Dark and Warm

Jack floated in that hazy, lazy, endless moment between asleep and awake.

He was surrounded by darkness, but he wasn't afraid. This was a comforting darkness; the kind of enfolding obscurity that protects rather than subjugates.

He was wrapped in sheets so soft as to be unbelievable; like a cocoon of woven sin. A fat, fluffy pillow cradled his head and he stretched and shifted in hedonistic pleasure; stroking his skin with the softness of the bedding.

Some time later – seconds or minutes or hours, it was all the same in the dark – he felt the mattress dip lightly; felt the covers lift gently, and sighed luxuriously as a warm, naked body slid up against him beneath the sheet and blanket.

A strong arm – made so by countless hours of lethal combat and exercise – wrapped possessively around his waist. It pulled him back into the muscular torso behind him, warming his back with the living heat of firm, healthy, smooth skin. Brawny thighs curved up behind his own, and two sets of legs tangled together beneath the covers. His buttocks were nestled in the extremely warm concave of his bed partner's groin, and he smiled at the hardness and heat he felt against his skin.

Neither of them spoke in the dark. A hot mouth nuzzled at one of Jack's ears and he shivered, tilting his head so the other man could reach him easily. As that hot, wet mouth slid down to lightly nibble at his neck, Jack smiled and lifted the hand that had been splayed against his belly and brought it up to his mouth.

He opened his mouth slightly and pressed it to the center of the broad palm. A low rumble of sound rattled against his neck and moist breath washed over his skin. The long, elegant fingers curled to cup his face to either side of his mouth. They flexed, pulsing lightly, and the hand began to pull away, but Jack took hold of the thick wrist and held the hand close. He opened his mouth wider and striped the tip of his tongue delicately from the base of the middle finger to the tip of that finger.

The hand twitched slightly and the low rumble sounded again; deeper, now, with a tone of growling want.

Jack smiled. He slowly folded his lips around the tip of the middle finger; drawing the digit into the warm wetness of his mouth. His teeth held the finger steady while his tongue bathed the taut skin lovingly, rhythmically; tasting salt and an earthy musk with a tinge of something he'd learned not to think too much about as his tongue stroked sensually.

The voice growled, now, and the hand shifted. A second finger came up, tapped peremptorily against Jack's lips, and he opened wider to allow it entrance. The finger slid in beside its mate and Jack greeted the newcomer with warm, wet swipes of his tongue.

The mouth at Jack's neck opened and the tongue inside came out to lick tenderly along the length of smooth, white skin.

Jack hummed around the fingers in his mouth. He tightened his lips against the warm digits and sucked; gently at first, then harder, and wriggled his tongue.

He smiled when he heard the tiniest of moans from Chase.

Jack shivered when he felt Chase shift, tilting his head so he could set his teeth into the curve where neck met shoulder. He wasn't biting for the sake of doing so; he was holding on to his minion possessively, and Jack luxuriated in the sensation of being possessed by the ancient warrior.

The fingers in his mouth gently pulled away, but the hand stayed by his mouth. He felt Chase's mouth let go and move to his ear.

The first words spoken between them in the darkness were: "Lick. Lick all of it."

Jack groaned and opened his mouth. He began to swab the palm with his tongue; swiping every centimeter of skin, and moaned quietly as Chase went back to nuzzling his neck.

The youth's skin prickled pleasurably when Chase lightly trailed his lips over the skin of his shoulder; touching him with the barest hint of pressure and the moistness of his breath. Jack loved that; loved when he was touched as though he were the most fragile crystal. It sensitized his skin so that every touch rippled through his body like a shockwave of ecstasy.

He licked the long fingers, making them wet. He couldn't see in the darkness, but he knew that if he could, the skin would be gleaming with dampness. He shuddered in anticipation of that wet touch on his body. Every touch from Chase felt like a personal brand from the man, and Jack couldn't get enough of it.

Eventually, Chase pulled his hand away and murmured, "Lift."

Jack knew what to do. They had done this several times before, and would several times again.

He lifted his leg enough so that his thighs separated and held it. He moaned breathlessly, his chest feeling tight, as Chase slipped his hard, hot cock between his legs. Once the other man had settled himself, Jack carefully lowered his leg, gently trapping Chase's cock between his thighs.

He felt Chase move; lifting his torso so that he could slide his other arm under Jack's head, and Jack went with the motion, allowing his head and neck to be cradled in the crook of the powerful arm.

Chase's hair fell over his face, shrouding him in living darkness as his master took his mouth. At the same time, Jack felt the hand he'd bathed with his tongue curl around his own hard cock, and he moaned into Chase's mouth.

Chase began a sinuous rocking motion, thrusting himself between his minion's thighs slowly while his hand gripped firmly and lifted, pulling, stroking with delicious tardiness up the length of Jack's cock to the tip; paused, squeezed, and then glided back down to the base.

"Chase..." the younger man growled into his possessor's mouth, and when Chase's tongue swept in again to tease, he caught it with his own lips and sucked even as he pushed his hips back firmly into the other man's.

Chase growled and took control of the kiss again. He kissed harder, deeper; he overwhelmed Jack with his mouth but kept his rhythm with hips and hand slow and steady.

Jack shuddered against the strong body behind him, but he had no fear. He accepted the pleasure given to him and worked his hips in time to Chase's strokes; doing his best to give pleasure back. He was submissive to Chase's desire; he gave himself freely and willingly to the older man's needs and wants, and was rewarded with the subtle gentling of the kiss and a slight increase of friction and speed in the stroking of his cock.

In the warm, steamy darkness, the two men arched and surged against one another. There was no hurry to the end; they would reach it eventually. Touch was the goal, here; touch and pleasure, for as long as could be maintained.

Jack began shaking, and he lifted his arm to curl it behind his overlord's neck. Gasping, he pulled his mouth away and stared blindly into the dark. He began to moan Chase's name mindlessly as he focused on the building ecstasy in his groin; moving faster without cognizant thought as primitive sexual need swamped his senses.

Chase sensed it and his body rippled with a massive shudder as he fought for control and won it, barely. He mouthed possessively at Jack's jaw and ear and neck and shoulders as he stroked harder, faster with his fist; thrust harder, faster between Jack's thighs.

Only seconds later, Jack's body bucked and snapped powerfully as he was taken in the grip of a climax so pure, so strong, as to render him insensate to anything but the bliss permeating his body. He didn't hear the hoarse bellow of male satisfaction erupt from his own throat; he didn't feel the hand around his cock as unbelievable heat pulsed through that part of him.

He didn't hear the vicious snarl in his ear; didn't feel the teeth that bit into his shoulder, or the slippery wet warmth between his thighs as Chase gave in to his own orgasm.

Jack floated in that hazy, lazy moment of afterglow.

He was surrounded by darkness and Chase – arguably one and the same.

He smiled, utterly at peace as he rested in the protective care of his master.
The End


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