Feel the Thrill

Ron’s head seemed to pound in time with the hard rock song that was being blasted through the club’s speakers. It was loud but Ron liked the tune, in many ways it seemed to match his desire for the blond wizard he was currently pushing through the loo door. His lips were fused to the other bloke’s neck as the sounds of the club behind them quickly faded when Ron kicked the door shut with his foot. Thankfully the loo was empty and the loud clang of the door drowned out Malfoy’s yelp of pain and unbridled pleasure as Ron pulled the shorter man’s white t-shirt aside to bite down on the pale skin.

“Fuck, Weasley, not so hard,” Draco cursed, reaching around and grabbing his lover’s thigh, squeezing until Ron grunted and shoved the hand away.

Ron tilted his head back and surveyed the bite, shaking his head and rolling his eyes at the sight of his teeth imprinted on the once unblemished, pale skin. “I didn’t even break the skin you ninny,” he uttered, sucking on the skin just below the bite.

Malfoy’s responding moan nearly made his knees buckle and he sucked in a sharp breath when Draco bucked back, his covered cock coming into contact with Malfoy’s firm arse cheeks. There was a laugh and in retaliation Ron slapped the other man’s thigh, making him grunt and buck back again.

“Excited tonight?” Ron asked, locking the loo door behind him and shoving Draco forward.

The shove was playful, not hard, but it still caught Draco by surprise; he steadied himself, clutching the recently bleached sink tightly as he looked up into mirror, seeing the redhead’s lust darkened blue eyes and obvious erection. “I’m not the only one who’s excited,” he pointed out, smirking at Ron, silently challenging him. “So is this the plan, bending me over a sink and fucking me raw while we watch ourselves in a mirror? Not very original, don’t you think?”

“I’m starting to run out of original after a year. If you’re looking for original than go home to your wife; it’s been, what, six months since she last saw you naked?”

Malfoy snorted and turned, leaning against the sink and crossing his arms. “And when was the last time you saw a woman naked?” he asked, smirking once again, already knowing the answer.

“I’m in between girlfriends right now,” Ron replied defensively, crossing his arms and mirroring his lover’s stance.

“Look, all this banter is fun, and you avoiding my simple question is very entertaining, but I do have other important engagements to attend to, so if we could move on to the fucking, I would appreciate it,” Malfoy stated smoothly, raising one well manicured eyebrow.

Ron didn’t move and stared at Draco for a long moment, as if he was contemplating something. His blue eyes had lightened somewhat and for just a second Draco wondered why he was looking at him that way. It was… almost sad. But no, that wasn’t possible because it was just harmless fucking. They both needed something that they both couldn’t get from a woman; it was as simple as that, a need. There was no fuss, no hurt feelings, or anything else completely ridiculous (even though they had managed to meet once a week for a year, but neither dwelled long on that fact for very long). Along the way, both had tried to stop it, but each time they failed.

The first time had been unexpected and absolutely thrilling for both. A Ministry loo had been the only witness to their first angry, passion-filled fuck. Draco had always known he preferred men over women; to him it was just a simple, albeit secret, fact that he had come to terms with. Ron though, had no idea that he could get just as much pleasure from a man as a woman. Draco could still easily smirk at the memory of the stunned look on Ron’s face when the lust had faded for a moment and the fact that his cock was buried up Draco Malfoy’s arse had finally dawned on him.

“Look, if you’re just going to stand there than I’m leaving,” Draco said, rolling his eyes and moving away from the sink before striding towards the door.

Before Draco could even touch the cold metal of the knob, Ron reached out, grabbed his arm and whirled him around. Ron effectively pinned him to the wall and held him there, his knee in between the blond’s legs and his erection digging into Draco’s pelvis. Ron watched Draco blink in surprise for a moment before he leaned down and gave him a furious kiss. They didn’t often kiss; they had both silently decided that it was way too personal to do it often. Sometimes when they were in the midst of things, their tongues would duel for domination but at the end, they would both push back the fact that they had kissed at all; denial was easier than acceptance.

Ron grunted and buried his right hand in Draco’s short, perfectly styled hair, while his left hand grasped the back of Draco’s thigh and lifted his leg, making sure that there was no space between them. Ron ripped his lips from his lover’s lips and bent his head down, sucking hard on the skin just beneath his ear.

“You’re not going anywhere,” he rasped, noting with a smug grin how the blond shivered at his words. “What other ‘engagements’ do you have? How many men do you let fuck you in seedy loos?”

Draco gasped as Ron’s hand tightened in his hair and jerked his head back, not enough to seriously hurt but enough to sting. The gasp made Ron tilt his head down and he took advantage of Draco’s open mouth, plundering and dominating once again. He attempted to obliterate the sudden surge of jealousy that he had felt at the image of Malfoy’s other “engagements,” but it proved to be near impossible.

“If you don’t want me to bend you over and fuck you like always, than what do you want to do?” Ron asked after ending the second furious kiss, tilting his head back to see Draco’s lustful, slightly dazed expression.

“Don’t care, just fuck me,” he was able to utter through the raging want.

There was another flash of Ron’s smug grin and then he was being tugged and pulled back over towards the mirror and the sink. They were rough as they practically ripped their clothes off of each other, in a hurry to feel naked skin against naked skin. They were always rough, it was what they liked, but this roughness had a tinge of desperation to it. Ron wanted to forget about the idea of another man taking what had been his for a year and Draco didn’t want to accept why there had been that sad look in his lover’s eyes.

Draco braced himself against the sink, dimly aware of the fact that his expensive, designer clothes were (even when dressed as a muggle, he always dressed well) scattered all over the dingy tile floor. He watched as Ron dug through his trouser pockets, searching for the small bottle of lube he knew would be there. He found it quickly and Draco felt a small thrill as he watched Ron walk back across the room, naked as the day he was born and hard as a rock. Draco’s own cock gave a twitch in response and he gave himself a few long, slow strokes, careful not to come too fast.

“Don’t bother with the fingers,” he gasped, nodding towards Ron who was squeezing some of the lube onto his long, freckled fingers.

Ron raised his eyebrows in question but complied, eyeing Draco’s cock with a similar expression that Draco had on just a moment ago. Draco watched as the redhead spread the lube liberally over his cock, and another thrill went through him. They both watched in the mirror as Ron grasped his hips and pressed forward, pulling Draco's arse cheeks apart; Ron’s breath was hot and heavy against his shoulder and neck and Draco swallowed hard when he felt the blunt head of his lover’s cock rest for a moment against his puckered hole. This was the best thrill, thinking for just a moment that Weasley was never going to fit before he thrust forward and wiped every rational thought from his mind.

Draco wiggled as the man behind him stayed still, barely pushing forward. “Come on Weasley,” he snarled, pushing back against his lover but hindered by the hard hands holding his hips in place.

There was a chuckle and Draco cursed darkly. “Language Mr. Malfoy,” Ron breathed, holding on tightly to the reigns of his control, wanting to drag this out as long as possible.

“Fuck. Me. Now,” Draco ordered in the best authoritative tone he could muster considering the circumstances.

There was another laugh and Draco’s head lolled back against Ron’s shoulder. “What did you say before?” Ron asked, one hand leaving his hip to softly brush against his stomach, fingertips traveling teasingly south. “Were your words ‘fuck me raw’? Is that what you want?”

Yes,” Draco hissed.

“Do you know what I want?”

Draco’s eyes snapped open and he looked into the mirror, meeting Ron’s dark blue eyes in the reflection. They smoldered at him in a possessive way that made another strong thrill go down his spine. “To fuck me raw, isn’t that what you want?”

“Yes,” Ron began, his hand returning to Draco’s hip and clutching hard enough to bruise, “but there is something else I want.”

“Stop playing games then and tell me what it is, I’m tired of this teasing.”

“I want to be the only one that fucks you raw,” he growled before slamming his hips forward and burying himself to the hilt.

A guttural cry met Ron’s ears and he smirked into his lover’s neck, still holding Draco’s hips securely in his hands. He began to move quickly, thrusting in hard and fast, the hot tightness around his cock making him forget all earlier notions of teasing. Draco’s moans and general incoherent mumblings spurred Ron on and soon the sound of skin rapidly slapping against skin filled the tiny loo.

Ron reached around and wrapped his fist around Draco’s cock, making sure his thrusts were in time with his strokes and the thumping music from the club. The rhythm was fast and hard, and utterly desperate. Each guitar riff from the song seemed to match Draco’s low cries of pleasure mixed with just a little bit of pain.

He bent his head down and suckled on Draco’s pale neck, making sure that he was covered in his marks. Ron knew that Draco would make sure that all of the love bites were covered up with a spell before he went home but he always fervently hoped that one night he would miss one spot. Ron liked the idea of just one mark on his neck, to show who really belonged to whom.

Suddenly, Draco gave a small shout and a satisfied grunt and then Ron’s fingers were slippery with release. It triggered his own release and he gave half a dozen more thrusts before his orgasm hit; stars exploded behind his closed eyes and he slumped forward from the force of it, no longer able to keep them both upright. They tumbled to the floor in a sweaty, fast breathing heap. They lay there like that more several moments, both of them too sated to have the desire to move unnecessarily.

Draco was the first to stir and he rolled to the side, pushing himself up on his hands and knees. The blond gathered up his clothes and put them back on, eyeing the dirty floor with disdain. While Draco looked all around the loo for one misplaced sock, Ron didn’t move and the redhead couldn’t help but notice that Draco looked every where but at him. He rolled his eyes and sat up, reaching for his boxers and tugging them on.

Ron was pulling on his trousers at the exact same moment that Draco was pulling out his wand to Apparate home; they both looked up at each other at the same time and eyed each other closely. Ron watched as Draco cocked his head to the side, as if contemplating something important.

“I think,” Draco began, choosing his words carefully, “that if you’re going to keep up with the possessive, jealous thing than you should have no problem keeping me around, exclusively. That is what you want, isn’t it?”

Ron nodded, but was too surprised to manage proper words. Draco returned the nod with a smirk and lifted the wand high, preparing for the squeeze of Apparation. “Oh, and Weasley? The same rules apply to you as well,” he finished evenly before disappearing with a pop.

Ron blinked at the space where the other man had once stood and slowly a grin spread across his face. He laughed as he realized that Draco had been so caught up in the exclusive part that he had completely forgotten to remove the love bites that Ron had given him. He whistled cheerfully as he exited the club, imaging the angry, annoyed look on Draco’s face when he realized his mistake. No doubt, it would be priceless.  


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