Reviews for Number 01 With a Bullet


Short, but
cute. I would have liked possibly a little more detail on how to actually shoot a gun (though I wouldn't have any idea what those details might be) simply because I actually want to write a story on that premise. (Guy one teaching guy two to shoot.)

That aside, the focus is obviously John/Matt and guns (of the metal sort) are very easy to push aside in light of guns (of the other sort) pressing against your, hm...yes, that is a nice image.

Sexy, to the point, and sweet (with the whole protective and mildly cuddly mixed into a lesson in hitting targets while not being distracted by having hot breath in your ear and.....yeahhh....). Point: I liked it. Nice work. ^_^


P.S. Matt IS awesome. :D And John deserves nothing less. ;)



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