Reviews for Not So Wingless


Raemi Rey

I love this, I love this, I LOVE this!

It's the BEST story about them ever; nothing comes close. I love how perfect you got their characters - and PIPS! Oh my god, Pips, with your green feral eyes!

I love it when he throws him into the water, it comes to such a neat tied-in ending.

I've been obsessed with Pips for like...12 years now lol

This is honestly the hottest thing I've ever read. Will you ever do anything else with Pips at all? You're the only one who's ever got him perfect.

Thanks for the wonderous story!

~ Rae



Lady Slytherin

This was absolutely adorable! I never imagined anyone would do a fanfic for that coupling nor that I would enjoy it so much! They were in character too (aside from the obvious) and I liked that I never forgot that I was in the Ferngully realm. I loved it!




Oh wow. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard during a lime, but can't you just see them flying with Zak sucking Pips off? I think it's hilarious! But, hilarious or not, it was still good. Nice work. Finally, a Ferngully fic worth reading.



That was so good!  I never thought I would find a story with these two paired together, so I was happy when I found this.  You did a wonderful job writing this story.



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