Little Red

Chapter 4

Alex’s bedroom was warm and dim, lit only by the haze penetrating the thin curtains. Neither of them reached for the light switch. Red had left a trail of clothes across the floor of the living room and now he simply climbed into the wrought iron-framed bed and sat cross legged on the mattress, the bedclothes pushed down past his feet. It surprised him a little that Alex was looking nervous at the prospect of stripping, since Red had seen him naked that morning, and he had only pulled his pants back up long enough to walk across the living room, but he flushed and looked all shy as he hung up his bathrobe and took the pants off entirely.

“Y’ okay?”

“Yeah, it,” he looked over at Red, looked him up and down and smiled. “It’s been a long time, you know?”

Red laughed. “Making up for it now, right?”

Alex gave him that gorgeous smile again, walked over to the bed, and Red lay back against the pillows. Given the moment of shyness, he was a little startled when, instead of climbing in next to him, Alex got directly on top of him. Pleasant surprise though, big, hairy body on elbows and knees above him, giving off warmth like a radiator. Sweet, deep kisses, and he slid his arms around Alex’s chest and rolled them onto their sides.

“So…mmph…what d’you wanna do?”

“What d’you wanna do?” Smile against his lips.

“Heh. Fuck me?”

“Sure you’re okay? Are you sore?”

“Little. Don’t worry, it’ll be okay.”

Alex drew back from him a little and studied his face. He looked wary and a little nervous.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just…are you sure? I mean, it was me. That…last night-“

“I know, I know. It’s okay. Well, not precisely okay. But, you know, no hard feelings.” He reached out and ran his fingers through the thick patch of hair on Alex’s chest.

“Not exactly no hard…you know what? That was almost really bad.”

Red snorted and pulled him close to kiss him again. “Fuck me. Say ‘Okay’”




“That’s the ticket. Got slick?”

Alex turned to get a little plastic bottle from the nightstand, twisted it open and wedged it into a loop of the metal headboard.

“That’s a practiced move,” Red noted. “Porn stash under the bed?”

“Yeah. Nothing like the real thing,” Alex replied happily, and grabbed Red’s hips, holding him tight against his own abdomen and rolling onto his back so that Red was on top, straddling him.

“That okay?”

“Just dandy,” Red replied, leaning down to kiss him some more. Alex looked a little wary again. If he needed Red to be on top of him so he could feel he wasn’t a threat, fine. Red licked his tongue and felt him relax a little. Felt Alex’s big hands slid down his back to cup his buttocks and gently finger his asshole. He sighed and kissed and tried not to shiver too much.

Big arm wrapped around his waist again, squeezing him close and crushing their dicks together, folding him up until his knees creaked. Held him there, while the other hand came back, fingers slick and smoothing down the crease of his ass, sliding in, just a flinch of pain and then Red was pushing back. He was sore, yes, but the heat prickling in his muscles and the sheer want that he could feel made that little flash of pain seem like nothing. No, better than that, it made the pleasure sharper, less abstract, like the taste of pepper on roasted meat.

Slow so far, gentle and gradual. Alex’s fingers sleeking him open, Alex’s open mouth against his, working wetly, not-quite-kissing, not-quite sighing.

Alex’s hands pulled away and Red yelped, grabbing at his upper arms.

“I gotta-“


“I gotta get more slick. I need to put some on-“

“Nah, that’s enough.”

“It’s not, I didn’t use that much.”

Red sat up on Alex’s hips and shifted a little, feeling squishy. He frowned, then opened his mouth to say something…and then took a good look at Alex’s cock and decided that, yeah, better to be huge than sorry. Safe, rather. Watched the blocky muscle of Alex’s chest flex as he stretched back to get the bottle from the headboard and squeeze some into his hand. Watched the big hand close around the girth of that bulky cock and wiped a little saliva from the corner of his mouth.


“Oh yeah.”

A little bit of manoeuvring to line them up and then he was sliding down, Alex slipping inside him. Slow and easy, Alex’s hands on his hips, broad thighs propped behind him, keeping it gradual. Good thing. Only a couple of inches inside him and it hurt, he had to grit his teeth.

“You okay?”

“Nnnyeah…yeah. Just…”


“Haah, slow. Yeah. For now.”

Alex shifted his hips a little and Red gasped and tried to push down, felt a little twist of something dark inside him when he realised that Alex was strong enough to hold him still like that. Good. Really good.

It took them a couple of minutes, shifting and sliding and straining, a far cry from that long, hard shove last night, but that was then and this was now, and the slow grind was so good that Red could see glitter around the edges of his vision. Alex was panting, sweat shining on his face. And then…

And then it was inside him, the whole length of Alex’s cock. He felt spitted, filled to bursting and stretched out of shape, breathing hard through his teeth. Alex’s big hand spread on his stomach and rubbed, and he felt something ease. Leaned back a little against Alex’s thighs and worked his hips…


Good…really good.

“Yeah, oh, oh hell!” gasped Alex. He slid his hands under Red’s thighs and lifted a little, just moved him to where he wanted him and thrust up-

“Argh! Yeah!”

Alex arched under him, thrust again, harder, and that was it; the rhythm was there now, both of them moving, smoothly and perfectly, Red was grunting and clutching at Alex’s thigh with one hand, at his own erection with the other, and Alex swatted his hand away, grabbed him with his own still-slick fingers and pumped.

Red yelled.

Moments away from coming, each deep thrust inside him, each tight squeeze bringing him closer, and then Alex grabbed his hips tighter, tensed and moved.

Red could barely gasp before he was on his back on the crumpled bedclothes, hips hefted up, legs draped over Alex’s thighs and Alex’s cock plunging into him, pumping like an act of violence. He grabbed the footboard of the bed with one fist and slid the other hand down to stroke himself and-

“Oh God!”


“Yeah, yeah! Alex!”


And he was coming, arching and clenching and struggling for breath as his body throbbed. He was vaguely aware that he was shouting again, but his ears weren’t working, shut down, coming too hard. Alex’s face was taught, his teeth bared as he fucked, whole body flexing. Red hooked his ankles together behind Alex’s waist and held on tight. His own come was trickling up his stomach towards his chest and it took him a moment to realise it was because Alex had lifted his hips up so high.

He was hurting now, each thrust jarring flesh that had been near squeezed dry of pleasure, and yet with each deep, aggressive lunge there was a great whimper of want, in his throat, inside his body.

Alex was gasping above him, fingers digging into his skin, opening his mouth wide to pant, and then to yowl with painful-sounding relief as he came, wash of hot cum inside Red’s body almost soothing.

Alex lowered him back to the bed as gently as he could with his shaking arms. slippery cock sliding easily out. Red winced as his thigh muscles complained, then disguised it as Alex flopped down next to him and studied his face.

“You okay?”

“Much better than okay. C’mere.”


“We didn’t use a condom.”

“No.” Red sighed, drumming his fingers on his stomach. “I’m pretty sure I’m clean though. I mean, I know ‘pretty sure’ isn’t great, but…I only had sex a couple of times since I last got tested and we used rubbers, so…ought to be okay. From my end.” He looked inquisitively at Alex.

“Same here. No unprotected sex since I last got checked out. Hell, no sex since I last got checked out.”

“We’re probably good.”


Weirdly enough, Red, usually a natural worrier, felt pretty secure about that. It was like… nothing about Alex could hurt him. And yeah, in the real world he knew better than to trust that instinct, but somehow this cosy, dimly lit bedroom didn’t feel anything like the real world, and he just felt…right.

“So,” he said, settling more comfortably against Alex’s side. “Tell me about yourself.”


“An accountant? Seriously? I thought you guys were supposed to be boring.”

“Yeah, well, I thought chefs were supposed to be fat,” Alex replied, poking Red’s flat stomach with his forefinger. Alex was sitting against the bed head, cross legged, and Red was comfortably perched on his lap.

“I haven’t been a real chef that long. I only finished my training a year and a half ago. I didn’t have time to get fat yet.”

“Okay, fair’s fair. And not all accountants are boring.”

“Just most?”

“That’s right.”

“So you work from home?”

“Yeah, I’ve mostly had the same clients for years. How ‘bout you?”

“I work in a hotel kitchen, but I’m not sure I wanna stay there. It’s really impersonal, you know? I’d like to be able to make friends with my co-workers and stuff like that, but everyone’s too busy.”

“Aw,” said Alex, and squeezed him a little. He was seriously cute for a big guy. Red felt himself blush a little, stupid really, and looked away, his gaze falling on the clock on the nightstand.

“Jeez, is it really only one in the afternoon?”

Alex followed his gaze. “Yeah, I guess so. It would only have been about…six maybe, when we woke up. Somewhere you gotta be?”

“Nah, not yet, just…”


“I’m hungry.”

Alex gave him a wide grin, trying to look mean. “For what?” he asked.

“Food mainly,” Red replied, trying not to laugh while speaking with him mouth pressed against Alex’s cheek, “but yeah, that too.”

“Good, cause-“

A loud crash in the front room made them both jump, and the arm around Red’s waist tightened as Alex moved out from under him, rolling him onto the mattress and moving to jump off the bed. No time to do anything though, before something hit the bedroom door heavily and it swung open to reveal

Trooper Dave.

Pointing a gun at them.

Or, rather, at Alex.

“What did you do with that kid, you freak?” he screamed, spittle flying out of his mouth. “I found his car! I saw the footprints! Where is he?!”

“Uh…” Red managed.

Trooper Dave’s eyes flicked towards him, widened, went back to Alex…and then seemed to take in the fact that they were both naked and on the bed.

“Gah!” And out he went, back out into the living room, like greased lightening.


“Crap. Stay here a minute, okay?” Alex said softly. Red nodded, and Alex grabbed his sweatpants and bathrobe, put them on quickly, and went after Trooper Dave.

What the hell had that been about?

The warm air seemed to have escaped the room, or maybe it was just the loss of Alex’s body heat. He tugged the bedclothes around himself. They smelled good, like the two of them.

He could hear the two of them talking, Alex’s low bass voice a little more audible than Trooper Dave’s rapid, desperate sounding tones. It seemed that Dave had found Red’s car and some animal tracks and assumed Alex had made off with Red which, yeah, pretty astute. But he was a little surprised to find Red snuggled up in bed, rather than in pieces on the kitchen table or something.

Whoa, Alex sounded pissed off now. He was telling Dave that he was crazy and to get off his back. Sounded like a pretty old argument too. According to Alex’s story, Red’s car had got a flat, he’d come by and helped him change it, invited him back for a coffee because he was cold, and they took it from there.

Trooper Dave was quiet for a minute. Alex quietly, dangerously, asked if Dave had gone so far as to upset Red’s Gramma. Nope. Good.

And no, Alex assured him, they hadn’t seen any giant dogs. And he thought that Dave should apologise to Red for barging in on them. Taking his hint from the slight rise in volume of Alex’s voice, Red glanced around the room for clothes, remembered that his were all over the living room floor, and wrapped the sheet around himself. Not quite toga style, more like a bath towel, but all the interesting stuff was covered, it’d do.

The door opened a little and Alex stuck his head through the gap.

“Would you mind coming out here a minute, please?”

He looked annoyed and worn out. Red smiled at him and went.

A very quiet, slightly ill looking Trooper Dave apologised quickly and then rushed from the house, letting the door slam, but unfortunately not hit him in the ass, on the way out.

“You okay?” asked Red in the sudden quiet.

“Yeah. You?”

“Yeah. Never got a gun pointed at me before.”

“Well, that’s the beauty of ol’ Dave. You get to experience all sorts of…stupid shit.” Red chuckled behind his closed lips. “I think,” Alex continued, “that in all his years of comin’ up with weird ideas, the only thing he got right is me turning into a big dog. And you and me have just convinced him he was wrong.”

Red laughed out loud at that.

“You still hungry?”


An hour later, washed and dressed, they both sat in the kitchen, eating sandwiches. Alex had cleared up the remains of the cellar door while Red had been in the shower earlier, and the gap was now covered by a blanket hung from the top of the door frame. Red had made the food, even though Alex had told him not to and tried to butt in. It was nice, most people just assumed he’d cook because he was a chef, but Alex really wanted to be…a host or something.

“So, what were we talking about, anyway?”

“When officer dumb ass turned up? You’d just told me you were hungry…”

“And before that we’d been getting to know each other. In the not-sex sense.”

“Yeah.” Alex grinned. “We covered that for now? Or you wanna know more?”

“Kinda. That okay?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Ummmm…” Red took a bite of his sandwich and chewed slowly while he thought. “Okay, uh, how old are you?”

Alex swallowed hard, then set his sandwich down and took a couple of big gulps from his glass of water.

“What, that a bad question or something?”

“Hah, kinda. A lot older that you, that enough?”

“Nope,” Red replied smiling. “It doesn’t bother me, before you ask. And I wanna know.”

Alex sighed and leaned his elbows on the table. “You know I told you about when I got bitten?”

“I recall something of that nature, yes.”

“Well, I was thirty six then-“

“So it wasn’t that long ago then?”



“It was twenty seven years ago.”


The kitchen was quiet, except for the rustle of leaves in the back yard. Red was staring at the salt shaker, feeling his heart beat. Alex, as far as he could tell, was sitting still, watching him.


Thing was…


It had been weird when that thing turned up in his Gramma’s house. It had been really weird when it brought him here and fucked him. It had been super weird to wake up and find that it had turned into a guy. But this…

“You didn’t…get any older?”

“No. Not yet, anyway.”

“H-how? How?!”

Alex’s pale grey eyes were fixed steadily on him, his face looked worried. “I don’t know. I don’t really know what happened to me. I know it doesn’t make any sense-“

“You’re damn right! I-I just don’t get it. Any of this!”

“Red, listen-“

“No, okay, so it’s messed up, but I like you, okay?! I never just like someone, all of a sudden like that, and even with all this messed up shit going on, I do!”

Alex stared at him, not quite blankly. Almost hopefully.

“I…just like you. That okay?”

“Sure. That’s good.”


“It’s gonna…happen again tonight.”

“Huh? Oh! Oh.”

“You don’t want to be here to see that.” Neither a question nor a command, but he was right.

They finished their food silently, then Red picked up his things, put on his shoes and coat and waited by the door. Alex seemed to have picked up on the hint before Red even started moving, and he was right by his side as they went out of the door, down the porch steps and into the woods. The path was narrow but clear, and Red felt calm and secure, following it along the ground with Alex moving quietly behind him.

Soon enough, the road came into view, and then Red’s car, still at the side of the road, right where he’d left it. If he’d had fewer distractions over the last sixteen hours or so, he probably would have been worried about it. Somebody had gotten rid of the deer carcass but there was still a pretty big blood stain on the asphalt. Alex glanced at it uncomfortably as they crossed the road.

No cars around, hardly any noise. Red unlocked the drivers side door then turned around. Alex was right in front of him, keeping him against the side of the car, but not trapping him, not penning him in like he could have done.

“Will I see you again?” Red was almost surprised to realise it was him that had spoken.

“Only if you want to.”

“Yeah. I mean…yes.”

Alex leaned forward and down a little, red lifted his face… and they kissed, soft and quiet, Alex’s fingers brushing the underside of his chin. He felt a shiver go down his spine as they drew back from each other.

“Okay,” he said.

“Okay. Drive safe.”


He got in the car, put on his seatbelt, started the engine and pulled away. He glanced in the mirror and Alex was waving at him. Glanced back again and Alex was still there, turning away towards the woods again.

Third glance back and he was gone.

It was only afternoon, but the sun was low in the sky, turning the clouds red.

He wondered when he’d see Alex again.

The End  


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