Reviews for Edd Interrupted



OMFG!!! A friend of mine from a chatzy room was present while I laughed over another friend of mine getting me hooked on reading Edd/Kev fics. And she rec'd this to me. And I swear to everything, I love her for it. I've read damn-near every singly Edd/Kev fic I could find and this is, by far, the BEST. And that's factoring in the fact that your smut hit on a couple of my pet-peeves when it comes to smut, which would normally make me walk away. I was loving this SO MUCH that I couldn't walk away regardless; it wasn't even an option! So thank you for writing this, and I've passed it on to the friend who got me reading this ship to begin with. So much love for this. <3




Guh. Loving this. More. More. More. I don't mean to be one of those annoying fangirls, but I need more of this pairing. Thank you for this. -Kai




Hey!! I stumbled upon this fanfict by accident.... but I'm glad I found it!!! It was epic dude. Legitly awesome. The sex scenes were hot and tottaly yummmyyy X3 double d was so innocent sometimes and yet he was also very dirty wen he and kevin made sex... looovvvveeee!




Best KevinXEdd fanfiction I've ever read :) It had me awwing and smiling in some parts and blushing and gaping in others!

The plot was amazing, and the characters were perfect :) I love the way you had Eddy tottaly cool with Double D's sexual orientation. In most fanfics, Eddy shuns Double D and mocks him. And I really don't like that, so it was nice to see something new!!

The epilouge was SO adorable, I went into major fangirl mode. I squealed and got a little teary-eyed when Kevin gave Double D the ring.

This story was amazing!! I hope you write more Kevin and Edd fanfictions because you have a lot of talent :)




tht was awesome




Oh. my. god. Words cannot adequately express how much I love this story. Considering how minor this fandom is, I thought I would have to be content with reading just small one-shot stories with the Kevin/Edd pairing. But I chanced upon your story today (I must admit I only check the GreyLaw Database intermittently) despite the fact that it was posted almost a month ago! I devoured all 24 chapters plus the epilogue in one sitting. The way you write the Kevin/Edd pairing is wonderful...Kevin is so sweet and Double D is so endearingly awkward...I love it to pieces.

I can honestly say that this is pretty much one of my Top 10 fanfiction stories that I've ever read. Plus, I saw on LawWren's deviantart journal about this story that you've already started a sequel. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for it to be posted!

Oh, and perhaps my only criticism would be's too short! But I'll patiently wait for the sequel that will remedy that.



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