Duties to the Throne

Chapter 2 - Falling Victim to You

A saiyajin mating was a worldwide event because it marked the beginning of the planet’s heat cycle. In the months ahead, the planet would have a new fleet of warriors from the mated couples. The prince’s own mating had been the gossip of ages as several citizens sought their own mates amongst the matches, hoping to be matched on the same moon. Gohan, however, found the entire scenario a pain. He was ready to go to earth, to hide with his maternal grandfather. The day of his mating, the twin moons, was the worst day of his life, not because his single life was over but because he woke to a burning fever.

Left in his mother’s care, the teen was lathered in lavender soaps to cover the scent of his body calling to be mated. He would have to walk all the way to the Capital, so his attractive scent would have to be hidden from the sensitive Saiyajin nose. Though fighting off suitors would prove how strong he was, the urge to be screwed into oblivion by the strongest of the strong did not make saying ‘no’ easy for the half-saiyajin who, though able to hold his own in battle, was more affected by the unbearable urge in his loins than a usual saiyajin dame.

Alone, he walked quietly towards the capital, his ceremonial robes draping his body and dragging across the ground which each step. The robes were a soft blue with petals scattered across the bottom, covering his attractively groomed tail and long legs from the attentive eyes. Crowds had already made it towards the streets, to get the first glimpse of the young mate. Talk would spread fast, eager people becoming jealous of the beauty who would join with the strong prince. Children rushed towards the young mate, climbing on his robes or asking for kisses, a promise towards their own future in the princess greeted them. Always the polite one, Gohan would grant their wishes: a kiss on the child’s forehead, a hand held for a short period of time, and the robe’s train was sacrificed to the dirty feet of all the children that rushed past him. Though annoying, it was also a saiyajin superstition that a mate-to-be that attracted children would conceive several offspring quickly.

By the time he had walked all the way to the capital, he could admit his sex organs were slowly killing him. He needed someone to answer his call, to sooth the burning sensation. On the other hand, he didn’t want to fall victim to his body’s needs or to Prince Vegeta. He stiffened his body, ignoring the burning feeling as the guards opened the palace gates for him. Walking into the palace, Gohan was greeted by his father-in-law who kissed both of his cheeks in greeting before wrapping his arm around the boy to bring him towards the throne room, where his family and the king’s family would be there to bring him to his prince and before the gods. Taking a deep breath, Gohan followed submissively as he was walked across the long corridor.

The throne room was filled with family and important officials who wanted to witness the mating of the year. Standing before the highest warrior, Nimu, was Vegeta dressed in his own ceremonial robes. Tense, Gohan felt his legs stiffen. Had it not been for the sure hand on his back pushing him forward, the teen knew he would have fled the area as fast as he could. The soaps were already fading and the king stepped back, pink in the face. Under the king’s breath, the man whispered to Burdock, “Your grandson is a keeper.” Red with embarrassment, Gohan finished his trek towards his mate, looking directly into the prince’s eyes. The faint scent of fresh wood shavings tickled his nose, wanting him to come closer. Gohan kept his distance, opting to look at his metal boots slipping from under his loose robes.

He’d never been so close to the royal family, much less inside the palace gates; had it been any other day, he would have been awed by it all. King Vegeta was larger than signal images had ever shown and the prince, though much smaller in frame and height was still taller than him, which Gohan filed away as a trait that annoyed him the most.

“Ahm.” The Grand Warrior cleared his throat, his large hands touching both boys’ heads to turn and face each other. Gohan glowered; flustered at the unimpressed look Vegeta gave him. “The twin moons have risen again, embracing our planet with the will to mate – for life, for love, for each other.”

Vegeta turned fast, his anger coming fast, “For life?”

“The twin moons allow it: the blood between the two mates will be shared and their bodies will only give to each other.” The warriors clear eyes didn’t flicker away from the two, his monotone voice didn’t shift. Gohan’s grip around his robes tightened. Forever? He could never leave Vegeta and expect to find true love then. He’d heard about blood bonds from his studies, where adulterous acts boiled the blood of two mates who were bound by the mating and only death could keep them apart. “Your parents agreed to a blood mating, for the treaty between Earth and Vegeta-sei.” Without giving the two the time to argue, the oldest, strongest warrior started the ceremony. Ready to scream, Gohan bit his bottom lip as the Blood of Warriors’ Past was handed to Vegeta.

The Blood of Warriors’ Past was actually a rich red wine fermented in the southern vineyards thousands of years before. Kings of the past had shared the same wine with their wives thus being allowed to taste the substance was an honor. The prince held the golden goblet forward, his tense hand tightening instinctively from getting too close. Carefully, Gohan pressed his lip to the rim as the contents were tipped into his mouth. What he could assume as a on purpose move, Vegeta tipped the drink too far up and Gohan pushed away, coughing as the front of his robes were stained. Brushing his thumb across his bottom lip to remove the excess dribble, Gohan glared daggers at his mate. His mother had spent hours making his robes, the bastard!

Onlookers were already approaching fast, the King chastised his son about upholding the family honor while Gohan’s mother soaked as much of the wetness onto a napkin she had been using to wipe her tears. “Just stay strong,” she whispered before stepping back. The ceremony continued as Gohan, with more respect to the rare wines, allowed Vegeta a sip without spilling around them. I’ll be the better man.

Scowling, both turned back towards the warrior to be blessed by the same wine they had drank. The burning sensation in his gut became painful, causing the Kainin-sho to lean forward, trying to look small. Vegeta tensed also, taking a few steps away from Gohan. He didn’t make it far, as Raditz was there to nudge the prince back. On his next breath, Gohan sensed the powerful scent of his mate. Cheeks darkening, the half-saiyajin hissed under his breath as the ceremony came to a close. Illuminated from the moonlight, Gohan felt his world darken as he turned around and fled from the grand hall, his family, and his mate.

Urged by his father to go after his mate (and not instinct to overcome that delicious smell), Vegeta found himself running though the woods. The lingering scent was sending him towards the Qunti Mountains. It was a smart move, the fresh snow covered the lilac scent that was Gohan. Slowing down as he approached the Snow Monk Reservation, Vegeta rubbed the bridge of his nose and scowled. Now he was stuck in this marriage until the day he (or that half-breed fool) died. He should have taken a page from his own father’s book and joined the armed officers in the galactic battle against Nemabak.

But it was too late to go back; he was now thrown into a full-blown heat that couldn’t possibly be ignored. He needed Gohan to relieve himself. Readjusting himself, Vegeta continued forward towards the ancient huts.

Indigenous to the planet, the Snow Monks were self exiled members of society. An eyesore, in Vegeta’s view. Their huts were a reminder of life before technology, especially that from the planet Earth. How anyone could live such a lifestyle was beyond the prince. It was his father’s weak emotions that kept the remaining monks on the planet, if Vegeta had been ruler during the original takeover of the planet, he would have killed them all.

But that was a different matter for a later time, first Vegeta had to find his running mate. As long as they were blood mated, Gohan being in heat was a big problem to the prince. The last thing he needed was some saiyajin idiot having sex with his half-saiyajin whore. That meant he, the proud prince, would die. “This ceremony has brought nothing good.” He started forward, once more tracking that beautiful lilac scent.

Originally, he had planned on just not having sex with the half-breed, but after feeling the full force of being in heat, Vegeta knew that wasn’t going to work. He needed sex if he was going to survive. With adultery now a killer, he found himself stuck. He couldn’t go without sex and he couldn’t just back out of the mating ceremony any more. He could, however, fulfill his princely duties. He’d make sure he had one child before abandoning Gohan. If he didn’t get in close contact with his submissive now, he’d go crazy.

Past all the water and clean, Vegeta caught Gohan, it was faint but near the springs in the mountain ranges. The teen was scrubbing his skin raw, trying to banish the sweet smell from his pores, still wearing his robes. Vegeta snorted, the idiot was missing the biggest scent gland at the base of his tail that was waving about in frenzy. Approaching the waters, the prince crossed his arms over his chest as he breathed in deep that beautiful scent. He had to conquer it: to take what rightfully belonged to him – by blood, now.

Gohan turned fast, finally taking notice of the other’s scent. His wide black eyes darted around looking for some means of escape. It wouldn’t work; Vegeta’s body had already released a strong aphrodisiac to inhibit Gohan. The boy’s face flushed darker; no longer were the soaps they’d worn to cover up their scent hiding the full force of a saiyajin heat as Vegeta reached for Gohan and grabbed the teen boy by his arm to drag him out of the water. On land, the prince laid his mate on the cold surface as he took a deep breath of that intoxicating scent.

Shivers overcame the prince’s stiff body. He had to have more, he needed this. He needed to eliminate the scent that weakened him to such a state. Running his tongue across the brunette’s collarbone, Vegeta lowered his hands to brush down his mate’s thighs. Like a good saiyajin bitch, the Kainin-sho’s legs spread open obediently, his chest heaving as his strong arms tightened around Vegeta’s back. There would be no argument while the prince was ‘courting’ his vixen with just the right amount of hormones. His strong scent would sedate his mate, making it easier to plant his seed.

He had just lifted Gohan’s long robes when the boy started fighting back. The demi-saiyajin’s tail smacked Vegeta’s face continuously as the teen began growling and clawing to fight his way out from under the prince’s larger chest. Growling back, Vegeta curled his fingers through the brunette’s dark hair, pulling the teen’s head back and thus putting his mate in a submissive position. Back arched painfully, Gohan cried out. His bottom shot back, trying to buck Vegeta off of him.

With Gohan’s butt so close to the prince’s face, Vegeta got a strong whiff of the pheromone emitting from a gland at the base of Gohan’s tail. Turned on, Vegeta removed his hand from the boy’s hair in favor of gripping the boy’s tail. The teen froze, collapsing on the frozen ground in a series of shakes. Squeezing the tail again, Vegeta busied his other hand (no longer needing to pin his mate to the ground) and busied himself at lifting the teen’s robes again. Creamy white skin greeted him, untouched by even the harsh sun of Vegeta-sei. Smirking, Vegeta lifted the boy’s hips as he repositioned himself behind Gohan, brushing the front of his own robes against Gohan’s bottom. His own tail shook in delight. At least this whole mating process wouldn’t be a complete loss; the boy wasn’t that bad looking and had a well-toned body.

“P…please…stop…”Gohan shook, fat tears rolling down his face. “Don’t…”

“I am your prince,” Vegeta hissed arrogantly, “it is your job to please me.”

“Y…you can’t kill me. Life mating.” The boy shivered suddenly as Vegeta removed his own lower robes. “No…”

“Of course I can’t kill you, but I can make your life a living hell for doing this to me.” Grasping his hardened shaft, Vegeta pressed his penis against the warm, slick entrance of his mate. Kainin-Sho’s were known for their ability to produce lubricant when they went into heat, to help ease their mate in quickly. It was another plus compared to regular male saiyajin’s who didn’t produce the same anal secretion. The lubrication was also a powerful aphrodisiac to force the dominant male to continually release powerful semen to impregnate the submissive mate.

Gohan began fighting back again even though his tail was still in the prince’s tight hold. Though his limbs were too heavy to fight back with, hissing and growling was an effective tool to deter Vegeta’s quest out of annoyance. Fighting physically was how the Kainin-Sho turned down a weaker mate’s seed, but Vegeta had won that battle. The growling alone was a last resort, but it wouldn’t stop Vegeta.

With a growl of his own, Vegeta pushed himself into the demi-saiyajin. Both men froze – one in pain, one in satisfaction. The welcoming heat tightened around the prince’s engorged erection nestled deep inside Gohan’s body. Not giving the boy time to adjust to being stretched (for a small Saiyajin, the prince knew he made up the difference in manhood), Vegeta pulled his shaft out of the brunette before pushing back in, further than he’d been before. Something in the brunette submissive broke, making a wet noise as the tip of Vegeta’s penis was swallowed. Unable to pull out now that he was accepted into his mate’s body, Vegeta shifted his hips and slid his penis as far as he could in the boy.

Releasing Gohan’s tail (there was no way he could pull away anymore), Vegeta spread the boy’s round globes as he thrust his hips as much as he could, enjoying the squeezing muscles along the head of his penis. Milking the prince directly onto waiting eggs, Gohan’s anal muscles tightened and worked Vegeta’s cock lovingly, slicking the appendage with burning lubricant that caused the prince’s cock to gorge and fill.

It was so good. Having been with ‘normal’ Saiyajin women (and men), Vegeta had experience of domination over others. This, however, was a different feeling. The young mate’s body was designed for sex, or at least for reproduction in a no fail form. Brushing the sweat from his brown, Vegeta growled again as his erection became almost painful. He tried to pull his hips out of the death grip on the head of his penis, not wanting to impregnate the idiot but found himself truly caught. His belly was coiling, his senses sharpening. Gohan was surrounded by pheromones, intoxicating the prince. He needed to come. Hips moving automatically, Vegeta’s eyes darkened as instinct took over.

Slamming into the welcoming heat, Vegeta’s hips moved quickly in precision against that tight knot around his cock. His upper body moved forward as his release approached. Clamping his mouth along Gohan’s broad shoulder, stifling his own cries of release as he came, hard. The swelling along his shaft tightened, becoming painful as muscles started to spasm. With a wet noise, the prince’s penis was released allowed the man to pull out.

The taste of blood still lingered in his mouth, laced with something Vegeta couldn’t quite place. Obsidian eyes analyzed the lump of flesh laying flat in the snow, sniffling and sobbing. “I’m going back to civilization.” The prince turned to leave.

“H…hot…” The demi-saiyajin whispered from the ground, his bottom still perked in the air. “M…more…more…” looking back, Vegeta scowled seeing the lust filled look on his younger mate’s face. Pheromone levels in the area sharpened, causing the prince’s fleeing steps to falter. Looking back, Vegeta felt the blood rush to his groin again. He had to fight the urge; it didn’t take much to knock up a slut. Running his tongue over his gums, the prince frowned as that unfamiliar taste came back. It was in the submissive mate’s blood, something Vegeta couldn’t figure out.

“Get into town, your body can’t survive these cold temps.” Vegeta scowled. Walking towards his loose mate, Vegeta lifted his still booted foot up, pushing the teen into the water. The boy came back to the surface fast, his face red. Wide eyes looked back at Vegeta, trying to understand what had just happened. “Get dried off. We’ll have our honeymoon in the mountains – if you can find my families’ mountain cabin.” Turning, Vegeta left the area, no longer wanting to be teased by the enticing scent.




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