears delighted in the cacophony of sounds their pleasure created. Release came to both messily and quickly, their arms holding each other tightly as their bodies trembled in the aftermath of such violent need. As their bodies cooled, their hands wandered gently, their touches smoothed over each other in a soft exploration of love. Soft words of caring were whispered to each other, words they were not allowed to say in the light of day.

Soft touches and slow explorations with mouths and tongues lead to a slow build up of the fire, which had consumed them earlier. Now, Reid lay on his back, writhing in the middle of his bed with his lover descending his body slowly. His tender torture sending Reid’s body into a multitude of pleasured shivers as his muscles tensed and relaxed in tandem with the touches bestowed upon his skin. Gasping for air, begging his lover to touch him in the place that seemed to be the only area not being tenderly touched or licked. Reid whimpered as he was suddenly, engulfed by a warm wet mouth. It felt like he had been swallowed by fire and the strong suction surrounding him made soft cries spill from his lips and his entire body to shake and tremble, his hands moving to clutch at strong shoulders in desperation as his hips started to jerk helplessly.

“Please . . .”

Arching as a long finger, slicked with the lube that had been thrown onto the bed in their haste earlier, slid inside of his clenching opening slowly. Reid, moaned and gasped at the dual sensations of his length being swallowed by the heat of his lovers mouth and the blunt thickness of his finger sliding in and out of Reid’s clinging hole. He couldn’t take much more, his body steadily shuddering even as his lover eased off his length and slowly kissed up his trembling stomach and moved to kiss him soothingly as he slid another finger inside of Reid’s opening. Moaning and jerking his hips up to rub against his lover’s own heavy body and hot erection and plunging his hips down to move those long, thick fingers deeper within his body.


Reid nodded frantically, his long legs falling open even more as his lover levered himself over Reid’s body and slowly pulled his fingers from their clenched prison. Whimpering at the loss of those fingers Reid moaned as his lips were caught in a bruising kiss just as his lover slid his thick length slowly into the opening his fingers had just vacated. Even though he had been prepared, Reid moaned at the burning intrusion of his lover, wrapping his long legs around the other man’s waist and arching his back to pull more of his thick weight inside of his own body.

Hands scrabbling and mouths fusing messily as their bodies lurched and slammed into each other in a steadily growing frantic pace. Reid panted and moaned into his lover’s mouth, their moans mingling as their breath and tongues did, bodies slipping against each other as sweat started to pour in rivulets down their chests and stomachs pressed together as their bodies joined wildly. Crying out and clenching around his lovers invading length strongly, Reid moaned as his length was brushed with one large hand and his climax was triggered. His over sensitive body only needing the slight friction of his lover’s hand after the long climb into oblivion, to send him over the edge. Dimly hearing his lovers own cry of pleasure as his body fell over into his own climax, Reid felt the hot gush of warmth inside of his body where they were joined and he moaned once more.

Wrapping himself as far around his lover as he could while their bodies cooled, Reid kissed at the strong sweaty shoulder, which pressed him into the bed. As their breath slowly evened and their muscles unclenched, Reid softly whimpered and his lover hissed slightly as they gently disjoined their bodies and rolled to the side in each others arms. Cuddled close, silent for long moments, Reid finally opened his eyes to be met with the dark brown gaze of his lover.

“We need a shower, Morgan.”

Smiling softly at the bright smile and soft laugh Morgan gave him, along with a soft kiss, Reid squeaked as the shorter but much broader man pulled him into his arms and rolled off the bed. Wrapping his arms around Morgan’s shoulders, his lover carried him laughingly into the bathroom. They took their time cleaning each other’s bodies as the sun slowly rose and lit and empty room with a rumpled bed.


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