Reviews for Situation Normal



Squee! Yes! Yaaay, it's a sweet one. I like the stories that leave me all warm and bubbly and this one had me grinning and giggly.

"Sexy, right?"


:D I love it. Really, though, I appreciate that style of build-up. They didn't tackle each other, but it was a sort of...I don't know. The phases went smoothly together (phase one: convey that Matt is attracted to guys, phase two: convey that Matt is attracted to John, phase three: convey that John is attracted to /men/...[which I suppose we already kina-sorta got with the tidbits about him being attracted to Matt from the beginning...) anyway, and so on.

Point is, it all fit togther really well, and I like the warm, comfortable feel of it. No egad bunches of guilt or yeah. Yay. ^_^


P.S. Dave was uber creepy, made all the more so by the fact that that internet stalker obsession thing hits real close to home these days, so kudos for portraying that so well. Gives me that itchy crawling feel. Ick. I hope they lock him up for a good, long time...and that someone in prison can get over his B.O. long enough to put him on the recieving end of some unwanted sexual attention - he deserves it, even if the mental is...yeah.



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