Edd Interrupted
Chapter 4 - Summer After Sophomore Year

In Double D’s experience thus far, being a sophomore was worse than being a freshman. Now, the upper and lower classmen could make fun of him, making his education at once horrifying and humiliating. When Double D went home to Peach Creek for the summer, he hoped he didn’t see anyone.

He saw Kevin, though, when he went out to check his mail one morning.

“Hey, Double Dork.”

He sighed heavily, trying to ignore the nickname. It was second nature for Kevin, after all, and nothing to be insulted by. But the past school year had been filled to bursting with name calling and childish tormenting. He hadn’t wanted to come home to more, no matter how trivial.

“Good afternoon, Kevin. I’m afraid I can’t talk long--”

“How was school with all the other egg heads?”

He sighed again, sounding more impatient than he originally intended. “Unpleasant. And there were no egg heads.”

“And that was the problem. Too many ass holes and not enough egg heads.”

An intuitive observation, not at all what Double D expected from a jock.

“So,” Kevin mused, leaning against his mailbox and casually calling across the street to Double D. “You miss the other Eds?”

“No,” he said, perhaps too quickly.

Kevin arched a dark eyebrow, intrigued. Yes, too quickly.

“I really should be--”

“I’m bored out of my fucking mind. You wanna come over?”

Double D supposed this was to become tradition. “To swim?”

“If you want.”

“I’m actually very busy--”

“No, you’re not.”

With a little sniff, Double D lifted his chin haughtily. “You don’t know--”

“You sit in your house all day. You’re not busy.”

“Please stop interrupting--”

“Seriously,” Kevin said and cocked his head towards his house, hands in his pockets and shades on. “Meet me back there in a few minutes. We can work on your swimming lessons.”

As Kevin sauntered away, Double D came to the horrifying realization that he liked being told what to do: Eddy and all of his frog-faced demands, his parents and their never-ending sticky notes, and now Kevin.


Kevin’s backyard had been redone. Double D noticed that the new deck around the pool was made of beige and cream stones. His patio included a built-in bar and grill. Stools lined the bar counter. It had gone from a family pool of fun to a very adult spa. It looked like Kevin’s parents, as soon as their only child had headed off to college, had turned it into a mini-club for friendly gatherings. Double D sank into one of the many comfortable lounge chairs by the pool and smiled at Kevin who was smiling back at him.

“Nazz is getting married.”

“Oh?” Double D carefully pulled his socks off, folded them, and tucked him into his shoes. Kevin was watching him.

“To a gay guy.”

That made Double D frown as he stood and slipped off his shirt. “That doesn’t make sense.”

He was still smooth and pale. The dork was soft without being chubby and pale without being ghostly. All that supple flesh would surely taste divine.

“She met him at beauty school. He cuts hair.”

“Is he truly homosexual, or does he simply exude the mannerisms? I cannot imagine Nazz choosing--”

“Get over here, dork.”

Startled, Double D looked up at Kevin, standing a few feet away from him near the edge of the pool. With a weary sigh, he went to stand in front of him obediently, not liking the sensation of stone beneath his bare feet.

“Why are you alone all the time?” Kevin asked.

Double D lamented Kevin’s veiled eyes and unreadable expression. “My friends are gone.”

“You didn’t make any friends at school?”

“I didn’t fit in.”

“You never seem to fit in anywhere.”

“I did with Ed and Eddy.”

“That was high school.”

“But high school wasn’t so long ago. And some bonds can last--”

“Kiss me, loser.”

The startled cry Double D made went straight to Kevin’s shorts, making him swallow and shut his eyes briefly behind his glasses. Fuck, he even sounded like a girl sometimes.

“K-Kevin, really! If you would like to research human relationships, I assure you, there are better--”

“Just do it. Now.”

“But why?”


When he put it that way, so forcefully, what could he do? He was already inching towards him. “But . . . but . . . this is not a wise--”

Double D was interrupted again when Kevin lost his patience, grabbed the back of his neck, and crushed his mouth over his with such force, it was audible. Instinct prevailed the first few moments, during which he whimpered and struggled before he went lax and let out a breathy sigh. None too gently, Kevin pushed his tongue past the dork’s lips and traced the gap between his front teeth.

He broke away, but locked one hand behind Double D’s head, the other against the small of his back. “You taste like toothpaste,” he growled.

“Oral . . . oral hygiene . . . helps prevent--”

“Don’t talk, dammit.” Kevin kissed him again, this time rubbing his tongue against the roof of Double D’s mouth.

Sure enough, he moaned like a girl, too, in that high pitch of his.

“Kevin . . . I can’t breathe . . .”

“Good,” he bit out and pulled back to admire his handiwork: Double D with his mouth kiss swollen, eyes closed, eyelashes fluttering. “I don’t want you to breathe.”

“Breathing is mandatory to sustain--”

“Yeah, I don’t want you to talk, either.”

Instead of kissing him again, Kevin pulled away. “Get in the pool.”

Double D didn’t hesitate. He was learning fast, at least. Kevin would damn well get what he wanted, one way or another. When he was standing waist-deep in the shallow end, he turned to look back up at Kevin who was coming out of the house with towels and the cordless phone from his kitchen.

“What is the phone for?” Double D asked hesitantly.

“So I don’t miss a call.”

“Are you expecting one?”

“Yeah.” He kicked off his flip flops and eased into the water, taking his usual stance behind his pupil. “My parents are supposed to come home.”

“Where were they?”

“On the coast.” Kevin slipped his arms around Double D’s middle, fingers splayed casually over his chest and belly. Then he set to sampling the baby-soft flesh of Double D’s earlobe. Looking down the front of that soft body, he smiled. “They’ll call on their way out of the airport.”

It was a warning so they didn’t come home and catch their son groping the neighbor boy.

“Where are your parents this summer?” Kevin murmured around the delicate lobe.

“The . . . the Poconos.”

“Why didn’t they take you?” He lifted his hands and grabbed two fistfuls of Double D’s pectorals. He was fleshy and gave him something soft and pliable to hold onto, but it was nothing like holding onto a pair of healthy tits.

Double D cried out and his knees failed. He sagged into the water and Kevin had to keep him from going under.

“Hold on to my arms.” Kevin dipped the tip of his tongue into the shell of his captive’s ear.

Obediently, so blessedly complacent, Double D reached up to grip Kevin’s wrists and held tightly. A little more steady, Kevin went back to tasting. He locked his mouth around the flesh where the shoulder became the neck and he growled, pleased with the moldable softness that rolled around slightly. Better yet, there was no masculine cologne, no spicy scent to ruin the illusion. The dork’s skinny legs were fidgeting in the water, searching for purchase along the slippery bottom. Girls weren’t usually this sensitive.

“Like it?” Kevin snarled when he released his mouth’s hold, but was still holding Double D’s chest, rolling the fleshy muscles around in his palms. “Answer me, dork.” He pinched his nipples harshly.

He cried out and tried to stop himself, sucking air through the gap in his teeth.

“You’re more sensitive than what I would call normal,” he chuckled.

“Oh, Kevin . . . Kevin, please . . . oh, please, stop . . .”

“Stop, huh? I’ve been having fun.” When he released Double D’s nipples, they stayed pink, stiff little peaks. He liked that. “Turn around.”

Despite his plea, Double D turned around, mouth parted, eyes half-lidded. He looked so totally taken advantage of, entirely helpless. Kevin made a hungry noise and bent, took one nipple in his mouth. Double D made a high-pitched humming noise, and to Kevin’s masculine satisfaction, plunged his fingers into Kevin’s dark, auburn hair and held on. Kevin reached around and grabbed two handfuls of Double D’s ass. He didn’t have much in the way of an ass, not fleshy or copious, but just right. Just enough to be pleasant.

“Kevin . . . oh, Kevin, please . . .”

He smirked, enjoying the feel and taste of the morsel in his mouth. He wouldn’t have stopped for a fucking semi full of jawbreakers.

“Harder, Kevin . . . do it harder . . .”

Kevin arched an eyebrow. He hadn’t been expecting that. “Do what harder?”

“My . . . I . . . oh . . .”

Dammit, his noises were adorable. “I don’t know what you want.”

“I can’t . . . concentrate . . .”

Just as Kevin was about to latch his mouth around the next nipple and give the dork the hickey of a lifetime, the phone rang. He let go of his prisoner, answered it. His parents were on their way home. Fucking perfect.

“All right, dork,” he grunted, pulling himself out of the pool. “Party’s over. Catch you later.”

He went back into the house, shut the French doors, and left Double D flushed, embarrassed, and confused, still in the pool.

Later that afternoon, Double D would conduct Internet research and discover the mechanics of man-on-man love, that there were more gay men in the world than he originally thought, and that an enema was the most effective way to keep the process squeaky clean. He fell asleep in front of his laptop in the living room recliner, plagued by nightmares about going up the downslide.


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