Chapter 9 - Confidence

It was just after midnight and the only sounds that Zoro could hear were the crickets and his beating heart. Despite being under dressed the swordsman did not feel the cold, his bare skin was warmed by the training that kept him awake. It had been worth it, this late night stake out.

The cook’s breath was spiced with smoke and his lips were warm and sweet. Sanji’s body swayed into the swordsman, who instinctively wrapped his arms around the lithe frame. Zoro buried one hand in Sanji’s golden fringe and tilted his chin into the kiss. He could taste the tears melting between them.

Sanji’s tears.

The cook slowly leant back, his hair slipping from the swordsman’s fingers. He peered deep into Zoro’s eyes but made no move to pull his body away. Because of all that kicking and twisting the cook’s body was hard and defined, his hipbones biting the swordsman’s stomach. Sanji was the same height as he was, but his legs were so much longer… Zoro could still feel the heat of his lean muscle pressing against him from the waist down. His breath faltered as Sanji shifted his weight and then grinned. It was more a twitch of the lip and a flicker in his steady stare - but it was there.

“You’re a nosy asshole,” the cook said.

“You said that,” Zoro nodded.

“And a shitty bastard,” Sanji glared.

“Yep, that too.” Zoro confirmed.

“I don’t need your help,” Sanji stated, finally starting to relax again into Zoro’s arms.

“I know.” Zoro grinned. He traced his fingers slowly up the cook’s back from his waist.

Sanji began to pull away and took a breath to speak. Zoro stopped him, nibbling his lower lip and gazing into his single grumpy eye. Zoro kissed him deeply despite his feigned struggles, finally letting him lean back and whispering gently into the cook’s ear,

“Do you ever shut up?”

Sanji scowled and pulled a face, “You piss me off.” He said.

“Well then, do something about it,” Zoro mumbled into the soft gold hair. It tickled his nose and smelled like cinnamon and smoke. He could feel Sanji’s body stiffen as his words sunk in.

“You’re trying to rile me up!” The cook exclaimed.

“Yep,” Zoro huffed warmly into his ear.

“You want me to kick your ass?”

“Nope.” Zoro nuzzled closer.

“Then what?” Sanji squirmed around to get the swordsman in view. One critical sky-blue eye pierced Zoro’s lethargic grin. He wanted the cook to take control; he had always been at people’s sexual beck and call. Zoro didn’t want Sanji the whore, he wanted Sanji the MAN, but telling him that would kind of defeat the purpose. It was going to be Sanji’s choice or not at all.

“You figure it out.” The swordsman said.

Sanji looked at him, blinking in the low light. Gradually, awareness dawned on the cook’s face. “You don’t want to say that Zoro; better men than you have tried to keep up with me and ended up broken and pathetic shells of their former selves,” Sanji finessed.

The swordsman just grinned wickedly, “Better men? I doubt it.”

“Zoro, Zoro, Zoro… you really are a brave stupid man, ne?” Sanji shook his head sadly.

Zoro stared at him with a gaze that knew neither fear nor reason, “I’m not stupid,” he said.

“Ok then…” Sanji replied, sizing the swordsman up. The cook let the moment hang in the air.

He didn’t really know what Zoro was trying to do, goading him and harassing him. The swordsman was waiting, almost hovering. His expression was open, but there was a certain impatience in the way he rocked gently on the balls of his feet.

Sanji wanted desperately to play. He needed to just take a minute out and forget his shitty life. After everything that he had been through recently, he deserved to have a little fun. Heck, he had earned it. It was time to take a break from stressing out and over-thinking everything and just live for a minute!

“Come here.” Sanji said. He was firm but he didn’t shout. Testing the waters ever so slightly…

Zoro stepped forward into the moonlight, his dark skin finally starting to ripple with goose-bumps. The swordsman didn’t say a word; he just stepped forward. His face was like a mask but Sanji swore he could see a flicker of lust in Zoro’s dark eyes. Maybe it was barely contained fury at the indignity he was suffering.

Oh well, either way was fine.

“Kneel down.” Sanji said, his voice slow and level in order to make it sound as reasonable as possible. Zoro sunk slowly to his knees, his eyes never leaving the cook’s.

Sanji couldn’t believe that he was still intact. And Zoro wasn’t even arguing. It was time to see how far he could really push this thing…

“Come forward…” Sanji gestured for the swordsman to come closer, he waited until Zoro was only a few inches away and put his palm up to make him stop. He could feel his heart thumping in his chest. He felt like he suddenly understood the sensation of having a tiger by the tail.

“Now… kiss my feet,” Sanji said.

Zoro blinked up at him with a look of pure boredom.

“Ok, ok…” the cook said nervously, “well… take my pants off.” His voice trailed off into a rather un-masculine squeak but he didn’t care. His whole body tensed, he didn’t know what Zoro was going to do but what he actually did was definitely the last thing the cook expected.

Zoro just leaned forwards and began to remove the bolts of fabric that kept the damp night air from Sanji’s sensitive skin.

He drew a sharp breath as Zoro’s cold hands brushed against his stomach. Zoro unhitched the intricate web of fabric and let it fall to the ground along with the cook’s trousers, then he looked up with a placid expression that was completely unreadable.

Sanji felt pretty naked with moonlight shining off his ass, but that thought was very short lived…Suddenly the cook knew exactly what he wanted more than anything., “Suck my cock.” He said.

For a second it felt like those words were the only sound in the whole world. The corner of Zoro’s mouth twitched but he still didn’t talk, he just leaned forwards and took Sanji’s swelling cock into his mouth. He was gentle at first, his mouth was warm in the cool night and he moved his tongue in a way that made Sanji a little dizzy. It felt so surreal to be here in the stillness of night being taken to the next level of ecstasy.

Finally the swordsman broke the spell of silence with a guttural moan, he raised a calloused hand and drew the cook closer. He swayed his hips into the swordsman’s sweet hot mouth. He pressed deep and felt lips drawn tight, pulling him into the aching heat.

Sanji lost track of time as the swordsman’s head bobbed up and down. Every time he swallowed hard, Sanji’s vision disappeared in a burst of white. Zoro’s hot breath made his cock tingle as he traced Sanji’s tip with his tongue, with a practiced flick he swallowed the cook again, every tiny sensation amplified by the wet heat of his rough tongue. The cook thrust deep against the aching perfection of Zoro’s lips, gasping and moaning. Sanji’s body shook as he came, Zoro swallowing him hard and making him cry out in animal satisfaction.

When Sanji finally came back down to earth, Zoro’s hands were trailing up between his legs. This was going to get too hot a lot too quickly if he didn’t do something now.

“Stand up,” Sanji said.

“Why?” Zoro complained, his fingers gently probing. He seemed perfectly content right where he was. The cook was not.

“We can’t do this out here!” Sanji said, gesturing widely out across the open gardens. It wasn’t exactly private.

“You still have your knob out.” Zoro said, slightly off-topic.

“Are you doing what I say or what?!” The cook demanded of the swordsman’s back as he strode away towards the wing of the palace that held the cook’s room.

Sanji followed quickly after him, catching up and striding past Zoro to lead the way. He opened the many doors that lead from the courtyard to his room, only stopping to scruff Zoro occasionally to stop him from getting lost. Finally he shoved the swordsman through his door.

Zoro looked at him with an unnerving clear gaze.

“Well then?” He asked.

Sanji kicked off his shoes and closed the door behind him. He walked around, using his matches to light a candle here and there. Finally, he turned on the waiting swordsman. In the few minutes it had taken him to get ready, Zoro had fallen asleep on the bed. Typical.

Sanji moved stealthily forward until he was directly above Zoro, he leaned forward and started to undo the drawstring on Zoro’s pants. A strong hand snapped up and grabbed him by the wrist,

“What you doing ero-cook?” Zoro asked.

“Let go.” Sanji replied, putting his weight into his front foot to press down on the swordsman. Zoro’s grip relaxed and the cook pushed off him to break away.

“Put your arms above your head,” Sanji said.

Zoro’s eyebrows crept together but he slowly raised his arms, his muscles rippling in the flickering light. Sanji climbed onto the bed and straddled the swordsman, smiling to himself when he felt Zoro’s hard-on pressing back against him.

“Now…” The cook said, one finger lazily trailing across Zoro’s chest, “stay perfectly still…”

The cook bent over, letting his lips graze Zoro’s hard brown nipple. He could taste the salt of fresh sweat on hot skin. He ground his hips down, enjoying the hiss that he drew from the swordsman. He slid one hand between their bodies and pulled the drawstring free again.

“I didn’t say you could get dressed again.” Sanji said, biting down on Zoro’s chest. He sucked at the skin, leaving red roses in Zoro’s dark skin. Love bites, big ones.

The strong body below him was tense, Zoro had stopped moving completely and the cook could just hear his slow, but slightly ragged breathing. The cook slipped one hand underneath the swordsman’s waistband and drew the fabric back to reveal Zoro’s cock. He pulled the rough fabric free, prodding Zoro to raise his hips by squeezing his ass. The muscles tensed in his hands and it made the blood rush to his groin.

“Zoro, roll over.” He said.

The swordsman turned and revealed his perfect ass as the cook finally freed him of his pants. Sanji kissed Zoro’s perfect cheeks one by one, tracing the dimples in the muscle with his tongue. He really did have the hottest body Sanji had ever had the pleasure of touching up...

Sanji kissed his way slowly up the swordsman’s back, pressing their bodies together. When his cock nestled perfectly between those firm globes he suddenly felt hopelessly over dressed.

He lifted his body from the swordsman and whispered in his ear, “Turn again.”

As soon as Zoro had moved, Sanji climbed on top of him again, his fingers fumbling to undo the (now tangled) layers of fabric. Once it was finally unwrapped he threw it in a corner and started on the buckle on his belt. Zoro’s hands touched his and took over, triumphing over button and buckle alike in seconds and urging Sanji to stand with a guiding hand.

Sanji stood up and dropped his pants and then flicked them with a delicate kick onto a nearby chair. Zoro sat up and grinned at him, his features flickering in the candle light.

“Lay back down moss-head,” Sanji said, stepping forward and putting a firm foot on Zoro’s chest. He pushed the impudent swordsman back, sending him sprawling up the bed. Zoro lounged, one hand lazily stroking his cock like he was just drying the dishes.

“Don’t give me that sassy look.” Sanji said, crawling up the bed.

He let his lips trail up the swordsman’s thigh, Zoro moaned softly when he hovered so close, puffs of hot breath caressing him. Sanji felt the heat of the swordsman’s body, he sprawled on top of the sexy chunk of muscle and tried to get comfortable, but there was a large obstacle in his way: Zoro’s cock kept digging into his stomach, twitching when he pressed against it. The friction of their bodies rubbing together was making Sanji’s body ache. He ran his hand through Zoro’s mossy pubes and squeezed him firmly. The swordsman moaned and arched his back, struggling for more sensation.

“Stay still!” Sanji growled, using his legs to trap the bigger man.

“I can’t,” Zoro huffed in his ear, bucking his hips violently against Sanji’s grip as if to prove the point.

Sanji kept stroking, firm and even, “Stay still, Marimo…” Despite his warning, Zoro groaned and squirmed.

“Stop fucking rubbing me like that and I’ll stop moving,” the swordsman growled low and lusty and the heat between Sanji’s legs became almost painful.

The cook lifted his hands from the swordsman’s weeping cock and lowered his body down. He settled with Zoro’s hard-on pressing into his ass. The swordsman kissed him passionately, biting Sanji’s lips and pulled the cook closer, as hard and as close as he could. The blonde could feel Zoro's cock rubbing between his legs, he kissed Zoro back just as fiercely and angled his hips. He groaned as Zoro slid inside him, filling him with heat and lust. The friction between their bodies was intense, Zoro’s knuckles were white as he pulled the cook down. They fit together perfectly.

The first rush of hormones and pure lust was incredible. Sanji had to be careful to take it slowly. The blonde started gently, rocking and feeling the solid weight inside him. He moaned as his body got used to Zoro's size, the swordsman made his eyes water the first time but he loved it so much. As long as he took it gently to start with... he slid across the swordsman's stomach and bit his lip when the pleasure got too much.

Sanji reared up, taking the swordsman deep. He controlled the angle and guided the swordsman’s brute force inside him. He could barely control the wild bucking strength; he used his legs to keep Zoro in place as he rode his hard body to the limit. He could feel the powerful muscles working as the powerful thrusts tore his body in two. He slammed himself down, his gasps getting lost in Zoro’s screams and their sweat running together.

Sanji struggled to keep control, pushing Zoro’s hands back above his head and holding him there. He used the force to drive even harder into Zoro’s chiselled body. Heat rose in waves from between his legs as he felt Zoro hit home. The swordsman was so big, every tiny movement made his body burn with raw passion and he gasped as Zoro pulled him down. Their bodies ground together and Zoro kissed his slick skin, holding the cook as he bucked wildly.

“ZORO! FUCK!” Sanji shouted, digging his fingernails into the swordsman’s shoulders and climbing his body to force Zoro deeper. The blonde’s vision blurred as he gasped and screamed, his body convulsing in waves of pleasure.

Zoro took control.

He could feel the sticky heat of the cook’s orgasm between them, making Sanji slide fast above him. He could hear the blonde gasping his name when he slammed their bodies together and the feeling of Sanji’s muscles pulling tight as he came was pure heaven.

Zoro flipped the cook onto his back in one fluid motion, then buried himself deep in his tight heat. The perfect, lithe body writhed underneath him as Sanji panted to catch his breath. He could see both the cook's unfocussed eyes as his body trembled with the aftershocks of his climax. The swordsman kissed Sanji’s soft lips and let himself go, burying his face in soft blonde hair and coming hard to the sound of moaning and gasping in his ear.


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