Reviews for Raspberry Mochas



cute. keep up the good work




Awwww, so-cute! =^.^= I adore the building of the relationship done over such a "short" period of time (on paper, anyway), but even without a zillion words, it still builds up nicely...and just left me grinning by the end. Gotta love the warm fuzzy feeling. Kudos for that. :)






omg his misunderstanding and everything coming out of his mouth was just so Zack!!!




This fic is too cute for words! The last line ' I won't tell you to be quiet anymore.' is my favorite!




Okay, that story was very weird. I do not understand what the whole point of that story was. Please explain why you wrote that nonsensical story. It had no meaning or syntax used correctly.




Aww, Zack makes me so happy! I almost cried at the third season finally. It’s so nice to read this.




What a lovely find.  There's absolutely not enough fics with this pairing out there.  Please write more.


I love it! That is just so typicaly zack to be confused by the coffee thing.  I would love to see a Booth/Zack story where it gets really deep into their relationship, but no one is really into this pairing.  Any way I love it.



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