Edd Interrupted

Chapter 18 - Senior Year

Now a senior and clutching his acceptance letter to graduate school, the same school Kevin would be attending for his legal studies, Double D found that this year was the easiest of all the others. He only had three classes to worry about. He’d overloaded himself in the previous years. So, until next September, there wasn’t much to do but wait.

Most days progressed well enough. Back in his old, single room, he had the privacy to remember all that had transpired in this room just last year. Friday nights, around six, were the hardest. Despite reading plenty of self-help books and trying to distract himself with mindless puzzles and games, he found himself weeping pitifully until Sunday rolled around and the overwhelming feeling of emptiness left him.

He had prayed he would be a gracious ex-lover, that he wouldn’t resent, wouldn’t mourn, and wouldn’t cry, but he did. He hated lying in bed at night and crying, but it couldn’t be helped.

In November, through no effort of his own, he found himself with a boyfriend. It was the first one he’d ever had. The boyfriend was in a private room on the upper floor, was a senior as well, and was in the music program. On the first date of his life, the boyfriend took Double D to the orchestra hall after hours, quiet and abandoned, and wrote him a song, impromptu, supposedly, about the endearing gap between his teeth. Double D didn’t blush. He couldn’t seem to find the enthusiasm to do so.

In December, the boyfriend gave Double D an MP3 player loaded with songs. Double D didn’t put the software onto his computer, though, or add his own collection of songs. He didn’t want to clutter his computer memory with needless programs. He gave his boyfriend a ticket to a Battle of the Bands concert downtown. The boyfriend took a bunch of his pals when Double D managed to wriggle out of going. When the boyfriend returned, he and Double D had sex in the boyfriend’s room upstairs. During their first time, they were face to face.

“I want to watch you,” the boyfriend said when Double D tried to get onto his hands and knees. “You’re so beautiful,” he murmured while he slid in and out of Double D’s body. “You’re skin’s so perfect . . . your mouth tastes like heaven . . . show me how to make you happy.”

Then, he reached between them to grasp Double D’s length and stroked in synchronization to his gentle thrusts. It was an entirely new sensation. Neither Kevin nor Double D had touched him there before. It took the experience from two-dimensional to three-dimensional and something in his belly flared to life, like a knife of flames piercing his pelvis. It made him arch off the bed, scream, and for the first time in months, he felt that peaceful heat fill his body and cloud his vision.

In January, he loaded the MP3 software onto his computer.


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