Brainy mmm-ed when he was unceremoniously pushed onto the bed, the other's larger body moving to hover over him nearly instantly. During this, their kiss barely broke, the lips refusing to abandon each other.

The bespectacled smurf moaned, and lifted his arms, wrapping them around the other's neck and squeezing tightly. Hefty obeyed the unspoken request, and lowered his body, covering Brainy's nearly completely. His muscled arms slid under the other's shoulders, palms sliding across naked skin. He used his grip to pull the smaller smurf closer to himself, their groins pressing together tightly.

Brainy moaned while the other groaned, and he bent his knees, wiggling his hips till Hefty could settle comfortably between his legs. This only served to give them a better angle to ground their hips against each other.

Both their pleasure and their desire rose, and their kiss deepened, sucking out the breaths from both of their lungs.


Hefty licked his lips, eyes half-lidded and clouded with lust. Brainy was making the lewdest noises as he happily sucked away between his legs, drawing back only to kiss or nibble before diving back in. He took Hefty's shaft as deep as it would go, burying his nose in the skin of the other's groin.

The muscled smurf sucked in a sharp breath, his head rolling back in pleasure. His hands clenched into tight fists when he felt himself being deep throated, Brainy humming softly to bring him closer to the brink. And when he was almost there, Brainy would pull back, and spent a few moments just teasing at the sensitive underside or the small slit.

Oh, the SmurfDamned tease.


Hefty kissed around the tiny tail, nibbling carefully on the soft skin. He pulled the nub into his mouth, twirling his tongue around it. He abandoned his prize after a few moments, then kissed his way down – circling across both shapely globes of blue flesh, then aiming between them. He nuzzled against the enticing crevice, using his nose to part the buttocks. He extended his tongue and licked a long trail back up to the little tail.

Brainy moaned and squirmed on his stomach, groaning low in his throat when his tail was teased briefly. He nearly screamed when Hefty left it alone, then delved right to his entrance. The muscled smurf used the very tip of his tongue to draw tiny detailed shapes across the puckered opening, wedging it ever so slightly inside from time to time.

Brainy whimpered, his hips bucking into the covers. Oh, so good. So so good.

Especially when a lube finger slipped inside him, Hefty's tongue still lapping at him.


Hefty leaned back on his haunches, face flushed with arousal and dusted over with sweat.

Brainy wasn't much different, although his face had the addition of soft lips being slightly open, the sound of his small gasping breaths mixing with the tiniest mewls he was making he Hefty shifted inside of him.

Brainy's back arched at a particularly well-aimed thrust, and Hefty lost his balance. They toppled onto the covers, their eyes wide in surprise. Then they started laughing, hips still moving, mouths meeting in yet another kiss. However, this time it was misted with their shared mirth, gentle and soft in comparison to the previous ones.

“Merry Christmas, Hefty.” Brainy muttered, nuzzling at the other smurf.

“Back at yah. But we got time for wishes later; we've just begun.”


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