Part 1


Why do you come here?
And why, why do you hang around?
I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry

Why do you come here when you know it makes things hard for me?
When you know, oh why do you come?

Why do you telephone?
And why do you send me silly notes?

You have to sneak into my room just to read my diary
It was just to see, just to see all the things you knew I’d written about you
Oh so many illustrations…


Draco sighed, not for the first time that day. Quidditch practise was so tedious; actually Quidditch in its entirety had become a colossal bore. He snorted quietly to himself. Become. Who was he trying to kid? It had always been a colossal bore - a game for the common masses. He’d always hated it, had taken no interest in it, either watching or playing….until Potter. Voldermort but that scar faced bastard had a lot to answer for!

Oh for the love of W…

He rolled his eyes in disgust as he watched Crabbe totally fumble a pass from Goyle and plummet to the ground with a shriek. Tragically Madam Hooch was close enough to arrest the idiot’s fall with a hasty wave of her wand.

Why did the world conspire to suck all the enjoyment out of his life?

He scowled down at the interfering witch; by far the most interesting thing to happen all day and she’d ruined it! As he lifted his head a flash of vivid red caught his eye. Shit. He risked a glance in the direction of the Gryffindor stand. Bugger. There he was. Again. It was starting to freak him out. Everywhere he had gone over the last week Weasley had gone too. If he didn’t know any better he’d think he was being stalked. But that was ridiculous. The Weasel had never shown any excessive interest in him before…well other than wanting to knock his teeth down his throat on a daily basis. So why now?

He looked again; Weasley hadn’t moved, his gaze steady and focused solely on Draco. And suddenly he’d had enough. Flying swiftly over to the stand he stopped a couple of feet in front of the red headed boy, hovering in the air.

“What’s going on Weasley? Why are you following me?” He had been aiming for calm indifference but days of building frustration overtook him and the words came out as a shrill squeak that left him red-faced and panting.

Weasley responded with a single raised eyebrow and a slight twitch of his lips but the blue-eyed gaze didn‘t falter.

“What! What is it that you suddenly find so fascinating about me?”

This time the lips curled up into a knowing smile.

“Tell me you bastard! Say something!” Draco’s voice had risen to such a pitch that all dogs in the vicinity were probably clamping their paws over their ears and howling in pain.

Weasley shifted in his chair and for a moment Draco thought he was going to stand up but the irritating tit just stretched his unfeasibly long legs out in front of him crossing them at the ankles; letting out a sigh the red headed bastard then raised his hands over his head in a lazy stretch before lacing his fingers together behind his head and closing his eyes. Draco found himself suddenly dizzy with the effort not to notice several things all at once; the way the cheap black muggle jeans hugged long firm thighs; black muggle jeans worn thin in all the right places; the bare strip of flesh revealed under a faded t-shirt; a pale expanse of oh so lickable throat; ridiculously long eyelashes fanning freckled cheeks that his fingers twitched with the need to reach out and touch...

Suddenly Weasley opened his eyes; clearly amused by what he saw before him his face split into a wide grin. Then before Draco had a chance to collect his shattered wits the bastard stood up, winked and was walking away leaving behind a shaking, thoroughly turned on Slytherin who wasn’t even going to bother to try to kid himself that he wasn’t watching the way the Gryffindor’s arse moved in those deliciously well-worn jeans.


Pansy grinned as she looked up at the stand. Draco was still staring at Weasley’s arse. She started to laugh slightly hysterically. There was every chance that he was going to murder her - slowly over several weeks with blunt, rusty implements - when he found out what she’d done. She watched as the blond boy manoeuvred his broom into a better position to watch the retreating Gryffindor as he strode back towards school. Or perhaps not…

Of course the truly scary thing was that it pretty much depended on Weasley and what he intended to do with his new found knowledge. From what she had observed recently it seemed pretty clear that the red head was intent on teasing Draco into an inch of his life. Well, she was fine with that…Draco could do with a bit of teasing and Voldermort knew his ego could do with a bit of a work out. But she didn’t want to see him permanently damaged. She guessed that it all really came down to Gryffindor decency. She couldn’t imagine Weasley teasing with no intention of eventually seeing it through. After seven years of having to witness the ginger prat’s overblown self-sacrificing heroics she was fairly sure that he didn’t have it in him to be maliciously cruel…even to Draco. And if she hadn’t had a reasonably strong hunch that the Weasel’s interest in the blond went some ways beyond animosity then she would never have armed him with the means to humiliate her best friend. Pansy may have had a cruel streak that delighted in seeing Draco suffer but she wasn’t stupid. She just hoped her faith in Weasley’s honour hadn’t been misplaced. With one last wry shake of the head she turned and followed the Gryffindor’s path back to school.


“Ron, you’re doing it again” Hermione frowned at her friend.

“Doing what?” The red head didn’t bother to shift his gaze as he spoke.

Hermione’s frown deepened. “Staring at Malfoy. You’ve been doing it all week.”

“I know, it’s brilliant isn’t it?” The red head grinned as he finally dragged his eyes away from the Slytherin table and looked over at his fellow Gryffindor. “I’m sure I saw his eye twitch earlier.”

Harry sniggered at that, halting abruptly as Hermione shifted her frown from Ron to him.

Having successfully reigned Harry in she returned her attention to Ron, for all the good it seemingly did; the annoying sod was back to staring over her shoulder again. She decided to teach him a lesson. If he was going to be so irritatingly obtuse then she would give him a short sharp shock and wipe that smug grin off his face.

“You do realise Ron that if you continue to gaze lovingly at the blond prat then he’s going to start to think you fancy him.” She folded her arms across her chest feeling supremely pleased with herself and waited for Ron’s inevitable outraged response.

The red head turned his head toward her and grinned. Standing up, he grabbed an apple from a bowl took an enormous bite and with his mouth still full spluttered, “That’s the plan!” And with a parting wink he sauntered from the hall.

Harry snorted pumpkin juice through his nose. It wasn’t pretty.


“Parkinson, a word.” Hermione nodded her head towards the exit.

Pansy raised an impeccably plucked eyebrow - repressing a shudder at the sight of the two hairy caterpillars nestling above Granger’s eyes - then stood gracefully and walked slowly after the other girl. Normally she would have been tempted to tell the silly little Mudblood to bugger off but she had a feeling that the upcoming conversation was going to prove entertaining.

Once outside the girls began to walk slowly towards the lake.

“Right Granger, so what can I do for you?” Pansy glanced slyly at the other girl. “Need to borrow a plucking spell?”

Hermione scowled, which in Pansy’s opinion did terrifying things to the caterpillars…

“What? No…it’s about Ron and Malfoy.”

“Oooh.” Pansy stopped and turned towards the Gryffindor. “Is there a 'Ron and Malfoy’ then?” And she waggled her eyebrows for affect - and a gentle hint.

Hermione stared at her open-mouthed and Pansy couldn’t help but think that the girl was a terrible advert for her parent’s Muggle dental practise…I mean if they couldn’t sort out their own child’s teeth…

All at once the other girl seemed to pull herself together. “Look I know you must have noticed Pansy so please don’t play dumb - Crabbe and Goyle will feel threatened.”

Pansy grinned, of course she’d never admit it but she actually enjoyed her conversations with Granger; she was really rather witty when the mood took her and was certainly much more entertaining than most of the other blockheads she was forced to share a common room with.

“I take it you mean Weasley’s new found fascination with Draco?”

Hermione nodded vigorously, “That and Draco’s total failure to Crucio him in response.”

Pansy nodded sagely, “Yes, that does seem rather odd doesn’t it?” She smiled slyly at the other girl, “Unless of course you know all the facts.”


Ten minutes later both girls were sitting on the edge of the lake.

“Right Granger…are you sitting comfortably?” Hermione frowned and made a hand gesture clearly designed to express her wish that Pansy continue with all haste - who’d have thought that Miss Prim&Proper would even know such gestures - clearly she had been spending far too much time with Weasley.

Pansy grinned at the impatient Gryffindor. “Fine, then I’ll begin…Last Friday evening after dinner Draco and I got into a bit of a disagreement.” She was amused at Granger’s look of surprise, obviously the other girl knew little about her and Draco’s relationship; they had bickered incessantly since they had met at the tender age of four and now they both felt the day wasted if they hadn’t screamed a good few insults at each other before the sun went down. As her grandfather used to say - usually just before he went on a Muggle hunt - ‘never let the sun set on an argument…unless you have had the last word or hit the bastard between the eyes with a debilitating curse’…she sighed wistfully…she really missed dear old gramps…

On that particular evening however Draco had crossed the line; he had moved beyond their regular teasing snipes and touched a raw nerve. Of course Granger need not know that. Looking at the other girl she continued trying to sound as casual as she could. “Let’s just say that he threatened to tell my parents about a certain leaning I may have towards someone of not quite pureblood status and I was so angry that I left the common room rather hastily and the first person I literally ran into was Weasley. After he helped me up - he’s really rather sweet isn’t he, the way he blushes and gets all flustered around the opposite sex?” Noticing Granger’s narrow-eyed gaze she laughed. “Oh relax Granger! You may recall I just told you that my ‘leaning’ is for a non pureblood; rest assured I have no designs on your little Weasel.” She grinned. “The same however could not be said of dear Draco.”

Hermione had ducked her head at the ‘little Weasel’ but now she nearly gave herself whiplash as her head shot up to stare incredulously at the Slytherin girl.

“You mean…?”

Pansy interrupted her. “Yes, Draco fancies Weasley. Deliciously ironic don’t you think?”

The other girl just shook her head in amazement; still it would certainly explain an awful lot…

“So…” Pansy paused waiting for Granger to catch up to her; she didn’t have to wait long.

“Oh Merlin! You told Ron didn’t you?” It wasn’t really a question.

The Slytherin’s eyes were sparkling with amusement now. “Better than that…I showed him!”

For a moment Pansy thought Granger’s caterpillars were going to jump into her hair…never to be seen again and she couldn’t help but grin. To her surprise the other girl broke into a matching grin.

“I must say Granger you seem to be taking this remarkably well.”

Hermione shrugged. “Why wouldn’t I?”

Pansy let out a snort - though she’d deny it to her dying day (Parkinson’s didn’t snort) - and curled her lip. “Oh let me see…first off I’ve just told you that a Slytherin, moreover the boy who first called you a Mudblood, and quite possibly your biggest enemy fancies one of your best friends, who incidentally also happens to be a boy!”

The other girl shrugged again. “Draco’s not so bad.”

Now it was Pansy’s turn to look like her eyebrows were threatening to go AWOL. She narrowed her eyes and frowned at the Gryffindor in front of her. “We are talking about the same boy here right? Skinny, pasty-faced, obnoxious…likes to torture poor defenceless kitties and the odd stray Gryffindor?”

Hermione laughed. “Yes that certainly sounds like the chap.”

Pansy just shook her head…may the Dark Lord save her from idiots, drunks and Gryffindors…!

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