Chapter 8


Sokka felt his head start to hurt again, and raised his hand. Sighing, Zuko looked over to the other and stopped his small speech that had been made to help Sokka better understand what he was to be fufilling in his role as the ‘Hanabi’. It was another word from the Fire Nation meaning ‘Fire Flower’ which was what he know was to Zuko.

This, is what he had a hard time understanding.

“How in the hell am I a FLOWER to you!? I don’t understand DAMMIT!” Sokka swore in confusion. All of this talk was really messing with his head, and understanding for life in general.

He was supposed to HATE Fire Benders, but know he was a pansy ass FLOWER to their Prince of all people! Hell NO! He wasn’t going to take this kind of crap from the other!

“I already explained! If you’d LISTEN you’d understand better! You are the ‘Hanabi’ or ‘Fire Flower’ because you control the Fire within the chosen Gouka carrier. Flowers are known to tame others either with scent or beauty. It’s obviously not the second, but I’m not going to smell you either. It’s probably something that I have no wish to explore further.” Zuko ended with a turn of his head, and small ‘huff’ of exasperation.

“Something that....EWWW! Like SEX?! That’s gross! Two men can’t do that!” Sokka blanched as he thought.

He’d...he’d always imagined himself actually marrying a woman of his dreams, but never the aftermath! If he had to marry the Prince, what would Zuko make him do!? Would he try and rape him?!

“Don’t be so vulgar. It’s very rude in the Fire Nation for one, and it is possible to answer your second question. When you’ve lived with sailors for as long as I have, you understand that many things are possible that civilized folk wouldn’t know about. I’d expect you to know though, being uncivilized and all.” Zuko cut into Sokka with a ruthless grin.

“GAH! You ass hole!” Sokka ground out furiously.

“Yes, that is one of the needed parts for the complete production.” Zuko smoothly replied with a blank expression.

“AAAAAH!” screamed out Sokka, and fell to his knees.

Repeatedly banging his head into the wood that lay underneath him, he wondered if he’d ever get that picture out of his mind.

“...Stop that. It makes you look like a commoner.” Zuko suddenly lifted Sokka to his feet with a hand to his shoulder, guiding him upright.

Sokka glared pointedly at the placed hand as if saying, ‘Get it off of me!’. As Zuko removed the offending appendage, he pointed out to the other.

“If you give a command to the men and women on this ship...they shall fallow your orders now. Something they will have to do, or pay consequences to me. The action of disobeying the Hanabi is just as disloyal, and rude as if they had disobeyed me personally.”

“....really? Wow...I didn’t know that...” Sokka said, his anger dissipating quickly as was easily done for him.

“Yes. I told you, you are as much royalty as I am now. It is not kind to see your prince or his consort upon their knees before another.” Zuko said, and looked over the men who were currently above deck.

Looking back to Sokka, he gave a most unlike himself grin. It seemed almost lecherous. “Of course, the consort on his or her knees is an acception in privacy.” Zuko chuckled out, and turned from Sokka

As the Water Teen thought about the other male’s last words he felt his eyebrows scrunch down in confusion. What did he...wait-OH GODS! Sokka brought his hands to his hair, and clutched them over his ears in attempt to block out the images that came to mind with Zuko’s insinuation.

“OH SPIRITS! HELP MEEE!” He screeched out, and felt himself just die inside. Part of his soul just flew away never to return.

Not only a forced wife, not only a little pet, but also a bitch for the Prince. What the hell was he doing, and WHY WASN’T HE ESCAPING!?

“Oh, and if you try to leave, I’ve given my crew the command to bring you back no matter the cost Sokka. I would stay on the ship if I were you.” Zuko threw back with a hand to wave the matter in the air.

It was infuriating! How was this pompous jackass keeping him on the ship! How was he going to return to Aang, and his sister! He needed to help them! Sokka pouted, and started to run after Zuko. Zuko turned quickly to glare back at Sokka. “What do you want now?” Zuko asked.

“I just want sense out of all this! NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE!” Sokka shouted to The Prince. He just didn’t understand! He wanted to, but nothing was making sense!

“Sense? You want sense? Here is your ‘sense’ or Water Tribe Member.” Zuko said, and his eyes flashed with a golden passion.

Lifting his hand, he brought it to Sokka’s chest. Pressing his palm against the body warmed fabric, he lifted the shirt, and Sokka gasped in outrage, but soon was silenced by the flesh pressed against his own. A warm, and fiery feeling emitted from the hand, and into his skin. It was as if the other was warming him from the inside out.

“Wh-what’re you-“ Sokka tried to stutter out, but fell limply against the side of the ship as Zuko pressed into the other.

Zuko gently pushed the material of his shirt higher up off of Sokka’s chest, and pressed the other hand to Sokka’s stomach. He gently pulled his other hand up until it lay across Sokka’s collarbone, and he pinched at the excess skin there. He gently pressed Sokka back more firmly into the rail of the ship, and felt his other hand that was on the other male’s stomach move to his hip.

He could feel the coolness radiating off of the other. Coming in waves, and cooling his heat. As if fire in an iced chest being contained, but still strong. If let free to oxygen, ready to rip and tear all life apart. Zuko slowly, as if in a trance pressed his own clothed chest into Sokka’s half unclothed body. Sokka murmured in a half acknowledgment of the situation. All he could feel was the warmth that was cradling him. He could feel the other’s arms around his body, and warming his very bones. He felt the need to stay, and wrap around the heat to cradle it to his own body as it warmed his own.

Sokka gently pressed back into Zuko’s grip, and all but moaned his want to be closer to the radiating warmth. To burn himself with the heat that all but pounded Zuko’s very mind with ferocity to get

“Prince Zuko!” An irrate voice cried out in surprise.

“Ah!” Zuko cried out as the voice startled him from the trance he’d been put in.

“Really Zuko, I would except your consort, and yourself to have better manners than this! I swear, you are acting just as a peasant teenager would! Then again, you are a youth. I will forgive his out burst of hormones this one time, but please...keep your activities together under supervision of your private quarters. The crew, and myself have no want to see you and him become closer.” Iroh said, not with an angry air but more amused than anything else.

Zuko frowned, and his eyebrows came down to show his displeasure. Thinking, he tried to remember what he was doing. And who was he doing it with!? Zuko looked over, and found a paralyzed Sokka in his arms. Grinning like a cheshire cat, Zuko stabbed at the stomach of the other.

“GAH! What? WHAT?! AAAH!” Sokka screamed out in confusion, and tried to push away from the other.

As Zuko gripped onto the cool body, he growled against the partially revealed skin that he’d gotten a good hold off. “You will not be leaving until I say.” Zuko rumbled out, and rubbed his cheek against Sokka’s exposed side much like a cat.

“GAH! STOP IT! This is so gross, and wrong!!!” Sokka tried to convince Zuko, but was really trying to convince himself.

“Wrong? Gross? Well, you must enjoy it nevertheless because you were just seconds ago...your body still tells its tale.” Zuko murmured out, and let his leg rub against Sokka’s inner thigh.

“Ahuhm-“ Sokka started to protest, but was soon muffled by the closeness of Zuko.

Staring up into the Firebender’s face was a lot more entrancing than it should have been. Having said Firebender’s leg rubbing up against you, and-Oh...oh do that again...Sokka’s brain had been turned to a mass of gray and runny matter as Zuko pressed into Sokka and felt like just enveloping the lad in general.

“Don’t deny that this feels good Sokka...” Zuko purred out in an almost sultry voice.

“Mmmmmhmm...” Sokka mumbled, and felt his hips thrust himself gently against Zuko’s leg. The replying shock of pleasure broke Sokka once more from his self induced trance.

“AAGH! Stop it! STOP CONTROLLING ME!” Sokka cried out, and pulled away from Zuko.

As soon as the contact was lost, and his shirt came down without Zuko’s hand to stop it, he almost regretted the loss of heat, and touch. NO! He couldn’t think like that! He was a warrior, and he couldn’t afford to be thinking like some woman, or hormone driven teen! His eyes needed to be constantly open and aware for danger!

“I’m not controlling you Sokka. You’re just experiencing sexual pleasure for the first time in your life it seems. Amazing, for the fact that you’re a teenage boy.” Zuko said softly, and grinned evilly again.

God, it was starting to get annoying how Zuko’s facial expressions would tug at Sokka in more than one place. One was his heart strings as Zuko’s face made him want to....ack, do things that warriors weren’t supposed to do. And the second was a bit farther south, and was DEFINITELY not something warriors did either.

“How the hell would you know what I’ve..experienced or not!?” Sokka jumped to his own defense, and blushed bright red at Zuko’s implication.

“I know because if I sensed another pair of hands upon your body, I would be forced to hunt them out, and burn them to a crisp. I would be forced to take that as my first priority over even The Avatar. Also, I don’t know what the Gouka would plan but it would have something to do with claiming you so no other could, or will.” Zuko responded.

The bland tone, and almost uncaring attitude brought a disbelieving stare from Sokka as he took in the information. It was amazing how someone could speak so blatantly about...sex, and not be embarrased at all! Just thinking the word, and it’s background, Sokka blushed heavily, and looked away in an almost endearing manner.

“No need to blush Sokka. It is facts of life. This new life you will be leading now though will be quite a bit different than your old one. To be safe, I will not another touch you. Currently, I’m being almost forced into action to get rid of every living, breathing, dying entity on this ship to protect you. The Gouka is currently trying to decide on forcing you into a mildly unpleasant, or pleasant situation, or to go and kill anything or one that has touched you. I can feel its taint through your skin, and I rather not have to feel it. It is like dirt in a looking glass.” Zuko’s eyes suddenly sharpened to a golden passion.

“You will not touch another female, or male as long as you live. Not a one. There are acceptions like children, but it is restrained to only related children.” Zuko said steely, and stared down at Sokka in a demanding gaze.

“Related children!? Katara is NO WHERE close to getting married much less having children!!!” Sokka cried out in disgust, and confusion.

“I didn’t mean you sister’s. I meant your children.” Zuko corrected the other.

“My children...but you said-AAGH! Don’t tell me that-! OH GOD!” Sokka turned, and promptly curled into a small ball upon the ship.

“You mean I can have children, but I’m not allowed to touch anyone by YOUR fucking rules, so that means I can only touch you. So that means I have to ‘make’ children with only you. Which means I, or you can HAVE children while we are both male. Oh god, I’m going to be sick.” Sokka tried to explain to himself, but ended up in just giving himself a headache.

“Indeed. I’ve not been told the full details of it all, but there is some process where the consort is able to bare children. In this case, that is a good thing. The Fire Nation Royalty line DOES need to continue.” Zuko grinned a half grin down at the cowering Sokka.


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