Draco Malfoy was probably having the worst day of his life.

"Oops, sorry sir." Squeaked the first year Slytherin running straight into Draco, smearing...oh fuck. Cake with white bloody frosting all over his new set of robes.

Draco put both hands on the brat’s shoulders and literally peeled him off of his groin as the cake peeled away leaving white globs all down his front, looking as if Draco had some kind of Nuclear wank and come was now everywhere. “It’s alright, Higgins.” Draco said icily glaring daggers at the cowering boy. “Just get away from me, before I decide to change my mind and turn you into a Flobberworm.” He hissed.

Correction, it wasn’t ‘probably’ the worst day, it was definitely the worst day of his life, not counting the whole almost killing Dumbledore and then almost dying in battle thing.

He watched the first year run down the hall as he walked bowlegged back to his private rooms, trying not to smear the mess more than it already was. Being Headboy was fine, but being nice to lower beings was just unheard of, fucking McGonagall. ‘One cannot simply go around making people bow to your will, Mr. Malfoy as Headboy you should know better than that.’ He rolled his eyes, she had screeched at the top of her lungs after Draco made some fifth year Hufflepuff clean his entire shoe collection after the little bastard scuffed a pair of his Italian made ones. So what he had fifty and so what the Hufflepuff couldn’t bend his fingers straight for an hour, served him right.

But, today was bad. First he was late to breakfast and he wasn’t able to get a chocolate croissant, fucking Slytherin bastard’s, they all know that he can’t start his day without one of them, then he forgot his Transfigurations homework and McGonagall wouldn’t let him go run and get it, deducting ten points from Slytherin and then gone on to say that she’d accept his work but would take ten points off of his final grade. Bitch. And now the little ickle firstie and his fucking cake. It couldn’t get worse. It better not get worse. Otherwise, Draco Malfoy was going to show these fucker’s just what a junior Death Eater learns when they’re sent away to Death Eater Boot Camp.

As he walked through the dungeons his fellow Slytherins smirked and pointed and he in turn sneered and growled.

"Hey, Malfoy – you know you should really take it easy, you know you could blind." Giggled Paige Parkinson, Pansy’s younger sister, who is a fifth year.

"Eat me, Parkinson." He hissed and flipped her the bird.

"Oh, that’s mature." She said rolling her eyes and walked off still chuckling with her friends.

"Bitch." He said snarling as he stopped by a bare stretch of stone and mumbled, "Cerulean."

A door appeared and slid to the right as he stepped through, ducking lightly as to not smack the top of his head. He sighed heavily relishing the silence and was about to peel off his trousers when all went black.

"What the fu –?!"

"Shh." Said a husky voice by his ear as it secured the blindfold to his head.

Draco smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. Strong hands ran up and down his back, needing his spine, making his skin tingle, then reaching out and pulled off his robes. This is just what he needed.

'My skin is like a map of where
My heart has been and I can’t
Hide the marks, but it’s not a
Negative thing...'

Soft lips kissed along the back of his neck as the strong hands began to massage his shoulders, his head lolled back on the shoulder behind him and he moaned in gratitude, he could feel the smile against his pulse point.

"Kiss me." Draco whispered.

'So I let down my guard, drop my
Defenses, down by my clothes, I’m
Learning to fall, with no safety net,
To cushion the blow...'

Another smile against his skin, before soft lips claimed his own and he moaned without meaning to as the lips smirked against his. "Bastard." He whimpered when the lips left his.

No answer as the hands went to his shirt and began unbuttoning them slowly, this time he was in front of Draco, because he could no longer lean on the hard form and his hands went up to stroke the arms of his beloved. Bare shoulders, which meant...his hands trailed down the flanks, feeling the soft skin and went lower to feel more, when he got to his waist, the hands stopped their task of unbuttoning his shirt and pulled his hands away and pushed them down to rest by his side. "Behave." He reprimanded, but in a soft voice, not scolding.

'I Bruise Easily, so be gentle when
You handle me, there’s a mark you
Leave, like a love heart carved on a tree...'

His hand pushed away Draco’s white oxford and those hands started to leave feather light touches on his bare chest, then he leaned in and started kissing and mouthing his flesh, circling a tongue over his erect nipples and tugging gently making Draco hiss, then licking away the pain. Draco held his head and was running his fingers through silky soft hair and he smiled thinking of how when he would do this that he would imagine it was fire and he was caressing the flames. He grunted when the hands were now down the back of his trousers and kneading his cheeks.

"No boxers, love?" smirked the mouth as it was still leaving soft kisses on his torso as he writhed against the lips.

"No – I was hoping you’d ravish me between classes." Draco said panting.

The smirk again. As he licked and swirled his tongue around his nipple, then the hands disappeared from his arse and Draco whimpered. "I could leave them there, but I’d like your trousers off, since whatever is on them is smearing all over my prick."

Draco moaned wantonly and his lover chuckled. "I could clean it for you." Draco said swallowing lightly, "please let me clean it for you."

"Not yet." He whispered dangerously close to his ear before tugging it between his teeth.

'I Bruise Easily, can’t scratch the surface
Without moving me, underneath, I Bruise
Easily, I Bruise Easily...'

The hands expertly removed his trousers and the cold air of his room made contact with his skin and he hissed, the blindfold was making all senses come alive, ten fold. He kicked off his shoes as he whispered him to do this. Then he heard a rustling, he was collecting Draco’s clothes and then he felt a soft flick against his thigh, his tongue and Draco almost buckled. Then he stood there in all his naked glory, except for his tie and he felt so self-conscious all of a sudden, Draco knew he was staring at him and this made him breathe more heavily, his erection was turning slightly painful now that he felt the lustful stare.

"You’re so fucking beautiful, know that?" and the voice pierced every part of his body. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder pushing him down to kneel and he moaned again. "You’re so good at being patient, pet. Now you can have your reward."

"Thank God." Draco said as he dropped gracefully to his knees, the expensive Persian rug cushioning his fall.

'I found your finger prints on
A glass of wine, Do you know
You’re leaving them all over this
Heart of mine too...'

"No need for formalities, love – Ron will do just fine." He said grinning as he guided his cock to Draco’s mouth, brushing it across the pink lips, smirking as Draco’s tongue darted out trying to catch the stray drops of pre-cum that was leaking, Ron brushed the tip against Draco’s lips and cheek leaving a sticky trail as Draco whimpered.

"Please." Draco said moving to take Ron into his hand.

"Ah – behave, love." Ron said smirking down at the blond in front of him as he pushed his hand lightly.

Draco whimpered again, Ron grinned as he lightly stroked himself, so that a little of his sticky seed was leaking a bit at a time, which made Draco stick his tongue out as he felt it dribble down his chin. "That’s my good boy." Ron said huskily.

'But if I never take this leap of
Faith I’ll never know, so I’m
Learning to fall with no safety
Net to cushion the blow...'

Draco was kneeling at his feet, hands at his side, tongue sticking out, head back lightly, a Gryffindor tie shielding his eyes and Ronald Weasley was in front of him, cock in his hand resting on Draco’s tongue. Ron shook his head. People would pay good money for this.

"Open wider, pet." Ron said softly and Draco opened his mouth and Ron slid in softly and watched as Draco relaxed his throat wanting Ron to go deeper, but Ron wouldn’t and this made Draco whimper again. "You’re so greedy, dragon." Ron said pulling back out.

Draco pouted, he pouted because he knew Ron loved when he did, he licked his lips tasting the bitter, yet sweet taste because of the frosting. "Scourgify." Ron said suddenly. And Draco whimpered, knowing Ron had cleaned himself of the sticky treat.

"Ron." He said in a whiney voice, "you said I could clean you." Adding a pout.

"Mmm – I know, love." Ron said caressing his cheek, thumbing away a pearly drop of cum and brushing Draco’s lips with it as Draco sucked his thumb into his sweet mouth. "After I fuck you, then you can clean me."

Draco actually sighed with relief and Ron shook his head again. God, my boyfriend is kinky and he fucking loved it. Grabbing Draco up forcefully, he turned him and pulled him roughly against him, trapping him between his arms. And he began walking him to the bed, both of them trying not to trip over the other.

'I Bruise Easily, so be gentle when
You handle me, there’s a mark you
Leave, like a love heart carved on a tree...'

He turned Draco as he steadied him against the edge of the bed and kissed him passionately, pulling back he ran his tongue over the roof of Draco’s mouth and Draco moaned, he pushed him to sit and then helped him into bed, “Lay back.” Ron whispered low.

Draco did as he was told and lay still, he felt the bed dip and he could feel it move slightly as Ron got in as well, Ron was between his legs and he parted them lightly as Ron was caressing them. His slightly calloused hands were making the hairs stand on end, then using his hands Ron made his way up Draco’s body, in one fast motion, legs, thighs, stomach, then down Draco’s arms taking his hands and then raising his arms as Ron ran his hands up his arms moving them to the headboard and then entwining their fingers and at the same time, moving his chest against Draco’s groin and moving like a snake against him to arch up so that his chest sort of went up in an arch and Draco was able to lick him from neck to navel, which made Draco tremble. Then Ron came back down, navel to neck, with a stop to kiss Draco before he was back down so that his face was right at Draco’s cock and Ron was nibbling lightly at his groin, tugging lightly at the sparse blond hairs.

"Tsk, tsk." Ron scolded fondly. "You’ve been neglecting yourself again, love."

"What?" Draco said panting as Ron spoke so close to his groin and was accentuating his words so that his breath was ghosting across his skin.

'I Bruise Easily, can’t scratch the surface
Without moving me, underneath, I Bruise
Easily, I Bruise Easily...'

Ron started licking around him lazily, making a figure eight, he could feel his initials, RW...then a word...loves...then...DM...He licked this all into Draco and made Draco arch each time. Then he nuzzled him then growled. "You know I like a clean workspace." Then he heard Ron mumble a hair removal spell.

"Sorry – oh fuck love. I’m sorry." Draco said arching up for more contact.

"It’s alright, love – though you will have to be punished for this." And Draco whimpered, damn he was doing that a lot. But he’d cry a fucking river, just as long as Ron didn’t stop loving him.

Ron’s hands trailed down his legs again as he mouthed Draco’s sac, tugging lightly on the sensitive skin, then using his palms he placed them against the bottom of Draco’s feet and pushed lightly and Draco took his queue to pull his legs up and Ron used his hands again as a guide down the back of his calves then against his thighs pushing him open for Ron. Draco was trembling now as he grabbed the back of his thighs knowing what was coming next. And he felt Ron smirk. As he ran his nose along his perineum. "Such a good boy." And he whispered this along his cleft and Draco squeaked and Ron chuckled.

Ron spread his cheeks lightly with his fingers all the while caressing his cheek along the soft flesh of Draco’s arse. He placed a soft kiss on his puckered entrance and a flick of his tongue as he pulled back smacking his lips lightly. "Almost as good as your cum."

Draco moaned loudly and Ron grinned, sometimes he’d just lay with Draco teasing him with feather light touches all over his cock, never really touching him and whispering all the dirty things he wanted to do to the blond and Draco would come, without even a stroke. Ron swirled his tongue around the sensitive skin and he saw Draco buck lightly and he smiled and then stabbed his hole and Draco yelped and Ron moved his head quickly as his leg kicked out, almost knocking Ron off the bed. "Sorry – sorry." Draco said sheepishly. Ron could tell he was blushing and he liked that.

"It’s alright, love – just be careful if you knock me out then you won’t get a proper rimming." And Draco whimpered, this time it almost sounded like a sob.

Ron shook his head and then licking from balls down to the twitching hole, he blew a soft breath and eyed Draco’s feet as they moved and making sure he kept his head away from the Malfoy feet he began to suck till his heart was content, listening to Draco’s ragged breathing and his usual slightly incoherent ramblings that he had during sex.

"Oh fuck – Ron – oh – so good – fucking love you so much – wish I could have your tongue inside me all the time."

Ron pulled back and darted up to kiss the Malfoy mouth thoroughly, always amazed at how Draco would dart his tongue around his mouth as if searching for a piece of himself in Ron’s mouth. He reached over grabbing the jar of lubricant on the night stand as Draco began to rub himself against Ron, wrapping a leg around his waist as he gripped Ron’s hair tightly, tugging on the hair at the nape of his neck, knowing how Ron loved this, Ron stilled his hips from rocking. "Such a slut." Ron growled and bucked his hips against Draco’s.

Draco yanked his head back and Ron winced, "I’m your fucking slut, Ron – now fuck me." He said gritting his teeth.

'Anyone who, can touch you,
Can hurt you, or heal you,'

"Is that a command, Malfoy?" Ron said arching a brow and yanking his head away knowing Draco probably pulled some of his hair out.

"No." Draco said coquettishly and Ron grinned, rolling his eyes.

"Ask nicely." Ron said licking Draco’s lips.

"Please, Ron." He said sotly, his lips attaching to Ron’s Adam’s apple.

"Say it." Ron said tugging on Draco’s family jewels, making Draco gasp.

"Weasley is my King." Draco panted and Ron laughed.

"Not that you, prat. ‘Please’." Ron said still chortling.

Draco growled, "Why are you begging me – you’re the one who wants me to ask."

Ron bit down on Draco’s shoulder and twisted a nipple at the same time as Draco arched up again, "Please – please." Draco said panting again.

"My beautiful’re my boy aren’t you, Draco." Ron said moving back down Draco’s body to kneel between his legs.

'Anyone who, can reach you,
Can love you, or leave you...'

"Yes, love – always yours – forever." Draco said as Ron moved his legs up and open.

"As I am yours, pet – as I am yours." Ron opened the jar and scooped a generous amount out and began to coat his shaft, knowing he might not last long should he leave this for last, just watching Draco like this, so wanton, so open, it was driving him to the brink.

'So be gentle...
So be gentle...'

He kept his eyes on Draco as he did this and watched as Draco’s mouth opened and he licked his lips and started stroking himself and Ron smiled. Then reached out and swat at Draco’s hands and Draco pouted, "Never touch my property without asking." Ron said low and he smiled inwardly seeing Draco tremble at the reprimand.

He liberally coated his thick shaft and then scooped more of the warm gel out and trailed his fingers down his cleft and kept his eyes on Draco, watching his mouth open in a small ‘O’, his head up as if he could see Ron behind the blindfold. He wondered when Draco was going to ask to take it off. He slipped a finger inside of Draco and watched the blond as he moaned and then still watching he added another one and began to move them in and out scissoring them together as he did, Draco dropped his legs and planted them firmly on the bed raising himself slightly so that he could push down on Ron’s fingers. "Ah – patience, pet." Ron said leaning down and kissing his stomach, making Draco shudder.

"I’m ready." Draco said breathlessly.

"Not yet." Ron said and added a third finger. And began thrusting them in and out at a feverous pace as Draco writhed. Then he removed his fingers and Draco groaned with need. Ron leaned back and pushed Draco’s legs up again as he did this he took an opportunity to lean over Draco’s swollen erection and sucked on the head making Draco arch up, a stream of Draco’s come pulsed into his mouth and he licked away the drops that smeared his stomach and then moved away. "See – better than chocolate." Said Ron as Draco moaned.

He took his cock in hand and trailed it down Draco’s cleft and circled it around his opening and Draco moved with it and then growled lightly, "I fucking hate you." He said groaning in frustration.

'So be gentle...
So be gentle...'

"Liar." Ron said and using his other hand he poked his forefinger inside and Draco kicked him in the head, not hard, but still a kick. "Malfoy." Ron said wincing lightly.

"You’re killing me, Ron."

Ron moved his finger and sucked it clean and then guided his cock into the tight ring of muscle and Draco moaned, "Ron, I want to see you, please can I – fuck." He said as Ron stilled, only the head was inside of Draco and Ron was holding his waist, knowing Draco wanted to impale himself. "I want to see you."

'I Bruise Easily, so be gentle when
You handle me, there’s a mark you
Leave, like a love heart carved on a tree...'

Ron just grunted his reply and Draco whipped off the blindfold and then yanked his tie off his neck almost choking himself. As he watched the beautiful red head between his legs struggling for control, his eyes closed, face slightly contorted, biting his lower lip. He knew Ron was teasing too long, because it looked liked he was going to come, he was breathing more shallow now and then he moved further into Draco and Draco’s mouth dropped open as he was almost filled...filled completely with Ron.

'I Bruise Easily, can’t scratch the surface
Without moving me, underneath, I Bruise
Easily, I Bruise Easily...'

Ron rolled his hips lightly, pulled back and then went in further and Draco’s jaw dropped more and he arched as he was finally filled to the hilt and he felt Ron go stock still, he opened his eyes and saw Ron staring at him and then Ron leaned forward so that he was draped over Draco and he wrapped his legs around his waist as Ron rested one hand on either side of Draco, then Draco clenched his muscles around Ron and this time it was Ron’s turn to whimper and tremble and Draco smirked. "Fucker." Ron panted.

"Actually – it’s you." And he clenched again...whimper, "who," clench...tremble, 'is the," clench...moan, "fucker." And he locked his legs to pull him in more and grabbed his arse as Ron growled.

'I Bruise Easily, so be gentle when
You handle me, there’s a mark you
Leave, like a love heart carved on a tree...'

They began their dance as Ron began to thrust, Draco met every one, putting a little snap into it as he pulled Ron closer to his body, so he could feel the sweet friction against his cock as it lay trapped and fit to burst between them, Ron was panting wildly into his ear, making the blond strands fly all around his neck, once in awhile sucking on his neck. Draco was gripping his sides almost painfully as his fingers dug into Ron’s flesh. He smiled at Ron’s mutterings.

"My beautiful dragon, I love you so much."

He moved his hands and gripped Ron’s head pulling him into a searing kiss as Ron began to speed up his climax building, Ron dipped his head down and started whispering to Draco.

"I could fucking stay – fuck – could stay inside you forever, love – yes – want you to come – want you to come on my stomach," Draco was moaning as his eyes rolled up, "want to smooth it into my skin – wish I could bathe in it."

"Fuck!" Draco bellowed as he came, his come coating their bellies; Ron really was brilliant, as his words alone brought Draco to the edge.

And with Draco clenching all around him Ron cried out as he thrust once more and stilled, filling Draco with his seed and then collapsed on the blond as Draco dropped his legs, his arms splaying out to the side. Both of them breathing erratically.

'I Bruise Easily, can’t scratch the surface
Without moving me, underneath, I Bruise
Easily, I Bruise Easily...'

Draco began rubbing Ron’s back soothing him till he started to breathe more calm, relishing the feeling of Ron still pulsing deep inside of him, he could still feel him twitching lightly. Ron finally pulled up and looked down at Draco. Draco smiled and kissed him tenderly. Ron moved back against Draco arching up lightly as his softened cock came free much to Draco’s chagrin and Ron smirked as he moved down Draco’s body, taking a quick stop by his stomach licking away Draco’s release, making Draco whimper.

"Ron, you said I could clean you."

Ron smiled up at him, "Punishment remember?"

"But I’ve been a good boy." Draco said softly, his muscles trembling beneath Ron’s tongue "aren’t I your good boy, Ron?"

Ron smirked, "Yes, you are, Dragon. So, how about a compromise?" Ron moved lower licking a strip along Draco’s flaccid cock.

'I Bruise Easily, can’t scratch the surface
Without moving me, underneath, I Bruise
Easily, I Bruise Easily...'

"Compromise?" Draco said glancing down at Ron as he trailed his nose down Draco’s body, nuzzling along his sac, going lower toward his perineum, pushing his legs up again as he trailed down the cleft, still using his nose as he breathed Draco in deeply. He looked up once more to see Draco gasping for air trying to keep his eyes locked onto Ron’s movement’s, but failing miserably once Ron used his chin to nudge his cheeks apart he licked his now loose entrance, sticking his tongue inside, wiggling his way through as he began sucking all of his seed and that sweet taste of Draco. He began moaning with Draco as they both were enjoying this act, he stopped short just before Draco kicked his foot out, he dodged quickly, as he shook his head smirking at the beautiful boy, then using his nose again to trail up Draco’s body, kissing the blond deeply as he shared the taste of them together.

'I Bruise Easily...'

After thoroughly sharing their combined essence Ron rolled off of the blond and then pulled him into his arms as Draco draped himself over Ron, "I’m sorry you had a bad day." Ron said stroking his back as Draco was drawing lazy circles along Ron’s stomach.

"I had a bad day?" Draco said groggily.

Ron chuckled. "No – guess not."

Draco leaned up and kissed Ron softly and nuzzled his nose, "Love you." He said as he kissed his chest and then scooted in closer so he could rest his head against Ron’s heart; the beating always lolled him into slumber. "Tired." Draco said locking his leg tighter around Ron.

"Sleep love – sleep." Ron said softly and kissed the top of his head and once he heard the soft snores from Draco as he fell into an easy sleep, Ron was not too far behind.

'I Bruise Easily...'  


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