Edd Interrupted

Chapter 14 - Junior Year: March

In March, Kevin hadn’t forgotten about the semi-experiment he’d started last month. Leaving the dork obviously hot under the collar may have been an eye opener.

Double D never instigated sex. It was always Kevin, climbing on top of him like an animal. Was it possible that the dork didn’t have much of a libido and spent most of his time indulging him? Oh, here comes Kevin. I know what he wants. I’d better assume the position. Unacceptable.

Then again, the loser wasn’t the type to lay back and accept anything. He could talk a gorilla out of a rampage. And Kevin was confident enough in his talent to know his attentions were well appreciated. The dork had asked an innocent question about sexual frequency. No big deal.

As he knocked on Double D’s door, he couldn’t help but grumble at this long distance arrangement they had going. It wasn’t that he was irritated with having to drive back and forth. It was a leisurely, mind-clearing drive, really. On his way up, he had enough time to get himself into the Double D mode and out of the College Girls mode. Then, on his way back, he could shake off the Double D mode and ease himself back into College Girls. But it was irritating as hell, not being able to have the dork whenever he wanted him: on a school night, between classes, as a homework break . . .

Then, the door swung open, a fist grabbed the front of his sweatshirt and jerked him inside the room.

“Hey! What the--”

Within seconds, Double D was latched to the front of his body, his dainty mouth feasting at his as though he could eat him from the mouth down. His long, thin fingers were grasping at Kevin’s hair, knocking his ball cap free.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, lemme breathe a minute,” he gasped when Double D pulled away.

“I can’t!” he whined, gripping at his own hat in despair.

“Babe, calm down!”

“How can you ask me to calm down? I’ve been living with . . . with this terrible . . . erection for five weeks now!”

Kevin cleared his throat awkwardly, not liking thinking about Double D’s erection or penis at all. He’d never ventured into that territory and didn’t plan to. “Uh . . .”

He could do nothing but watch in confusion as Double D began ripping away his sweater and shirt. He threw them across the floor and then scrambled with the buttons of his shorts. He shrieked in frustration when he couldn’t manage to work the zipper. Finally, he wrenched them down, squeezing out of them. The fabric pulled down his underwear with them. He kicked his shoes and socks off and climbed onto his bed. Without even a hint of ceremony, he got onto his hands and knees, then rested his weight on his shoulders, reached back, and pulled his ass cheeks open.

“In me! Now!”

Kevin was much more familiar with this. Odd behavior or not, he knew exactly what to do with a tiny, winking ass hole.

“I thought you said we had sex too much,” he teased while he aimed his cock at the point of entry.

“Don’t repeat what I said!”

“But you had a valid point, didn’t you?”

“No! I was wrong! Very, very wrong! Now do it to me, mister!”

“There’s my dork.” And he slammed inside.

Kevin had his hands braced on Double D’s hips as he pulled back and pushed in violently.

“Ugn, Kevin . . . yes . . . I was so rash . . . so irrational and paranoid . . . I jumped to conclusions . . .”

“See what happens when you’re too smart for your own good?” He gave his bum a good slap.

“Ah! Oh, Kevin! Uuuugn, I can’t hold it much longer . . .”

“That’s okay. We have all weekend.”

“I missed you so.”

“I know you did, babe.” He spanked him again. “Gimmie a nice big scream.”

Joyfully obedient, Double D beat his fists into his mattress, arched low, and screamed.


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