By a God's Grace

Part 6

Chenglei sighed pleasantly as he lounged upon clouds that felt like a bed of silk, a languid smile upon his face. In his hand, he bore wine of a caliber that would destroy a mortal’s every tastebud with one, sweet-sweet drop and not moments earlier, he had dined upon delicacies so celestial in their deliciousness that a normal man’s stomach would have burst in the attempt to ingest one little morsel.

In becoming a god, his physical appearance had changed just a bit to match the raw power that now dwelled within him. His hair, once a pitch-like black in color was yet blacker, bearing a faint sheen of emerald in its darkness as it was pinned up by an ornate clip crafted from pure light; his beautiful tanned skin had become an infinitely more gorgeous bronze that practically glowed in any illumination; and of course, his eyes that had glinted gold in his mortality now glimmered and gleamed like twin suns, a testament to his strength and status.

If he had been beautiful and handsome as a man, Chenglei was positively stunning as a god.

Jianyu had given him identical power during the change, putting them on equal ground in terms of mystical energy. However, by matter of principle, the white-skinned god had not given him quite the same abilities, for if Chenglei were allowed the ability to manipulate the things Jianyu manipulated, the latter god’s task of maintaining balance became all the harder to execute.

Instead, Chenglei had been made the god of entropy, the measure of increasing disorder in the universe. His job was essentially to coax Jianyu out of his job: allow the older god to cause chaos on Earth as he often did but, as the millennia passed, to cajole him into balancing it out with less and less order later on.

Gradually, of course, the human race would fall into ruin and perhaps even the entire world would end, but with the power of the two combined gods, it would be mere child’s play to create another Earth and do it all over again. It was a game that they were now engaged in; a playful tug of war between them that would never truly end.

With his newfound power as a god, Chenglei had immediately apprehended Jingguo from the world of the living and subjected him to the punishment Jianyu had shown him in his illusion, and for sending out the order to have the then-mortal warrior brutally killed, the former Emperor was tied to a stake and whipped for all eternity. The last son Jingguo had fathered in his time on Earth eventually took his place as Emperor, and young Omi proved to be a good and benevolent leader to the people of China.

The witch that had tempted Jingguo to do such a thing and then had taken matters into her own hands following the man’s resurrection befell a similar fate as the Emperor to which she had been favorite. Chenglei had plucked Wuya from the depths of the hell she’d been banished to and inflicted a far worse punishment upon her: the newly-made god flung the woman into a volcano where she would burn alive in the lava in perpetuity; being unable to die or succumb to her burns.

He had gotten his vengeance upon the two people that had wronged him, and all thanks to Jianyu.

And speaking of Jianyu, Chenglei glanced beside him where the deity currently slept.

At first, Chenglei had expected it to take quite some time before their ‘perfectly compatible’ nature would kick in, but it happened almost instantly. Jianyu was the precise balance (no pun intended) of mischievous and logical to keep his interest peaked, and the older god was never, ever truly predictable in what he did. To Jianyu, Chenglei was the perfect measure of calm and serious to counteract his often-impulsive nature and the deity had told the younger god that he proved an excellent challenge in terms of getting him to loosen up every once in awhile.

It was easy for them to love one another.

And Jianyu was so beautiful, Chenglei thought as he watched his beloved sleep. Though he was centuries upon centuries old, his body had remained young; lovely in its youth and Jianyu currently lie upon his side, looking ever beautiful as he dozed. His face was relaxed in slumber, looking entirely peaceful and innocent in a way that sent affection coursing through the younger god’ heart. Sunset hair was splayed haphazardly on white-white clouds and red eyes were sealed shut; thick, dark lashes fanned out upon pale cheeks.

So beautiful…

Chenglei could not help himself any longer. He willed the wine in his hand out of existence and bent to his lover’s side, a hand on his arm as he slowly pressed a trail of kisses up a firm, white column of throat. “Jianyu…” he purred softly, gently. “Wake…wake so that I may have you…”

The white-skinned deity moaned quietly, his ruby eyes blinking slowly open. At first, he seemed completely unaware of where he was or what was happening, his mind too bogged down by slumber to protest as he was rolled onto his back and topped by a strong, male presence.

He soon realized just what was happening and who was above him, however, and he smiled wordlessly up at Chenglei in an unspoken invitation to take as he wished.

Chenglei did just that and slid open his lover’s black and white robes as Jianyu reached up and pulled his clothing of dark green silk from his shoulders; exercising just a bit of his power to pluck the clip that he couldn’t quite reach from the younger god’s hair.

They kissed as they explored each other affectionately, hands touching, tongues playing, and bodies already moving ever so slightly.

When the moment came that they were both fully undressed and ready for each other, no preparation was necessary: Chenglei simply willed his beloved to be stretched and lubricated, and he was so.

The younger deity pressed himself inside of Jianyu to the musical cry of pleasure the other god made. As always, Jianyu felt exceedingly perfect to be inside of: hot, wet, tight, and wonderful.

They made love together, certainly not for the first or last time; panting, thrusting, sweating, and moaning together as if two gods fused into one hedonistic deity, striving for completion.

It came soon enough, as it always did, and Chenglei reached a blissful, satisfying peak inside of his lover with a growl of pleasure on his lips and Jianyu with Chenglei’s name on his.

The younger god pulled out of his elder with a soft grunt and moved to lay beside him on his back. Jianyu sidled right up to him, loving to be close to his partner, and lay his head on the once-mortal man’s chest before drifting right back off to sleep with a satisfied smile on his face.

Chenglei held him there and allowed himself to be taken by slumber, as well, seeing absolutely nothing wrong with a languid midday nap upon clouds softer than silk.

For the first time ever, all was right in his world and Chenglei Long was truly happy.

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