Razor's Decision

Chapter 5 - The Final Pieces Fall Into Place


Though he tried to put it aside, it still bothered him that Jake felt he had to hide his relationship especially if this person had become that important to him. The more he tried to let it be the more it bugged him. His subconscious kept niggling him that he might very well know the mystery person but that he was unwilling to accept it.

As they returned to their normal duties, they began to rebuild the Turbokat. For the time being they used a souped up Enforcer jet, the Thunder truck and their cyclotrons to respond to calls. It was slow going rebuilding the jet and it took four months but finally they returned to the air in the new Turbokat.

During this time, T-Bone began to add up the past year and half’s strange things that had bothered him. He’d wondered why Feral had gradually become more lenient with them and no longer tried very hard to arrest them. He took notice of the odd looks between Feral and Razor and it brought to mind incidences in the past where Feral had said something odd during an argument at different times and he began to remember strange looks that passed between them. At the time he shrugged them off but now he dragged them out and looked closer at them. He didn’t want to believe where his clues were heading.

Finally, he could no longer ignore his suspicions. Feeling guilty about doing it but unable to back away, he tagged Razor’s cyclotron. The next time he left to see his lover he followed along at a distance using one of the cars awaiting pick up at their garage. He kept out of view and used the locator to track Razor. He was surprised. The signal led him close to Professor Hackle’s home. He watched the signal veer away for a short distance from Hackles place then stop. He continued on until he was almost on top of the little cabin hidden in the trees. He parked the car and walked carefully closer using a security detector. He didn’t go up to the place because he knew Razor would have a very good security net around it and moments later a blip on his device proved it. He halted outside the security net.

His heart sank when he spotted the easily recognizable vehicle of Razor’s lover. Right up to this moment he had really hoped he was wrong but that hummer could only belong to Commander Feral. Sighing, he used a listening device to hear what the two were saying. He heard Razor talking about the day’s events without saying anything about the garage and asking about Feral’s day. It was odd to hear that familiar baritone relay his day but he heard strain in that voice as well. Apparently Razor did too.

“What’s wrong, love? You seem very ill at ease even though you’re trying to pretend everything is okay.” Razor coaxed

Turning away and beginning to remove his coat and shoes, Feral tried to shrug off his tension. But Razor was having none of it. He went to his lover and wrapped his arms around him. “Come on tell me what’s wrong. Whatever it is, it’s got you all tense and unhappy.” He murmured softly.

“I can’t tell you specifically. It’s sensitive!” Feral sighed tightly.

“Okay, tell me what you can.” Razor insisted.

“He was a good Kat. God! I’m so tired of writing those letters and his loss is felt more than most.” He finally said painfully.

“Oh Uly, I’m soo sorry. I know it hurts and there is nothing wrong with feeling bad about it. You don’t have to hide that kind of pain from me. That’s what lover’s are for. To help each other when things get bad.” Razor said gently hugging his lover tightly and rocking him. Feral hugged back and allowed Razor to soothe him. Gradually his sorrow eased a bit.

“Ahh Razor, I love you soo much. You always have a way of making things seem not soo bad.” Feral said warmly. “I’d be lost without you.”

“Hmm, I love you too, you big lug. Now how about we eat something I’m hungry and horny and not necessarily in that order.” Razor quipped to lighten the mood.

Feral chuckled suddenly feeling better, “Well we could strip, take our food to the bed and eat it off each other then we can satisfy both hungers.” He smirked suggestively.

“Ohhh, now that sounds like a great idea.” Razor smirked back and quickly got undressed while Feral got the food and finished undressing.

Chance shut off the device and quietly moved back to his vehicle. No matter how he felt about this relationship it didn’t matter. It was very clear that they truly loved each other. It still felt odd but he would have to accept it. He didn’t know if their identities would finally be revealed but for now he would keep the secret until that time came and let them keep theirs.

Meanwhile, in a cabin hidden in the trees...

Feral had picked up Chinese, with fried rice and broccoli beef for dinner. Laying on the bed, he placed the containers on the floor. Grabbing the rice container he poured a little all over the tom’s chest and proceeded to nibble it off. Razor writhed and moaned at how good that felt. Taking a small amount into his mouth, Feral kissed Razor sharing the slippery grains between them. Grinning at the heated look on his lover’s face he put the container down and reached for a piece of beef from the other container and holding it between his teeth approached Razor’s mouth. Grinning wickedly, Razor nibbled the offering until their mouths met in a juicy kiss.

“God’s Uly, this is making me so hot. Give me some of that wine.” Razor urged hotly. Feral reached to the side of the bed again and handed the bottle to him. He drank a little holding some in his mouth and beckoning Ulysses closer. They kissed sharing the fruity taste. Uly moaned as they kissed harder and deeper. Food forgotten they pressed closer and tried to devour each other.

Panting urgently, Uly covered Razor, “I’ve got to have you now my love, I can’t wait any longer.” Razor moaned and raised his legs to Uly’s shoulders. Accepting the invitation, he thrust deeply till he was buried to the hilt within his lover’s hot body. Groaning together, Razor pulled Uly closer to him so they could kiss while the big tom began a hard and fast rhythm. The world spun away as they raced for that moment of pure pleasure at the same time. Shuddering and roaring their climaxes, they burned together in perfect union. No matter what the future had in store for them, this moment would be forever theirs.  


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