Razor's Decision

Chapter 2 - The Inevitable


After a short night of restless sleep, a still shaken Commander Feral attempted to push aside last night’s ill-advised rendevous. He was partly successful with meetings, project reports and interruptions for most of the day. He worked late, unwilling to go home where he would be alone with only his thoughts as company. Snarling at himself for allowing himself to be so disturbed, he locked his office and headed for the Enforcer gym where he threw himself into a grueling three hour workout. Thoroughly fatigued, Feral dragged himself home, ignoring food and dropping bonelessly to bed.

Razor’s day was a little better if only due to the fact he didn’t feel guilty about the past evening’s activities. Used to getting by on little sleep, Razor as Jake was up early and already tackling the cars waiting repair in their shop. Chance followed more slowly since an early bird he wasn’t.

“Ugh! There should be a law against guys who can be chipper and wide awake with practically no sleep. I heard you come in. Crud, Jake she must have been a great piece of tail. You’re not normally out so late.” Chance grumbled as he joined Jake in the garage.

“As a matter of fact she was. Might see her again sometime. That enforcer rig needs a tuneup, buddy. Think you can be awake enough to get it done before ten?” Jake said in good humor.

“Ha, Ha! Very funny Jake. Who is this she-kat? Have I met her?” Chance asked as he got the tools he needed for the job.

“No, you don’t know her and stop being nosy.” Jake growled good-naturedly. Chance snorted but let the subject drop. They were very busy for most of the day, barely stopping for a bite of lunch. When the cars were done and the shop closed, Jake insisted they do some work on the Turbokat which took them well past dinner time. Sighing tirededly but pleased they had gotten a lot done and hadn’t been called out, the pair settled down to a late supper and some TV before heading to bed.

The next few weeks were mundane for Feral and Razor. No villains decided to make an appearance allowing a much needed break for the Swat Kats and accomplishing personnel reviews for Feral, his least favorite job but one that needed to get done.

Feral was able to ignore his needs for a couple of weeks before boredom set in. He sought out his usual hangouts but the partners he used left him dissatisfied. A sensation he’d never experienced before. He could perform, that was never a problem. He never had difficulties getting a trick, all modesty aside, he was very much sought after. He was usually able to satisfy any of his needs early and go home comfortably sated.

Now, however, no matter the quality of his choice for the night, he came away pleasing his temporary sex partner but never himself. He remained stiff and unsatisfied. In the privacy of his apartment he cursed and railed against that miserable Swat Kat. He refused to give in and did his best to ignore his growing discomfort. Others around him began to notice the Commander’s increasingly prickly temper. Small things tended to trip a fit of anger. Felina was becoming concerned but didn’t know how to approach her uncle on something so personal. She knew it had to do with his private life because there was nothing going on at work to account for his tight jawed behavior.

Five weeks after his one night stand with Razor, Feral finally conceded defeat. He was furious and sexually frustrated when he signaled a meet with the Swat Kat. Late that night, he parked his hummer a block away out of sight and walked quickly to Razor’s hideaway. The lock was off so he knew Razor was already waiting for him. He stepped in and closed the door behind him. On the mattress the smaller tom was stripped except for his mask and boxers. He was sitting with his knees to his chest and his head resting on them. He watched Feral enter without a word and waited for the bigger Kat to undress.

Taking everything but his boxers off as well, Feral aggressively approached Razor. The Swat Kat tensed, he had already sensed Feral’s fury as it rolled off the enforcer in waves. Sex was obviously not going to be the first thing on the agenda tonight. Seconds later, he was proved right as Feral suddenly lunged at him. They were soon brawling like two alley cats. Though smaller than his bigger opponent, Razor had trained himself to be swifter and more deadly when battling Kats larger than himself. Feral found himself nearly evenly matched with only some of his size and strength giving him an occasional advantage.

They pounded each other for a solid thirty minutes until Feral’s anger finally dissipated. He stood away from Razor and heaved for breath. They studied each other warily. Each sported the beginning of black eyes, split lips, but amazingly enough, no broken noses and a multitude of bruises.

“You okay?” Razor asked cautiously as he wiped the blood off his face.

“I’m not sure I’ll ever be ‘okay’.” Feral growled licking the blood off his lip. “I tried everything to supplant how you make me feel and nothing and no one worked.”

“Sorry. But I did warn you and just so you don’t feel its one sided, I also couldn’t find satisfaction with anyone else either.” Razor sighed and went to sit on the mattress. “Come on, sit down.” He patted beside him then reached into the cooler and withdrew two bottles of water and handed one to Feral as he sat down. They sat quietly drinking their water, listening to the silence.

Razor placed his water on the floor and reached for Feral. Despite the water, there was a hint of the coppery flavor of blood on Feral’s still oozing lip as Razor flicked his tongue to taste him. Feral shivered and blindly set his water down so he could wrap his arms around Razor’s body, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss tasting blood in return

Moaning and caressing each other, they fell over onto their sides. Giving up any pretense that he didn’t want to be there, Feral pushed Razor onto his back and began kissing the smaller tom’s throat, moving down to suck and nibble each nipple on his trip down the well-defined chest to the jutting cock waiting his attentions. He bypassed it for the moment and concentrated on the tom’s other parts bathing the area making Razor writhe and moan. When the Swat Kat’s cock began to weep fluids, Feral licked it like an ice cream cone before finally swallowing it down to the root. Razor cried out his name and bucked his hips nearly gagging Feral. He immediately pinned the bouncing hips and continued to suck hard and fast. In no time Razor came screaming. Pleased at his success in driving Razor crazy, he moved up to the smaller Kat’s face and gave him a deep kiss. Two more hours passed as they satisfied each other’s needs. They parted totally sated with the full knowledge there would be many more trysts to come.

The next morning, Felina found a cheerful Commander rapidly going through the evenings’ reports. Something good had happened she was sure. She really wished he would tell her what was going on. Felina had the feeling he had found a lover but she didn’t understand why he was being so secretive about it except perhaps to protect the Kat from Feral’s enemies. This seemed like a reasonable explanation to her so decided to let it go and be grateful for her uncle’s more amendable mood.

For the next few months, the Swat Kat and the Commander met erratically, setting no pattern anyone could follow. To their amazement the attraction never faded, only increased in its intensity over time. They avoided any show of familiarity when thrown together during battles to protect the city. For a while they succeeded in keeping the trysts sexually motivated and not allowing emotions to enter into it. But the longer they were intimate the more emotions began to intrude into the purely sexual contact.

Trouble was headed their way as their emotions became tangled and entwined. Flashes of lovers’ quarrels began to spring up but only in their hideaway. Tensions rose as they grew too close and cared too much for each other. The pressure to keep it secret began to crack as their emotional involvement began to interfere with their abilities to do their jobs without being worried about the others welfare. A year after their trysts began, the secret unraveled.   



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