Eight Days a Week

Chapter 3 - Tuesday

This time, Draco's there first. Ron wastes no time hauling the smaller wizard up by the front of his robes and dragging him into the nearest maintenance closet. "What the hell, Weasley?!" Draco snaps. "You will cease manhandling me at once!"

Ron punches him in the face, sending Draco flying back into the door. "Ow! Dammit!" Draco reaches up to nurse his jaw. "Why in Merlin's name did you do that?!"

"That's for what you said about Ginny!"

"Your bloody sister? That was ages ago!"

"It was yesterday!"

"Ages, yesterday, whatever. It was certainly nothing to get so worked up about."

"Maybe now you'll finally get it through your thick skull that you can't go around insulting people's family like that."

"If my jaw still hurts tomorrow, my girlfriend's going to be pissed. She lives for the things I do to her with my mouth."

"Ugh! Just shut-up, Malfoy!"

The two stand there glaring at each other, breathing hard. Finally, Ron lashes back out. "Move, you git. I'm leaving."



"We have unfinished business here."

"I'm going to go see Harry now. If you know what's good for you, you'll get out of my way."

"Make him wait."


Without warning, Draco takes two steps forward and sinks his fist into Ron's breadbasket. The Gryffindor doubles over, coughing. Draco straightens, feeling extremely self-satisfied. Ron lets out a deep-chested growl and charges the other man, slamming him back into the door behind him. Bottles of cleaning solution and mops topple over onto the tussling pair. When Draco shoves Ron down, Ron grabs his robes and pulls him with him, wrestling him to the floor.

Ron is bigger than Draco, plus he has the experience of growing up with five feisty older brothers (well, four and Percy), so it isn't long before he has the Slytherin pinned to the ground. Draco, meanwhile, is more adept at fighting dirty. A well-placed knee to the groin overthrows Ron's momentary predominance. Draco flips them over until he's straddling Ron's hips. Raising his arm to elbow Ron in the stomach, Draco's foot slips in some of the spilled liquid on the floor, making him lose his balance and sending him sprawling onto Ron.

Draco's hands find purchase on Ron's sides as he shoves himself back up off of the other man's body. Ron lets out a sudden bark of laughter. Draco freezes and stares down at the redhead, bewildered. "Tickles," Ron gasps by way of explanation.

The blond gapes. "You're completely barking mad, Weasley, do you know that?"

Ron sobers as the feeling of fingers on his skin subsides. "Get off me, Malfoy."

A wicked gleam appears in Draco's eyes. "Why? Worried someone might open the door and get the wrong idea?"


"I suppose it wouldn't do for it to get back to Potter that you were seen in such a precarious position, especially with the likes of me."

"For the last time, shut-up about me and Harry!"

"Don't worry, your secret's safe with me."

"Dammit!" Ron shoves himself off the floor, spilling Draco back into his lap. "You-!"

Abruptly, Draco leans down and bites Ron high up on the neck, hard. Ron squawks, inelegantly, pushing Draco away from him. The blond is snarling as Ron tries to get his breathing under control. When logical thought returns to Ron's brain he does the first thing that comes to mind. He socks Draco in the eye.




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