Edd Interrupted

Chapter 21 - Summer After Senior Year III

September was creeping up, looming in its threat of impending law school, moving away from Peach Creek forever, and watching Double D and his punk boyfriend set up housekeeping in the same city as him. They practically already had, holed up across the street like an old married couple. He hadn’t seen them at the mail box or noticed the punk’s car come out of the garage. Double D probably cleaned every Thursday, made dinner every night, and made the bed every morning.

Kevin couldn’t help but wonder if Double D still blushed or if he’d become accustomed to sexual attention. Did he still tremble after being thoroughly debauched? Did he let Jason shower with him? Did Jason hold his hand in public? Did Jason look at him; really look at him, when they had sex?

The more Kevin wondered, the more he discovered things he wished he’d done himself but had never gotten around to. He couldn’t remember the feel of Double D under his hands. He couldn’t remember the hitches of breath or cries he’d offered. He didn’t remember the look on Double D’s face when he flew over the glittering edge of climax because Kevin had never seen it. He’d never watched him. Jason probably did.

It was hard to tell himself he would never see Double D that way, since he’d blown the relationship. And he could admit now that it had been a relationship, the first one he’d ever regretted losing. When Double D came, did his eyes roll to the back of his head, or did they glaze over and lose focus? Did his expression scrunch up in pleasure or go slack in euphoria? How could he have spent a year with him without really looking at him? The dork across the street was beautiful. Man or woman, beauty was beauty. In retrospect, it embarrassed him to know he’d been ashamed of beauty just because it came from a boy.

Now, he could barely remember that face. The hat, the hair that stuck out the back, the shape of his mouth, his eyes, even those memories were slipping away. One miserable morning, while lying in bed, trying to sleep, he found that no matter how hard he concentrated, he couldn’t remember his face. In the end, he had to get a yearbook and look up the dork’s picture to feel better. He’d never been a sentimental man, but he needed that memory. Boyfriend or not, he needed to really look at him, even if it was the last time.

So, one evening, Kevin made up his mind.

He neither drunk nor delusional when he waited until darkness and made his way across the street to the dork’s house, neither did he know what he planned to do once he got there. All he knew was that he needed to see Double D, so he’d damn well see him whether the punk boyfriend was there or not. Kevin was going to have whatever he wanted, and that arrogant demanding in him would probably never change.

Practically whistling in his confidence, he checked under the potted plant in the entryway, but didn’t see a key. A minor setback. Instead, he jammed a broom handle under the garage door, wiggled a bit until the safety feature kicked in, and the door automatically opened. Back in ninth grade, when Johnny had gotten his head stuck beneath Ed’s garage door, most of the parents on the street installed safety doors, because once it happened to one child, it would probably happen to another. Double D’s parents had been the first. He got his sense of caution from them.

The punk’s car wasn’t there. The garage was meticulously organized, but void of cars. Kevin had paid close enough attention to know that no one had come or gone in weeks. Maybe they’d already left?

The thought was horrifying enough to have him bursting through the back door and rushing up the stairs. If Double D was already gone, what then? How was he supposed to move away from Peach Creek and go on with the rest of his life feeling this ache, like someone had a knee planted on his sternum, the pressure increasing all the time? He couldn’t keep going like this. He needed him, and Kevin had never needed anything before.

Already tasting despair in the back of his throat, he let himself into Double D’s bedroom and paused.

There he was, curled up on his side in bed, his back to the room. Most of his things were in labeled boxes, though Kevin didn’t notice them. Beneath the hum of the air conditioning, Kevin heard it: the hitches of breath that he recognized as crying. It should have at least stunned him or made him uncomfortable, but it didn’t. Had something happened with the punk? Had that musical ass hole hurt him? If he’d hurt his dork, he splatter his brains on the walls and bury him in the junkyard.

He walked to the end of the bed, looking down at the trembling mass under the blue blankets, the top of his black hat protruding out the top. He’d never heard Double D cry. It was soft and broken and made something twist in his stomach. Had he cried like this, alone in the dark after he’d turned him away last summer? Had he cried while wiping the blood from his face and pressing ice to his swollen eye? Had Double D ever cried for Kevin? He hoped so, but at the same time, he hoped not.

Slowly, Kevin sat on the edge of his bed, watching the tip of his hat. Double D gave a startled cry and rolled over. It began raining outside and white lightening streaked across the room. For a brief moment, he could see Double D’s tear streaked face and Kevin found him to be a soft crier, graceful and heartbreaking. No ragged sobs, no swollen eyes or runny nose, just a trembling lower lip and those eyes filled with tears. There were so many things he didn’t know about him yet. He wanted to know him, feel him, memorize every inch of him.

Whether the punk boyfriend was lurking or not, he lifted a gentle hand to touch Double D’s wet cheek, feeling the smooth skin underneath. It felt so familiar. They didn’t say anything when Kevin leaned forward and kissed him, just his bottom lip at first, then his upper lip, coaxing him to respond. Finally, he tentatively kissed back.

Kevin groaned , a low, hoarse sound. He hadn’t realized how much he’d missed this. It had been a year since he’d felt him against his mouth. It wasn’t even a whim anymore. It was a need, desperate and aching. Kissing him deeper now, his tongue caressing the roof of Double D’s mouth, and he tried to pull the blankets down. They slid to the floor.

For the first time, Kevin flipped on the bedside lamp and leaned back to study the smaller boy under him. With deliberate movements, he unbuttoned the pajama top, pulling it off to reveal the white undershirt. Double D was shaking and Kevin found it endearing. He smiled and pushed that shirt away to reveal his naked torso.

“You got so skinny,” he said with a frown.

Double D didn’t answer, just watched him like an animal who knew he’d been spotted by a predator but couldn’t do anything aside from wait for the inevitable strike.

Next, he worked on the pajama bottoms and those came off smoothly. The briefs followed, and Double D didn’t try to stop him. It worried Kevin that he was so complacent, didn’t speak, or even make noise. It was like something inside him was broken. It was his fault. He knew that. He’d done this, but now he would fix it. That decided, in the soft light of the lamp, he looked down at what lay between Double D’s trembling thighs.

The length of him was soft and it didn’t disgust Kevin as much as he’d thought it would. It was his dork, and he wanted every part of him. It was a relief. It took too much effort to willfully ignore. He wrapped his fingers around the length of him and gave an experimental pump. Double D frowned a little, more in confusion than dislike. His expressive, twitchy little dork had been reduced to an empty shell. He had to fix this, had to have his dork back.

“I’m going to show you something,” he whispered, audible over the rain, but just barely.

Double D nodded slowly.

Kevin’s hands still stroked his soft length. “It’s important that you know.”

When he nodded again, Kevin reached into the bedside dresser and found the small bottle of lubricant he’d brought over one summer. He counted himself lucky it was still there.
It meant the punk boyfriend had never gotten his grubby mitts on it, and that comforted Kevin. When he resumed stroking Double D, the ride was a bit smoother and there were slick fingers prodding his opening. It pleased Kevin when his lover instinctively raised his knees and spread his thighs.

“Thanks,” Kevin murmured and kissed both knee caps, much like Jason had, before sliding his finger inside. He was still tight.

Suddenly, the petite cock in his hand went stiff and Double D shuddered. His lips parted and his hands came up to wring at each other anxiously. Kevin smiled, profoundly enjoying watching his face in pleasure, the way his nipples stiffened without being touched, and the way his belly quivered. It was shameful knowing he’d taken the boy so many times without really seeing him.

“You’re so vulnerable,” he murmured, crooking the fingers inside him in search of that magic button. He could barely imagine the beauty of his face when that bliss was discovered. “I’ve never watched you this way, and that’s my fault.”

Double D opened his mouth a little wider and started to pant. His hands reached up to clutch the pillow under his head and his nose wrinkled a bit.

“I might have never known how beautiful you are when you’re on your back.” He found the spot inside him he was looking for and plundered mercilessly.

This time, Double D arched his back and gripped his headboard in both hands. His legs opened wide and he let out a mewling cry that made Kevin ache. The ache got worse as he watched Double D start to bounce back on his fingers.

“You’re gorgeous like this, babe. You look gorgeous, you sound gorgeous.” This didn’t seem like the time for vulgar language, so Kevin halted a few choice phrases about how he enjoyed watching his fingers disappear and reappear inside his slicked hole.

Then, several things happened at once: Double D’s legs snapped closed, trapping Kevin’s arms between his thighs, his eyes rolled to the back of his head, his mouth fell slack, and he came in the hand grasping him. Frowning, slightly confused at the intensity, Kevin slowed his movements and was further confused when Double D let loose a belated shriek and his body began convulsing.

“Shit,” he muttered. He stroked Double D’s belly soothingly, watching him in concern. He could feel the muscles around his fingers clenching fitfully. He’d never seen this sort of reaction before. “Babe . . .”

Double D finally let go of his headboard and grasped Kevin’s arm, clinging to him as he spasmed. And Kevin could only watch that lovely face ride the aftershocks of orgasm. A thin sheen of sweat made him glisten. His lips were wet, and his body trembled like a virgin’s. In that moment, Kevin knew he would never be able to make love to Double D without watching his face as he came. It was all together the most erotic, intimate, meaningful thing he’d ever seen.

When the aftershocks began to die, Kevin was waiting, still watching him. Only slightly breathless now, he let go of Kevin’s arm and resumed fidgeting awkwardly. Neither of them said anything when Kevin left the room and returned moments later with a damp cloth. With a gentleness he hadn’t known he possessed, he wiped the spent seed from Double D’s belly.

“You can’t ask me to go back to the way we were,” Kevin said softly. “When we were apart.”

Still, Double D remained silent. He did sit up, though, and then stood.

Kevin frowned and watched him walk to the door, all skinny and fidgety with no more than his hat on. The pressure on his sternum was getting worse. “Don’t!”

Double D turned slightly and looked over his shoulder at him. Kevin was holding his hand out, offering.

“Come back.”

Unable to ever disobey Kevin in any capacity, he went back to him and took his hand. Looking up at him, the way he looked so defeated, it was hard to resist the urge to apologize for last summer. Kevin could accept that he would remember and regret that summer for the rest of his life. The soft, confused whimpers and the way he had looked, crumpled in the grass in front of the gate, shaking and frightened. He couldn’t apologize just yet. It wasn’t the right time.

Before he lost his opportunity to make this memory, he cradled both of Double D’s hands in his and bent to kiss his palms. His lips traveled up to his wrists and the inside of his elbows.

“You smell like soap,” he murmured before flicking his eyes up to Double D’s stoic face. “Smells familiar.”

With a little encouragement, he urged Double D forward to stand between his legs, close enough for Kevin to close his mouth under the soft skin just below his navel. Then he trekked upwards until his could take one rosy nipple between his teeth. Double D let out a tight noise and stiffened.

“I’ll do it right this time,” he whispered. His fingers played on the small of his back, where the skin was silky and flawless. “I’ll show you.”

Still, Double D said nothing. Kevin never thought he would miss that high-pitched tenor of his, but he did. It was unnerving, the way he never spoke. How was he supposed to do this right if he felt like he was taking advantage of his vulnerability? Unacceptable.

He slid his hand against Double D’s cheek, let his thumb stroke his high cheek bone. “May I kiss you?”

Slowly, he nodded.

That was a little better. He pulled his head down and slanted his mouth over the smaller one. Gently, he traced the tip of his tongue against his lips until they parted invitingly. He tasted like spearmint toothpaste and mouthwash. Lost in the memory of his mouth, Kevin groaned and caressed the roof of his mouth briefly before his tongue slid across the complacent tongue, coaxing him to reciprocate, at least a little bit.

When Double D raised his shaking hands to touch either side of Kevin’s jaw, all Kevin could do was groan in relief. He pressed his hands against the back of his head and ate at his petite mouth like a starving man. The smaller boy whimpered, like a wounded animal, and his body shivered against Kevin’s. His fingers clenched at the back of Double D’s head, but all he could grasp was his hat, and he fought the overwhelming need to pull it off. He needed to see all of him. He needed to have all of him . . .

Suddenly, in a quick, jerky movement, Double D ripped his mouth from Kevin’s and pulled his hat off. He threw it behind him with a frustrated noise as though it had been suffocating him.

Frozen, Kevin looked up at him in the dim light, lips parted in amazement at what he hadn’t been expecting: Double D had black hair, and quite a bit of it. It fell past his thin shoulders, soft, fragrant, and smooth as silk. The front of his hair was cut a little bit shorter, his bangs sweeping across his face like feathers that graced his cheeks and tickled at the corners of his mouth. They hid his left eye from view. Had he been keeping all that hair stuffed up into his hat?

Hypnotized, Kevin reached back to slide his fingers through the thick strands and shut his eyes, shuddering at the feel of it. It felt like liquid silk through his fingers. He let it fall and he watched it flutter against Double D’s skin. He grasped it in both hands, pulled it back to expose his face completely, and let it fall again. It was a new way to look at Double D’s face. He looked younger without the hat.

He frowned when he snapped out of his hair-induced trance. The smaller boy was shivering, arms clutched to his chest, shoulders hunched.

“Are you all right?” he whispered.

Double D nodded.

“You’re shaking.”

He shook his head.

“I can feel it.” He wrapped his arms around him, ran his hands up and down his spine. He turned his head to breathe in the scent of that newly discovered hair. Hell, he smelled like fucking heaven. “Did Jason ever see your hair?”

He shook his head and Kevin sagged in relief. “Thank hell.” He pulled back to rest his forehead against Double D’s. “You’re not going to talk to me?”

When he was met with silence, he gently maneuvered them to the bed. As careful as possible, he laid Double D down into his twin sized childhood bed and loomed over him, hands braced on either side of his head.

“You’re so beautiful, babe.” He lowered himself to kiss his lover gently. “Nothing will ever be the same. You know that.” He kissed his forehead, the bridge of his nose, down his jaw line, across his chin, and down his neck. “I am going to take you.”

Before Double D could roll over and assume the position, Kevin reached down, positioned himself at the slick, waiting channel, and pushed inside.

With a startled cry, Double D arched his back and threaded his fingers through Kevin’s hair. His legs came up to wrap around Kevin’s waist and his heels dug into the small of his back.

It was different, feeling Double D’s body pressed so completely against his own. Kevin could nuzzle the bridge of his nose against his neck, could breathe him in and watch his face as he accepted him. He gave an experimental thrust and was rewarded by the sight of Double D wrinkling his nose. He could feel his hard cock against his belly and found he enjoyed that sensation as well, relishing the evidence he was doing a good job.

He thrust again and Double D’s black hair fluttered against the pillow. He thrust lazily, pulling out and pushing in with wet noises. With Double D’s legs hooked over his arms, he pulled back so he could watch the length of his wet cock disappear and reappear inside him. The taught hole clung to him greedily.

“You’re mine now,” he growled, looking up into his face again. Double D was watching him in return, lips parted as he panted. “No one else will ever have you. Do you understand me?”

Whimpering, Double D screwed his eyes shut and reached down to grip the back of his knees. He pulled them up toward his chest and wide apart, giving Kevin better access. Kevin’s thrusts got faster and harder, his balls slapping against his lover’s ass as he pumped wildly.

“Talk to me . . . please talk to me,” he grunted.

Frantic now, Double D hooked his elbows behind his knees so his hands were free to pinch both nipples desperately. His eyes opened to focus on Kevin who hovered above him like a Roman god, the muscles of his arms and chest flexing behind a fine sheen of sweat. He didn’t remember Kevin ever taking his clothes off. He looked between his spread thighs, past his own, leaking cock to where Kevin’s abdomen and pelvis flexed.

“I need to hear your voice,” Kevin continued, watching him intently, his own auburn hair falling into his eyes. He was too high up. He was too far away. He needed to feel Double D against him.

He reached down to grab his forearms and yanked him up so the smaller body was straddling his waist, still impaled on him. He wrapped his arms around his waist and began thrusting upwards, making him bounce noisily in his lap. He reveled in the sound of wet flesh slapping against each other. When Double D finally let loose a strangled shriek at being speared so deeply, Kevin rained passionate, frantic kisses across his face, down his neck, over his chest.

“Please say something.” He was pleading, almost begging. He knew it, but he couldn’t stop himself. “Please talk to me. Tell me what a fuck up I was, anything.”

Double D’s hair fell around his face, swaying in time with the thrusts in his ass. How could he tell Kevin what he felt? Kevin was too paranoid, too hard headed and temperamental to take him seriously. They were fucking again, weren’t they? That was all they needed, wasn’t it? He began putting his hips into it, bouncing back onto Kevin’s cock. It felt like heaven itself, having Kevin inside him again. The shape and power of him felt like coming home after a terrible vacation. How could he tell him that he never wanted anyone else inside him again?

Kevin reached between them to grasp Double D’s much smaller shaft in his hand and pumped him.

“I can’t hold out . . .” Kevin panted, eyes glazed and unfocused as his thrusts got less synchronized, more desperate and hurried. He couldn’t seem to look away from the sight of dark hair swaying around a gentle face. “I need to hear you before I lose it, babe . . . please . . .”

Never before had Kevin sounded so needy.

“Double D . . . please, babe . . . please . . . say my name, anything. Say his name if you have to. I just need to hear your voice . . . babe . . . Fuck, I’m gonna cum . . . fuck . . .”

He licked his lips and found himself panting as the tip of Kevin’s long, beautiful cock pounded into the magic button inside him. Kevin had come home to him. Kevin was finally here for him again.

“Double D . . . babe . . . fucking hell . . . please . . .”

“Kevin . . .”

His eyes focused, locked on Double D’s. “Babe . . .”

“Kevin . . . I love you . . .”

With a thundering roar, Kevin’s face screwed up in pleasure. His eyes clenched shut and he bared his teeth like an animal. His long, guttural shout seemed to make the room rattle and he jerked several times, emptying his seed into Double D’s eager ass. He opened his eyes just in time to see him throw his head back, hair flying, and wail. His thighs tightened around Kevin’s waist, hands spasming, and he squirted in Kevin’s grip, spilling over his fingers and onto their joined laps.

Kevin’s body went immediately still, relaxed and at peace, while Double D continued to ride his aftershocks. He would shudder, flinch, and choke out Kevin’s name. This went on for a good while, during which Kevin watched in silent fascination. No woman he’d ever been with had been so sensitive, so open, so naively vulnerable in passion. When the tremors stopped, he laid them both down on the bed. He slid out of his lover with a wet noise.

“Are you all right?” he whispered, pushing Double D’s hair away from his face.

He nodded weakly, forehead pressed against Kevin’s chest.

“Babe . . . I didn’t come here to hurt you.”

Double D shuddered and sniffled. “I don’t believe you.”

“I don’t expect you to believe me. But I’ll fix this. I can fix this.”

After switching out the lights and pulling Double D against his chest, Kevin hooked his chin over his head and covered them both with the discarded blankets. Double D fell asleep long before he did. He listened to his even, deep breathing. Only then did he see all of the taped and labeled boxes. There was even a small suitcase and Double D’s messenger bag by the door. In the morning, he would lay the plans to have his things taken to his condo up near the campus they would share. Then everything would be better.


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