The Mystery Machine was empty, save for two half-naked bodies of Fred Jones and Norville 'Shaggy' Rogers. They were laying, or (to be more precise) sliding against each other while on a thick blanket. The warm surface tickled Shaggy's back, while Fred's was subjected to the cool evening air.

A slim hand grasped at a broad shoulder when their shafts, still trapped in clothing, touched and rubbed together, sparks of pleasure swimming through their veins.

A harder thrust and a strangled gasp fell from Shaggy's mouth. Freddy grinned, and swooped down to capture those lips, sucking on them as he pushed his tongue inside. It was welcomed wetly, heatedly, eagerly. Pulled deeper inside to twine with another, to twist and twirl together.

At the same time, Shaggy's hand grabbed between them, yanking first Freddy's, then his own fly open. He fumbled for a few moments before he managed to push both pairs of pants low enough for their cocks to be able to slip free on their own with minimum work. Then he moved – with a firm thrust he pressed their groins together, grounding them against each other. Fred answered in kind, grabbing the other's hips tightly and pulling himself even closer.

Due to the harsh movements, their pants slowly rode down, the sensation of material nearly scraping over their most sensitive skin maddening. It took some time, but finally their shafts were freed of their prisons – they sprung to life, and pressed together, the tips touching in what could almost be a kiss.

The two men groaned, and continued thrusting against each other. Their lips barely parted, even when they drew in gasping breaths, gulping in precious oxygen before deepening the kiss again. They pulled and pressed against each other, bodies slick with sweat, the scent of their combined musk filling the back of the van. They rubbed and slid against heated skin, and the quivering muscles hidden underneath. Their hands danced across sensitive skin, over broad shoulder and a slim chest. Nipples were tweaked with one hand, a different one scratching the skin over a shoulder blade nearly raw.

With a semi-loud cry, Shaggy's back arched sharply, long fingers digging almost to the point of pain into the other's skin. Freddy clenched his teeth when he felt the other's organ twitch and spill between them, the warm fluid itching slightly against over-heated skin.

It didn't take long for him to come also, his larger body curling around the panting frame under him. Still twitching, he lowered himself so that he lay half on and half off the other man, wrapping a tired arm across the slim waist.

They calmed down in silence, exchanging an occasional kiss to either lips or still flushed skin.

Suddenly, Shaggy's head snapped up, wide eyes moving to the window. “What was that?!”

Freddy groaned quietly. “Shaggy, it's nothing. Besides, you just came, you don't have the energy to be scared.”

“I don't?” Slight confusion.

“Nope, not in the least.” A decisive answer.

Shaggy shrugged, then relaxed back against the blanket. “...wanna, like, take a nap?”

“You read my mind.” A slow kiss.


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