Darkwing Duck - Liquidator/Bushroot


Dawn's Fog by Cheezey

    When morning comes, Bushroot sees his partner in crime in a whole new light.  [Sequel to Splash in the Dark]

    Rated: G


Door Number One by Cheezey

    The Fearsome Five are planning a big crime, but when break-time comes, Liquidator has his own plans on how to spend it with Bushroot.

    Rated: T


Splash in the Dark by Cheezey

    A hot night leaves Bushroot thirsty, but a drink from Liquidator may be more than he bargained for.

    Rated: T


Thunderstruck by Cheezey

    When a thunderstorm leaves Bushroot with a flooded greenhouse and no power, Liquidator offers him his special brand of solace.  [Sequel to Dawn's Fog]

    Rated: T



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