Reviews for House of a Thousand Chases



I absolutely love all your fics. I was never a huge fan of Jack / Spicer (or even Xiolin Showdown for that matter) but reading your fanfictions make me wish I had paid a lot more attention to the show.

From what little I remember of the cartoons, you've got their personalities spot on. No one acted out of character but I especially appreciate what you've done with Jack. He's much more competent than he was at his younger age and you've blossomed him into a mature and independent young man.

You're gonna hate me for saying this but I almost wish the alternate evil Chase got away with it. Yes, I love this reality's Chase too but the other one seemed to appreciate Jack more. (You never know what you have until it's gone and all that). Anyway, I enjoyed reading this story as much as the others and I really hope you are hit with a bolt of inspiration and write some more.



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