Reviews for Don't Let's Start



This is gorgeous.

I laughed aloud, grinned madly, snickered and giggled and made the little girly *sqweee!*ing noise thing...

To be fair, I should go through and tell you all the million (or at least a few of the million) little parts and details that I especially adored, but I'm admittedly terribly lazy and I had too much fun reading to make myself do anything useful now, but I figured it would be better to leave an appreciative if nonesensical review than to not review at all.

So, in sum, it was fantastic. Your language is fantastic, the descriptions were fantastic, the characterizations were spot on, Blaise was hilarious and loveable and sexyasomeffingGEE, I loved him... The kids were adorable, and the interactions...

It was great, yeah, and I had all kinds of fun watching it unfold. Good job. :)




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