Chapter 2 - Temptation

Zoro lay in the grass and snoozed. The sound of Luffy babbling was quite soothing if he ignored the words. The boy’s excitement was never ending, anything and everything was a great mystery to be solved or a grand adventure to be had. So far this morning he had saved the kid from being stung by a hive of bees (in search of honey), being bitten by a deadly spider (it looked cool) and drowning in the Oasis in three inches of water (fishing, apparently).

Zoro was now taking a nap in the shade of a palm tree in order to get his strength back for what was guaranteed to be an afternoon of similar activities. He had managed to keep the blonde at the back of his mind. Aside from the tantalising glimpses of flesh that he couldn’t avoid – damn harem outfits! – he had kept his eyes and hands to himself. Sanji had made it easier on him. He’d been so busy fawning over the ladies that he’d barely registered the swordsman at all after their first meeting. What he was doing in a harem when he was obviously a womaniser was anyone’s guess. Did he even know what he was here for? Zoro sniggered as he thought of the sweaty, fat noblemen that came to visit. That would be quite a surprise to our refined lady-killer…

“What are you laughing at Zoro?” Luffy asked, pushing up Zoro’s eyelids and peering intently. Zoro came back to reality to find the kid an inch from his face.

“Damn it Luffy, what?”

“You were laughing! I want to know the joke!” Luffy enthused, pushing back his straw hat and waving his arms like mad.

“Well….ah…” How to explain…



“Uh, Luffy that’s your dad, we’d better go.” Zoro got up quickly and strode off leaving the puddle of disappointment behind him.

“But I wanna know…”

The Sultan was in good form today; he wore scarlet from head to toe and was beaming with joy. Zoro was a bit worried, there weren’t many things that got the Sultan this excited and most of them involved effort.

“Zoro, glad to see you are always close!” Not that it mattered, the girls shrieked so loudly he could be in another country and still hear them. “Today I have a special mission for you, I’ve organised some guards to take care of the ladies…” Here goes. Anything but… “and I want you to take Luffy to see someone.” The Sultan’s black eyes twinkled with mischief. He leaned down to speak in confidence, “I think I have an idea. But no more about it… Luffy! Good to see you, boy! I have someone that I want you to meet! Come along!” The Sultan waved them along towards the Palace, Luffy looking bemused and Zoro confused.

As they were dragged up the staircase, Zoro started to get a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. This was very close to… No. He breathed a sigh of relief; they were going in the opposite direction; in fact they were practically on the other side of the Palace.

The Sultan stopped outside an eerily familiar door and put one large hand on Zoro’s shoulder. “You stay here and keep an eye out for anyone. Let them have some privacy, ok?” He winked excessively and then took his son by the hand. Zoro finally cottoned on; the Sultan had some new girl to try on Luffy. Every now and then he got some exotic woman from a far-flung island to see if she could kindle Luffy’s passion. So far nothing had worked. Not even the Amazon women… although the swordsman figured they had to be the closest.

“Son, I’m sorry that I didn’t realise before. Here is someone special that I’d like you to meet, he should be ready by now…” He? No. There’s no way that they could be on the mezzanine whe.. The Sultan rapped on the door once and then before Zoro had the chance to look away, the door was thrown open.

Framed, in perfect silhouette was the most gorgeous body Zoro had ever seen. Slowly, as gauze curtains floated away on the breeze, the figure stepped forwards into the light. His body was swathed with soft cloth that draped and clung to his every curve and line. His muscles were outlined in perfect symmetry, hell he might as well be naked for all the thing left to the imagination. The blonde strode effortlessly forward, leaving steadily more layers of see-through fabric floating behind him. By the time he reached the door, only a few soft bolts around his waist remained and they were pretty much just strands woven together.

Zoro coughed and put his head down so quick he nearly cracked his chin on his chest. Shit. Why did I have to see that?!

While Zoro was struggling to make his body obey him, the Sultan was giving Luffy a short speech about being careful and always having respect for people. Zoro could see the boy nodding profusely from the very corner of his eye. By the time the swordsman had regained his composure, the door had already been closed and he was standing alone on the landing outside Sanji’s room in a cloud of perfume and regret.


Zoro stood on the landing and contemplated life, the universe and everything. On the one hand, he’d had the luck to glimpse Sanji in all his unearthly glory. On the other hand, now he had the image burned into his retinae for all prosperity and every time he closed his eyes he got a hard-on.

Plus there was the added problem that he was now expected to stand outside this door and listen to his best friend get deflowered by the man – no, the body – of his dreams. Great. The swordsman stood awkwardly for a few minutes then decided that there was no point being grumpy and uncomfortable. He sat cross legged outside the door and rested his swords beside him, closed his eyes and tried to ignore the whoops of pleasure issuing from the room behind him.

What was Sanji even doing? No-one’s first time was that good! How had he managed to get Luffy going? Not that he wanted to know… but how?! Suddenly his mind was taken over by possibilities… Maybe Sanji had been trained from birth to give pleasure to men and had learnt all of the arts of seduction and titillation. Maybe he’d just thrown himself wantonly on the bed and begged Luffy to relieve his aching desires. Maybe he was just tickling the kid. He could only hope.

The sound of giggling coming up the corridor was a welcome distraction, until he realised who it was. Nami strode around the corner, arm in arm with first-wife Robin. A trio of nervous looking guards bought up the rear. Robin always had an afternoon stroll, but this was the first time that Zoro had seen her with Nami. If the evil red-head got her claws into the most powerful woman in the Palace then there would be no end to the trouble she could cause. This day just kept getting better.

“Zoro-kun, I noticed my liege relieved you of your duties. Have you come to check on our new delight?” Robin’s eyes twinkled with mischief. The swordsman scrambled to his feet and tried not to scowl at the thought that he might actually care how Sanji was doing.

“I’m just minding Luffy, ok. Idiot can’t even get laid on his own.” He grumbled. Nami took in the door and Zoro and Robin’s comments, then squealed. A dozen hands sprouted over her surprised face and clamped her mouth shut.

“Shhh… Nami-kun, we don’t wish to disturb them,” Robin whispered.

Nami nodded and was hastily released. “Thanks Robin… I just didn’t realise. Do you really think they’ll do it?!” She was practically crawling the walls with excitement.

“Only time will tell.” Robin produced a cryptic smile.

“But you can tell! Why don’t you just take a little look and tell us what is happening..?” Nami fluttered her eyelashes at the taller woman, who beamed down at her and swept off along the corridor. At least she had some sense then.

Zoro resigned himself to his fate and sat back down, the noises in the room had gotten steadily more raucous. Now it sounded like Luffy was riding a rampaging bull through a china shop. More mental images Zoro didn’t need. The swordsman concentrated on blocking out all noise behind him. As long as he had his back to the door and no-one could get in or out, it didn’t matter what Luffy and his damn strumpet got up to. He didn’t care.

Damn it.

He focussed on the sounds of the birds in the garden, the sweet smell of jasmine and perfume hanging in the air…


Luffy’s voice.

In a heartbeat Zoro was through the door, he drew his swords mid air and landed ready and eager to shed blood. The sight that greeted him was not quite the masked assassins that he had been expecting.

A large ball of flesh and rubbery limbs was rolling around on the floor, knocking over 5th century vases and generally causing chaos. The swordsman didn’t know what to do. Were they fighting or was this the way that Luffy… No. That is so wrong. Zoro caught a fleeting glimpse of washboard abs and decided – belatedly – that the polite thing would be to turn away.

“Luffy!” He shouted, by way of acknowledgement and warning.

The mass of limbs careened in a different direction and Zoro was bowled over. His ass hit the floor and he was swept up in an assortment of body parts and hurled across the room. By the time they had finally stopped, Zoro had a face full of gauzy cloth. That must mean his head was in Sanji’s…

“Zoro! You came!” Luffy enthused. Not quite yet, but at this rate… Zoro shifted his weight and tried to get away from the heady scent of perfume mixed with Sanji’s crotch. His body was suddenly yanked away and he found himself on his feet with an eager boy grinning over at him. “Zoro! You have to see this! Sanji is amazing! He’s going to be my friend!!!”

“No, I told you I’m not.” Sanji grumbled and swept a few loose strands of gold from his eyes as he stood up and rearranged what could only be described as a loincloth made of purple haze.

“He’s going to take me to sea and cook for me! He’s a cook, Zoro and he can do this!” Luffy bent over, grabbed one of his own ankles, then stood up and hoisted his rubbery leg over his own shoulder. “Show him Sanji!!!”

The blonde had retreated to the window and was looking out over the gardens with longing. He smiled at the boy and then walked over to him slowly, deliberately raising one smooth gorgeous leg into the air and hoisting it impossibly high before resting it on Luffy’s other shoulder.

“Not my shoulder!” Luffy giggled, completely oblivious to Sanji’s sultry bedroom eyes, which were driving Zoro completely mad. “Isn’t he great!? He’s teaching me how to wrestle!!!”

Well at least that explained that. Sanji lowered his leg slowly and looked at Zoro properly for the first time. His clear blue eyes swept across the swordsman’s bare chest and lingered on his three swords.

“No, I’m not. It’s just hard to..” Sanji started, his words cut off when Luffy launched himself at the blonde again. Zoro side-stepped and they swept past him. Now that he wasn’t afraid to look, he was quite impressed with the blonde’s prowess. Not that he’d admit it. The guy was holding his own against Luffy… Despite the boy’s youth and innocence, he was one of the strongest people Zoro had ever met. And Sanji was half-naked and pinning the wriggling boy to the floor. It was making Zoro really horny in all the wrong ways. He turned to go back to his post outside,

“Zoro! You should stay! I want you and Sanji to be friends. Come and wrestle with us.”

Oh no. No. That was not going to work.

“Uh, the Sultan said that I should…” He mumbled, backing towards the door.

“Come on Zoro…” Luffy gazed with wide innocent eyes, “He’s going to come with us to sea and cook for us and teach us to wrestle. It’ll be so cool!”

“I told you, I’m not!” Sanji snapped. Luffy ignored him.

“I… uh… wouldn’t want to hurt him. I have to take my work seriously.” Zoro avoided looking at either of them, suddenly all he could see was the bare sole of a foot hovering millimetres from his nose. He stepped back - wouldn’t do to hurt the merchandise – and waited for Luffy to dismiss him.

Sanji took one step closer, his foot wriggling under Zoro’s chin and putting just enough pressure on his windpipe to make it hard to breathe.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY?” Hissed the blonde.

“Yay! You’re going to wrestle after all!!!” Luffy clapped in delight.

“No I’m not!” The two angry men shouted in unison.

While Luffy was rolling on the floor laughing, Zoro took his chance to escape. He slammed the door shut behind him and slid slowly down in a crumpled heap, his body quivering with a hunger that burned like fire in the places where Sanji’s body had pressed against him.


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