Reviews for Simple Physics



NooooooooooooooUUUUuuu!! *gasps* It was just getting good! no, better I mean! I mean...this is like the most amazing story EVER!!

*wails* I want more now!!

(Sorry...someone did this to me awhile ago about a fic I did so now this is cosmic Karma kicking me sideways! XD)

Please, more soon! I love your character details as far as Tucker and Dash are concerned...and Danny? Priceless! ;) Perfect role for him. Keep up the good work!




Ch. 19- OH MAN HOW ARE THERE MORE CHAPTERS HERE THAN ON AFF?? :D *ahem* Aaaaanyway... Oh noes. Their happiness never lasts for very long, does it? *le sigh* High School kids are jerks :( Hey Dash, try and get an extra punch in for me, will ya?

Also, loved the Dimsdale reference in Ch. 18 ^__^ <3





I'm glad that I came back and there are so many updates! So glad that things are
official now, even if they aren't out waving the rainbow flag aha




This story is excellent! Please update soon.

I really love your humor, and the whole thing with Danny adds some really good dimensions to the story.


-Chap One-
I have this weird thing about reviewing every single chapter and
normally I do review as I read so …yeah. That’s your precaution.

When I saw the pairing I had to admit I was a little … trepeditious
about it. But now that I have read it …utterly brilliant. In truth.
It’s so funny. God I swear I almost spit out my soda at the deal they
made and quite frankly it was very very hot.

I love Tucker. He’s so unbelievably …well believably …dry. Lol. It’s
so amusing.

Hahaha …”sated silly putty” Yes. That is a wonderful feeling!! Lol.

-Chapter Two-

Poor Tuck. I imagine that would be one hell of a thing to explain.
And can we say awkward? I don’t know what I would do were I in
Tucker’s place …of course I would never be so bold as to do something
like that for well …that.

*blinks* HAHAHAHAHA …poor tuck. “How am I supposed to get anything
done in thirteen seconds?” HAHAHAHAHA …oh wow.

Oh Dash is evil …but so very …yummy. “I need you.” Goodness! That
would get me hot under the collar!

Oh I do love this. It’s so funny. I swear I can’t stop laughing.

*Cheers wildy* Ok so Dash isn’t an idiot. He’s just ignorant. Oh that
was b-e-a-u-tiful.

-Chaprter Three-

How do you define gayness. *rolls eyes* Oi. Sorry. ‘m gay here and
it’s always funny when straight ppl ask that to me. No offense to you
if you are straight.

“Good Luck.” Pardon the girly squeal. I can’t help it! Heh heh heh.
That was very cute.

But what did he get exactly? Obviously he passed. But with what I
wonder? *taps chin* Hmmm…

-Chapter Four-

Oh poo. Somehow I got this feeling Tuck had a thing for Danny. Don’t
get me wrong I like them together well enough. But really Dash and
Tuck seem to clash so well. But hey they story does need something to
present a problem. Other wise… it’s just two gay boys who don’t want
to fall in love or whatnot.

CONDOMS?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh wow. That would be just …terrible. Lol.

Aww …he’s nervous! I would be too. And the condoms …*shudder*

-Chapter Five-

Aww …he paid. And gawked at his arse. Lol.

God! He’s so snarky! Tuck I mean. Hahaha …it’s so amusing.

And Dash said his name …hmmmm.

Sorry Dash, your gay. A faire.A giant rainbow loving el queer-o. Mhmm.

‘sensible popcorn consumption’. Yes because there is a defined way to
eat popcorn. I forgot all about that. Hahahaha.

Ooo …they are so naughty! It’s wonderful. Tee-hee-hee.

God lord this is hot. I just want that noted nd the fact that I am a
perv will completely and utterly be ignored because really I am
reviewing every chapter and I have this oh-so-wonderful ability of
making you laugh. I’m sure you’ve laughed. Sure of it.

*throws fit* BLAST ALL! You should have kissed him you half-witted
idiot breath! WTF?!?! OI! Ok. I’m good.I’m all good.

-Chapter Six-

I hate Mondays too. They are aways such a pain in the ass.

Yes Tucker let’s get you out of those clothes. Lol. Awww…it’s like
they are rying to get to know each other. Well Dash is anyway. I have
this inate feeling he will fall faster then Tucker will. Idk y. I
just feel that way.

“Fuck you’re warm.” For some reason that is oddly very very sensual.
I hope it was meant to be that way.

Damn that boy knows how to fucking kiss. Almost as well as I do. Heh heh heh.

Nope. I don’t think my Monday would be bad after that either. I’d be
pretty happy myself!

-Chapter Seven-

Hm. I think I would hate that game after playing with a team that was
so bloody terrible but hey …that’s just me. Heh heh heh. I think Dash
seems a bit more …committed to it.

Uh-oh. Kwan knows something is up.

Yeah …he’s right there with what’s her face when he wants to be
elsewhere. Hm …I can understand why.

What kind of girl kisses like that? Jeeze …she gives us a bad name.
Heh heh heh. Meek? HA! Not meekness here. Poor Dash.

-Chapter Eight-

GHOST HUNTING! Lol. Not much to say on that cept I would have Danny’s
head for scaring me like that!

HA! Dash is a better kisser. Hahahaha …

-Chapter Nine-

Paulina is Boooooooooooooooooooooooooring. But she’s at least mildy
intelligent. That’s good. Kindof.

Someone is jealous. Perhaps both of them are jealous …hmmmmmm.

Ooo …more kissing. I like this kissing thing.

Right. because you’re not a queer Dash …riiiiiiiight.

Well, needless to say, as I think I have made it abundantly clear, I

am liking this a lot! I do believe you’ll continue yes? I hope so!

Thanks for sharing!




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