Reviews for Gently



Ohhh sorry! I forgot to add that I'd never heard of that song before, I Bruise Easily, but I looked it up after reading the lyrics, and I like the lyrics quite a bit!




Eeek! I've read my share of Ron&Draco stories, but never one with the pairing like this, Ron being all commanding, calling Draco pet and not letting him touch either one of themselves unless he says so; ohhh I love it all! Wonderful story!




this fic is amazing! it's hot and kinky and i love the dynamics between the two.




Great story.  Ron/Draco is my favorite ship =]




Who wrote the poem...i think it was a poem...Great story I really loved it.



Diane Rainwater

This pairing confuses me to no end, especially with Ron as seme, but this was really hot.  I love seeing Draco beg like that and the imagery of Ron's hair being like flames is excellent.




Oh a very dominant Ron. Cool! Very good piece, had me drooling.



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