In Dreams

Chapter 15


“Oi, get out of here. Last time I burnt the god damn roast-“

“No one even noticed.”

“That’s not the point asshole. You’d kick my ass if I tried to interrupt your training-“

“Like you did this morning?” Zoro’s body was flush with his lover’s backside, his arms wrapped around that thin waist, his chin resting in the crook of Sanji’s neck.

“You just walk out there in nothing but your fucking pants, the ones that barely cover your ass ‘cuz you’re too god damn skinny, rub yourself all over me-“

“I did not rub myself all over you, that’s disgusting-"

“Ch. You got me all riled up, in the middle of training, just before everyone was supposed to wake up then get pissed because Nami came out earlier than you expected-“

“I wouldn’t want my precious Nami-swan to have to witness a brute like you trying to molest me. I’m supposed to be a beacon of manliness for her and Robiiiin aah aah stop it STOP GET YOUR HANDS OUT OF THERE oh oh there yeah there mmm yes riiiight there-“

Zoro felt his lover’s body melt against him while at the same time his expert hands worked Sanji’s manhood into hardness. But Sanji wasn’t going to give in that easily, he never did.

Stingy was a word that often came to Zoro’s mind.

Sanji shook his head to clear it, then relinquished his cooking tools in favor of prying those oh so talented hands away from his nether regions and out of his pants. Then he shoved Zoro back and quickly arranged himself.

“Get OUT of my kitchen you freaking pervert. Dinner will be ready in an hour and you know Luffy likes to try and sneak in here before to filch snacks-“

“So what? He should know better by now, and if he doesn’t, let him watch. Kids gotta learn about the birds and the bees somehow OOF-“

A well aimed kick to the stomach sent the swordsman hurtling backwards and out the kitchen door. Sanji harrumphed and continued his previous task.

A winded Zoro looked up at the bright blue sky from his back. Then his view was obstructed by the head of his captain.

“Trying to wrestle with Sanji in the kitchen again? Why do you keep losing? Maa, my first mate can’t be this weak. Maybe I should make Sanji my first mate instead.”

“It’s a different kind of battle Luffy. You’ll understand when you’re older.” Zoro sat up and rubbed at his slightly bruised mid section. “Actually, maybe you won’t. That stingy asshole.”

“Sanji must be really modest.”

“Huh? That bastard?”

Luffy nodded seriously. “When I ask him about your wrestling matches, he never wants to talk about it and always changes the subject.”

“Wrestling huh… I guess he’s a private kinda guy.”

Luffy nodded in agreement. “Maa!”

The click of heels on the deck alerted Zoro and his captain to Nami’s presence. Zoro skin crawled at the smile on her face.

“Well, you two can have your private wrestling matches all you want tonight. You and Sanji have first watch over the ship when we reach the island.”

“Since when the hell do we have two people on watch?” The swordsman said indignantly.

Nami raised her eyebrow. “It’s a new rule I just came up with, and Luffy agrees with me, don’t you?”

The captain of the Straw Hat pirates smiled and nodded his head vigorously.

“One would think, Zoro, that you would be the last person to argue.”

“Does that moody bastard know about this?”

Nami’s smile grew even bigger.

“Not yet. I was just about to go tell him. Unless you would like to do the honors.”

Zoro muttered something about needing to train and retreated to the other side of the ship until dinner.

Sanji shot him dirty looks the entire time. He wolfed down his meal quickly and was about to disappear again when Nami cleared her throat officially and stood up at the table.

“As you all know, we’ve decided to instate a new rule. When docked at an inhabited island, at least two people at all times will keep watch on the ship. Shifts will be four hours long, except for over night shifts, which will be eight hours long blah blah blah-…“ Was all Zoro continued to hear. An idea was starting to form in his head, and he couldn’t afford to register any other information at the moment.

Finally they had docked at their intended destination and everyone disappeared to go explore the little port town with disturbing quickness.

/Well, so much for discretion./ Zoro thought. /At least they’re trying to accommodate us./

Sanji had yet to notice anything unusual. He was busy preparing ingredients for tomorrow when Zoro walked into the kitchen again. The cook turned around to order the swordsman out, but stopped when he laid eyes on the other man.

Something was different. Sanji didn’t know why, but suddenly his hands were trembling and a surge of emotion roiled through his entire being.

Zoro didn’t say anything at all. He simply walked up to Sanji, gazing into those eyes he knew so well, and leaned forward, placing a kiss on the cook’s forehead. He made no contact besides that, and with a strong, lingering gaze, turned around and walked back out of the kitchen.

Sanji was frozen up until the moment Zoro closed the door behind him. His knife clattered to the floor noisily, and he gripped the sink to keep himself from falling to the floor.

/What… is he thinking…/

His throat was thick with emotion. He took a deep breath and gave himself a moment before he tore off his apron and burst through the kitchen door. He would have kicked down the door to the boy’s bunk but a flash through his mind- a memory- a whirl of color-

He was just about to reach the sitting room where everyone gathered before afternoon lunch when he stopped himself after seeing his reflection in some glass.

His hair was disheveled, most of his clothes un-tucked and he had grass and leaves all over himself. This would not do.

His heart thumped loudly and he stopped himself, catching his breath. Slowly, his trembling hand reached for the door and opened it. A warm glow greeted him- candles- and Zoro standing next to the desk, one arm down to his side, the other resting behind the small of his back. The posture brought a strong image to Sanji’s mind and, for a moment, he didn’t see the Zoro there, but a Zoro from another place and time.

Sanji stepped in slowly. He wasn’t thinking, just reacting. He knew that if he gave himself time to think, he wouldn’t be able to go on. He could be mistaken, he could have misread Zoro’s intention, but he refused to let those possibilities truly occur to him.

The point at which the idea came to Zoro didn’t give him much time to linger about the emotional repercussions of it. He wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, but it was certainly a tempting one.

Sanji wasn’t the only one who had to struggle to make it through the grief and loss of that dream life. Zoro had simply forced himself to face reality sooner. But it had disturbed and altered him just as much as it had his lover.

It was insensitive to proceed with the idea without consulting Sanji about it first, but he had never been a sensitive guy, and he couldn’t stop himself once it possessed him. He had thought momentarily that he had made a horrible mistake when he closed the kitchen door behind him, but he forced himself to carry it out. He would know soon enough whether it was folly or not.

Sanji stepped through the door, and Zoro turned around slowly. It wouldn’t help his plan to give Sanji the opportunity to back out, so Zoro let himself be immersed in memory without hesitation. It was so incredibly easy to act out something he had never truly experienced, just as he always knew it would be. He could tell Sanji was still battling. He was unsure and torn and sad and grieving, all those things Zoro knew he would be. But tonight was about that and more, so he gave a reassuring smile, held out his hand to his lover and said, “Monsieur…”

Sanji’s breath hitched in his chest and he closed his eyes against it.

/Is this okay? Can I do this? What the hell AM I doing? What is this guy thinking-/

A suddenly there were warms hands cupping his face and hot breath against his mouth.

“Do not fight this… I need you, and you need this.”

Sanji still refused to open his eyes. “You are the one who said-“

“I am well aware of what was said, monsieur-“

“Stop that-“

“And I am also well aware that this is an opportunity I cannot and
will not afford to waste.”

Warm lips on his own and Sanji couldn’t argue anymore. He had plenty of time to do that later. He surged forward, never breaking the kiss and pressed every inch of his body onto the man before him, wrapping his arms around him, never intending to let go.

Zoro held them steady and slowly, leisurely, kissed his lover. He was lulling, coaxing the other man back into that time and place.

“Zoro…” Sanji said, his voice trembling. “Mon dieu, mon amant-“

Words that Sanji wouldn’t know the meaning to in the morning fell from his murmuring lips and Zoro swallowed them hungrily. Suddenly the chef was pulling at the other man’s clothing, searching for buttons that weren’t there; peeling at layers he was so used to removing. It was confusing him and Zoro quickly saw the danger of Sanji losing confidence.

“Shhh.” He held Sanji’s roaming hands firmly in his own. “Let me.”

He placed hot, wet kisses to Sanji’s neck and made quick work of the blond man’s buttoned shirt. He bent down and trailed kisses up Sanji’s hard belly, at the same time pulling off his own white shirt and tossing it away. Sanji’s hands reached greedily for Zoro’s torso, finding nothing to obstruct or distract him. This was familiar and warm and hard and Sanji wanted to disappear underneath the other man’s skin.

Soon there was no fabric between them at all and they were kissing hard and passionately. Sanji couldn’t be close enough to the other man, couldn’t get enough of feeling Zoro’s rough skin, he nearly tripped trying to wrap both legs around the swordsman while standing up. So Zoro simply lifted the chef into his arms and let those long gorgeous legs wrap around his waist while Sanji rocked his body into the swordsman.

Zoro had scrounged up every single blanket and piece of padding on the entire ship and made a modest pallet for them beforehand. It was nothing to the feather beds and silk blankets of Versailles, but Zoro didn’t care if he was sleeping in same mud as the pigs, as long as Sanji was there. He carried his lover to the pallet and gently laid him down.

“Zoro-“ Sanji began. His voice was thick with unspoken sadness and desire. He couldn’t bring himself to say anything beyond that, and he gladly gave himself over to pleasure as the swordsman ran his rough and calloused hands up the length of his body.

Zoro didn’t need to say anything. His strong and understanding gaze was enough to pacify Sanji’s insecurities. He kissed every inch of that alabaster skin, rememorizing the taste and smell and feel of it. He hungrily devoured Sanji’s rigid member and moaned deeply when the chef cried out.

Sanji’s whole body arched toward Zoro’s mouth, remembering what it had been like the first time, as if it was the first time. His hands tightly gripped the silk sheets beneath him, his head thrashing against the feather pillow.

Zoro coaxed Sanji’s hips up and down, encouraging the other man in and out of his hot, wet mouth. His tongue slid reverently up and down Sanji’s hard cock, begging to taste the man.

“Aaah Zoro!” Sanji sobbed and he came quickly and hard, his hot essence spilling down the swordsman’s throat, which he swallowed gratefully.

Zoro’s mouth remained wrapped around Sanji’s member as it softened, and he continued to make swallowing movements, causing his lover to shudder underneath him. Then he relented and Sanji quickly met Zoro’s mouth in an apologetic kiss. He could taste himself in Zoro’s mouth.

After a moment he composed himself, and realized with horror that he had just… in Zoro’s mouth he had just-

Zoro’s alarm grew as the look on Sanji’s face grew to be something near terror, disgust and embarrassment.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t help myself- I didn’t mean to… not in your… I didn’t-“

“Oh. Ah hah… that’s not… abnormal in er… such… cases.” Zoro said, for once he was the one reddening. “Some don’t like it, but it’s a matter of personal preference. Some ah… pull out before, some just spit it out, some swallow.”

Sanji looked shocked. “Oh. And you… swallow?”

Zoro scratched his head. “Not usually, but I… well, in my experience, mostly I’m the one… receiving that. I don’t have much occasion to offer the service to anyone else, I tend to… be the one in charge. But I don’t mind it.” He grinned at Sanji. “You taste good.”

The memory brought heat to Sanji’s cheeks, and he felt himself beginning to recover as his blood quickened again. Zoro pulled Sanji into his lap so that the chef was straddling the swordsman. His mouth wandered his lover’s chest, stopping only to nip at and suckle the cherry red nubs that he secretly found endearing. Sanji moaned as every movement of Zoro’s tongue and teeth sent arrows of heat and sensation straight to his groin. The chef’s wantonness only increased as Zoro kneaded Sanji’s round ass, indulging in the control he momentarily exercised over the helpless man.

Sanji’s fingers dug painfully into Zoro’s shoulders as the swordsman gently brushed his fingers over his lover’s cleft.

“Mon ange…” He murmured deeply. “Let me…”

“Yes.” Sanji hissed.

A quick movement and Zoro reached to his left, grabbing from the small table beside the grand bed, a small container that had been just out of Sanji’s sight. The soft glow of the candles was very faint and illuminated only enough to clearly see each other.

“Kiss me.” Zoro commanded gently. Sanji obeyed and kissed Zoro, ignoring the slight sting caused by one probing, wet finger. Never breaking the kiss, Sanji slowly and leisurely impaled himself on that one curling finger. His hips jerked slightly and he gasped when Zoro found that spot inside of him that made his head fall back and his body arch obscenely before the swordsman.

Zoro quickly but gently added another finger, spurring Sanji’s behavior on. There was a blush on his face, his eyes were squeezed shut, his face in pure ecstasy and his body rode waves of pleasure on only Zoro’s command. Zoro added another finger and began thrusting in response to Sanji’s thrusting. He could have watched the scene all night and been satisfied. He leaned forward and licked a trail from the chef’s belly button to his Adam’s apple, then used his other free hand to grip Sanji’s now rigid erection and pump it quickly.

Sanji’s eyes snapped open and he cried out, suddenly leaning forward and pushing the swordsman away from him.


“No.” He said, panting. He shook his head to clear it. His eyes were glazed with lust and love and his voice was husky. “I want you inside of me.” He reached for the small container and quickly scooped out some of the slippery liquid and slathered it on Zoro’s neglected member. Zoro’s body surged forward and he moaned as he thoroughly coated the rigid shaft. Sanji was hungry for it in more ways than one, but focused on just one of those ways. He crawled forward just a bit and positioned himself just over Zoro’s erection.

Zoro was panting and seemed to be struggling with his loss of control over the situation. But Sanji didn’t give him the chance to gain control again. Slowly he lowered himself onto his lovers waiting cock, moaning in half pain and pleasure as he impaled himself.

Zoro tried to control his breathing and remember his training. Sanji took all of Zoro in and was about to raise himself up again but Zoro’s iron grip on his hips wouldn’t allow it. Zoro shifted his hips and Sanji lost himself as that spot inside of him was again abused. He fell forward with only his arms to catch himself from falling into Zoro, just as Zoro had hoped he would. The swordsman rolled them over, much to Sanji’s surprise, and without warning began thrusting in and out of his lover quickly but gently, aiming for that sweet spot that sent fire through his lover’s veins every time.

Sanji mewled and moaned and cried out. In the back of his mind he was indignant that Zoro had foiled his attempt at control, but his body was reveling in the almost sinful pleasure of it. He surrendered and Zoro tested the limits of his flexibility, forcing Sanji’s knees back into his chest, bending the man underneath him in half as he thrust his hard shaft into that tight, hot entrance.

“I…” Zoro panted, “…will give to you all that I can tonight. Do nothing for me Sanji du Cuire…” Sanji’s eyes widened. “…for I neither deserve nor can accept it.”

Sanji wrapped his arms around Zoro and buried his head in his neck. “Zoro!” He whimpered as he finally let the tears of pleasure and pain and sadness overwhelm him. Zoro held him close and thrust into him, aiming and hitting that spot so hard and fast that soon Sanji came hard again on Zoro’s chest, and Zoro tumbled over the edge of abyss as Sanji’s body convulsed and squeezed the last vestiges of strength and awareness out of the swordsman.

Unconsciousness didn’t take him long, and he awoke to find his lover crying silent tears into his neck.


“Shh.” Zoro silenced him. “You can question for an eternity and all you’ll have done is waste a lifetime.”

Sanji nodded and Zoro kissed away the tears. They made love until day break, when they fell asleep in the huge, silk sheeted bed of their dreams. They slept undisturbed until the afternoon, when they awoke on the rough pallet on the boys bunk floor.

They gazed at each other before Sanji quickly kissed the swordsman.

“You think anyone is out there?”

“Dunno. I’ll clean up in here. You go check.”

Sanji quickly pulled on his pants and buttoned up his shirt most of the way. Nami and Robin were in the kitchen, talking quietly when Sanji walked in.

“Good afternoon, Cook-san.”

He blushed. “G-good afternoon, Mademoi-I mean, Robin-chwan. Are my beautiful ladies hungry this morning?” His throat was raw.

“We ate in town, but thanks.” Nami said sweetly.

Sanji nodded and insisted that they let him know if they needed anything, then retreated back to the room where Zoro was finishing folding the blankets and had finally put his clothes on.

“Oi, shitty cook-“

But Sanji kissed him one last time before he could finish.

Then he backed away, took a deep breath, put his hand on his hip and said, “What the hell do you want?”

Zoro was only stunned for a moment. He couldn’t help but betray a warm smile before clearing his throat and saying, “I’m god damn hungry. Do your damn job and cook something.”

Zoro chuckled as he picked himself up off the deck and rubbed himself in the mid section. “Sacre bleu.” He mumbled. “I’m not fixing that god damn door!” He shouted loudly.


Chapter 14 ~~~~~~~~ Back to Zoro/Sanji ~~~~~~~~                  



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