Product Placement

Chapter 20 - Observations

Butch was suddenly on his knees, rubbing the front of his pants. Francis quirked a brow, leaning against the wall and checking both ways to make sure no one was spying.

"You know you don't need to pay me like this, right?"
"I know."
"Then why do it at all?"

Hustler shrugged, watching him stroke and nuzzle the clothed cock. He wasn't horny, but Butch was doing a good job of getting him that way. Still, though, the hustler was cautious. This relationship- if it could be called that- was less than publicly decent. They've had sex in this spot a few times before – angry, rough, needy sex that left Butch with bruises and him with bite marks. Not that he was complaining.

This blowjob stuff, though – it was different. The way Butch did it, anyway. Sometimes. For some reason, it felt more personal, more intimate, and much less angry than the sex they had. Sure, it was a way to get off and he appreciated the variety – but it was nice to be essentially worshiped and not expected to return the favor.

"Get up. We're going somewhere more private."
"Oh?" Butch shot him a look, getting up "What's the occasion?"
"You want to practice and I'm horny. Let make it worth while for the both of us."


Hustler sat back on his bed. He had hung up his coat and told Butch to do the same. He hadn't invited Butch in too often, so he was taking his sweet time looking around. When he finally launched himself onto the bed, he made a noise and squirmed around. The hustler wondered, watching him roll around and grin on his back through the messed up bi-colored hair, if he was maybe drugged or somewhat drunk. It would explain the sudden interest in paying him back with a blowjob.

"Mm… wanna try?" Butch asked, rolling over on his stomach.
"I think I'll pass."
"S'matter – not good enough for you?"

Francis kept his mouth shut. In this haze he'd say something off putting or mood killing, and Butch might never do it again. He wanted this to happen again. Hustler felt like maybe, just maybe it was better than sex. Butch took his silence in stride and continued what he started in the alley. He crawled over to where Francis lay, rubbing his legs to get them to part.

"Sit on the edge of the bed, would you?"
"I'm comfortable here."
"Fine. Be difficult."

Butch shrugged and settled himself over one of Francis' legs. He was still rubbing so the hustler spread his legs in response, leaning back and waiting. Butch made an agreeable noise, pulling himself up a little more. Francis jerked when he felt the cold hand slide up under his shirt. Butch chuckled and pressed his fingers down a bit, drawing the shirt up and out of the way.

Now the hustler was interested. He sat up a little bit to watch Butch work, going so far as to get rid of the article Butch was struggling with completely. Butch grinned and bit his stomach, just below his navel. Francis hissed.

"How the fuck you get so ripped, anyway?" He asked, tracing the muscles he made spasm
"Moving boxes, refusing to sit still. Other than that, nothing comes to mind. Like it?"

Butch glanced up at him and bit him again, tracing the lines and his hipbones. Francis watched him be fascinated, waiting idly for him to get to it. He reached up to hold the shaggy head. Butch laughed at him and lifted his eyed, taking the waistband in his teeth and tugging at it playfully. He soon gave the zipper the same attention, pulling it down bit by bit.

Francis understood now why it was more intimate. Butch kept eye contact. He kept it a lot longer than he did at any other point, even just talking to him. His eyes were nice, now that he was looking. They were dark now, almost black and they had some sort of weird smolder in them. He looked like he was concentrating and totally into it, which was more arousing than Butch probably realized. He smiled at Butch as he pulled the denim away.

"Are you going to play all day or are you going to practice?"
"Patients, Franny." Butch murmured, taking his gaze from him to pull his pants away completely "I'm practicing my entire technique. I thought you liked drawin' it out."
"Just commenting. Please, take your time. You're… interesting."
"I was hoping for drop dead sexy. The kind that could make you come in your pants and still beg for more. Guess I need work."
"I think you should stop watching bad porn and romance movies all in one go."
"Who asked you?"

Butch laughed, catching his eyes again. Francis raised a brow and waited. He didn't take too much longer, reaching up to paw at what was hidden under then fabric of his shorts. HK groaned in spite of himself, exhaling loudly. Butch threw him and glance and held it steady, waiting for him to break it, almost daring him to. It took his cool, long fingers slipping into the slit of his boxers to get Francis to shut his eyes and break the contact first. Butch merely grinned and turned his eyes down to the task ahead.

The hustler opened his eyes at the slow, careful tugs to his prick. He watched, curious as to how Butch found this so entrancing. He was concentrating, alright. What the hell was so interesting about pleasing him? Most girls just sighed and got it over with. Butch was weird, but that didn't stop him from lifting his hand and threading it through the shaggy hair, gripping it gently. Butch looked up at him again, a grin on his face.

"Edge of the bed, please." Butch murmured, lapping at him. Francis was in no mood to argue, and he slid forward a bit, Butch easing himself down onto the floor. He settled, stroking and licking the sides of his cock like he was chasing drips off an ice cream cone. Hustler shivered and tugged him forward a little, which made Butch chuckle. Rather than start, as Franny was oh so subtly indicating him to do so, he pressed his tongue to the underside of the head and held it there until Hustler began to squirm and arch.

The storyteller peered up expecting to find his face the same that annoying way it always was. To his pleasure, Butch found those grayish eyes clouded over and unfocused. And he hadn't even gotten started yet. Not one to rush things, Butch continually teased him. He swirled his tongue around the head, stroking the slit. He only slipped the head in his mouth to keep Francis from whimpering – though he didn't bother hiding his grin when it only made Franny moan and whine louder. Seemed like once he was alone Fran could loosen up a little. It was pretty sweet.

He took his time, stroking whatever he wasn't edging into his mouth with his hands. The whimpering had subsided, replaced with heavy breathing and careful tugs on his hair. He wasn't trying to rush him or choke him, just make him move a little more. It was either a bit of hair pulling or- forced choking. He'd rather the former, but then again he didn't have much of a gag reflex. So why not test it?

He pulled back, licking his lips and catching Fran's muddled eyes again. He felt the larger make shiver and twitch in his grasp, and he couldn't help but grin. He slipped the waiting, slicked cock in his mouth again, bobbing his head around it a few times. He took a deep breath and, before he could rethink it, swallowed the hustler's dick down until his nose pressed into his stomach. He was fairly sure he heard choking in the background, but he held him there, swallowing placidly around the cock in his throat until his lugs demanded he stop trying to choke himself.

"Fuck!" Hustler rasped.

Butch withdrew, licking his lips and panting. He eyed Francis, who slowly got back enough of his vision to notice he was staring upside down at his headboard. When he lifted his head again Butch was still staring a smile on his face. He licked the head of it, the side, then slipped it back into his mouth and repeated the motion. This time Francis was able to keep from throwing his head back, but couldn't stop himself from cursing softly.

"Tsk tsk…" Butch murmured on his second trip up for air "Such language and vulgarity. I should leave right now."

Francis held back his comment – partially because he wasn't able to speak without moaning helplessly and partially because he wanted very, very much for that to happen again. He groaned instead, pulling him back toward his crotch. Butch laughed at him and, despite his threat, bowed his head and sucked greedily.

He wasn't sure why he was enjoying this so much. He never thought he'd be the kind to love the cock. It wasn't bad, not as bad as he'd originally thought. It took a while to work up the nerve to blow Franny's mind (literally) and lots of studying. Butch figured it was the accomplishment. He liked being the one in charge being the one to make him squirm for a change. He liked the way Francis cursed and writhed under him. He liked the way he made Fran beg silently and beg audibly. It was great, actually, to have this power over someone as powerful. He bobbed his head and sucked particularly hard and grinned at the noise it tore from him.

Butch had fun teasing him - that went without saying. He bobbed his head and sucked. He pulled back and licked the sides and the head of it. He even went so far as to carefully, carefully scrape his teeth up the base. Francis screamed and bucked- surprising Butch. He thought it would weird him out but if Fran was a freak like that… but if he was going to buck like that he was going to choke and actually bite him. Maybe when he had more practice. Just teasing the hell out of him was fine.

Before long, Francis was rolling his hips and whining. He seemed to try to tell him something. Butch brushed it off and enjoyed the writing and the hands in his hair. He sucked and bobbed his head, Francis forcing it a bit more. Butch accepted what he was given. He heard the hustler whine and whimper something awful, felt him grip his hair tighter-

Butch swallowed it down. He hadn't been expecting the sudden shot, but he was already sucking off more than he intended to at the beginning, so he just took it in stride. He tried his best to keep Fran from choking him, pulling back enough to let some of it fall and drip on his chest and stomach. Butch coughed, wiping his mouth and watching the hustler pant and gasp for air.

"Well? How was I?" Butch asked after a moment, swiping up the little bit of come he didn't catch and licking it off his fingers.
"So, what? Good?"
"Can you form sentences? Oh, no, that's too much. Words. Can you form coherent words?"

Butch crawled up onto the bed, pulling up his pants as he did so. He took advantage of Franny's small period of incapacity to steal a good potion of his bed for his own selfish needs. He debated on asking to stay the night, and before he could really think it through the question flew from his lips. To his surprise, the hustler merely opened an eye to peek at him and nodded, catching his breath. Butch shrugged. Oh well. If Franny wanted him to stay the night on this amazingly comfortable bed, then so be it. He was probably angling on another blowjob, but this was too good of a mattress to waste any time.

Now, that he was up here, though, he yawned. Damn, it was a nice bed. He wouldn't mind just… laying here and catch a few winks. He yawned, shifting a little. Francis was warm and comfy as his bed


It was ten AM. Hustler was awake, and had been for the past two hours. Butch was perched happily on top of him, in a deep sleep.

They were missing school.

Actually, they had missed enough to qualify them for cutting, so going back was pointless. Still, hustler was a little upset – he was losing money to Fingers, and even though he liked Fingers well enough he wasn't willing to hand him free chumps.

He wasn't much willing to make Butch move either.

He knew he could just move the storyteller off him. Hell, he could fling the skinny bastard into the wall. But he couldn't bring himself to do it. So he lost a few bucks. Butch had more than paid him back with that amazing blowjob last night. He was fine with missing school for once. Even with Butch perched on his chest all curled up like that. He looked like a little kid. It was kinda cute.

Francis blinked at his own thoughts, but shrugged. It was just because he wasn't being an ass. Not like he loved the guy or anything. He could probably torture the little bastard with it later. He smiled and leaned back, resting on his bed with Butch happily resting on top of him.



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