Sweet Puppy

Chapter 1

Warning: Non-Con in this chapter


Harry ran as fast as he could, ignoring the branches swiping at his face and the brambles ripping his clothing. All he could think was ‘keep running’. He wasted no breath shouting curses, instead pointing his wand randomly over his shoulder and concentrating as hard as he could on ‘impedimenta’ and ‘immobilous’ and ‘petrificus totalus’. Nothing was working; the harsh panting was still sounding close behind him…too close. But then, how was a seventeen year old boy supposed to outrun a full grown man with the blood of a werewolf pounding through his veins?

He shouldn’t have been out alone. But he had been so sure that a Horcrux had been in that cave. After all, it was the last place Regalus Black was supposed to have been hiding. Yes, Harry had decided to go with the theory that R.A.B. had been the brother of Sirius. Amongst all the possessions Harry had inherited, there had been journals belonging to the brother of his godfather, detailing the cave that Harry had been searching. Bill, Charlie, Ron, Hermione, Tonks, and Remus had been scheduled to come to Harry’s safe house tomorrow to help him, but Harry couldn’t wait. And now, he was regretting it deeply. For in that cave, Harry had discovered not a Horcrux, but a sleeping Fenrir Greyback – who was no longer asleep.

“C’mon!” Harry yelled at himself. His legs were quickly becoming numb with exhaustion.

“Ha!” came the barking rasp from behind. “You want me to catch you now, boy? And take all the fun out of it? Well, if you insist!”

Suddenly a roar filled Harry’s ears, and the crashing of branches from behind him increased. Oh God, he had sped up.

And just a second later, a huge, muscled body crashed down on him, and his wand flew out of his sweaty palm.

“No!” screamed Harry, scrambling at the leaves, coughing as his face was pressed to the dirt.

“Oh, yes,” the monster straddling his body growled. “I should take you to the Dark Lord now…yes, I should. But he’s not my Lord is he? No…I’m the Lord of werewolves, and he can’t stop me from having a little fun first….” The harsh breath heated the back of Harry’s already sweltering neck, and Harry flinched away from it. Beads of sweat dripped across his forehead, and he blinked it out of his eyes; this was pointless however – his glasses were crushed under his chest from when he fell.

“Has anyone told you, Potter? I’ve got a sweet tooth for the little ones,” Greyback rasped. His clawed hands tightened their hold around Harry’s wrists, and he flexed his thighs around Harry’s own, effectively trapping him. “I like ‘em during the full moon and every night in between….”

Harry cringed as the sound of a tongue licking sharp teeth reached his ears – the slurping of saliva was audible. How could he get out of this? How? Harry frantically began to struggle and shouted every curse he could in his head. A wolfish laugh broke his thoughts.

“Won’t work, boy. Or haven’t you noticed that I could take on that oaf Hagrid if I felt like it?”

“No you couldn’t” said Harry defiantly before he could stop himself.

The werewolf above him growled low in his throat. “You’re in no position to debate, boy. Not that you have any charms now, but you certainly won’t have any when I’m through with you…you’ll be just like that Weasley I took care of.”

Harry winced as the grips around his wrist tightened. The huge man above him through his head back and howled his triumph to the crescent moon, then lowered his jaws to the back of Harry’s neck, spittle landing in his unruly hair.

Harry began to shake uncontrollably. He’d be just like Remus, or Bill, and he couldn’t do anything. No one was coming; his life might as well be over. He’d failed Dumbledore, there was not point anymore.

All these thoughts swirled in his head before Harry noticed that Greyback hadn’t bitten him yet. He opened his eyes that he hadn’t known were closed. He heard a loud inhalation right next to his ear, then pungent breath hit the side of his face.

“Well, well, well…what is this?”

Harry lay still, confusion mingling with fear.

Above him, Greyback’s golden eyes were narrowed into slits, his nostrils flaring as he sniffed again behind Harry’s ear. It was impossible. He inhaled deeply, then plunged his nose into the boy’s hair, taking in rapid sniffs.

If Harry hadn’t been so scared, he would have found the situation amusing. The way Greyback was sniffing him reminded him of Fang. His thoughts were immediately stomped on when the man began to growl.

“It can’t be…,” he rumbled. He bent low and sniffed again. Then he darted his tongue out, licking a broad swathe over the back of the boy’s neck.

Harry froze, then began to tremble. Oh God, he was going to bite him now. Following that heavy, rough tongue would be sharp, thick teeth that would rip skin and sinew faster than his old Firebolt could turn.

As soon as Greyback had licked the quivering boy beneath him, his pupils began to dilate. He flexed his thighs again around the boy and lowered himself to his elbows so that he was lying directly atop the body that was so much smaller than his.

“It’s your lucky day, Potter,” he growled. This time however, when the werewolf licked his sharp teeth in his obscene way, Harry couldn’t deny the lascivious nature of the slurping sound. “You’ve got a scent about you, boy. Did your Lupin friend ever mention how…delicious you smell?” Harry shut his eyes tight as the man nuzzled his ear. “Or how exquisite you taste?” Harry clenched his teeth as the rough, yet wet tongue licked his cheek. “Did he ever explain the ways of the wolf? Or is he clinging to the notion that he can live his life as a wizard? Find someone who will love him?” Greyback chuckled deep in his throat, the skin around his eyes crinkling in cruel amusement. “Wolves find their mates by smell, boy. It won’t last with anyone else.”

Harry bit his lip, mentally shaking his head. This couldn’t mean what he thought it meant. The man who was truly a beast laughed above him, then thrust his pelvis down against Harry’s lower back. Harry couldn’t suppress the whimper that sounded from his clenched throat and a wave a nausea hit his stomach.

“Yes, boy. You understand what I’m saying. I always knew you’d be a quick one.” Greyback’s lips pulled back in a predatory smile as he began to undulate against the boy beneath him. His strong thighs fell to the outside of the boy’s, and he squeezed them together hard enough that he got another whimper out of the boy. He laughed his rumbling laugh again, and licked a trickle of sweat from the boy’s neck. He exhaled against the boy’s moistened skin, pleasure stirring in his loins and nose – the smell of sweat, dirt, fear, and innocence was overwhelming. Not that he hadn’t smelled those scents before – it was the exact combination that drew him to his prey; but this was different. The difference was knowing that what was trembling underneath him was rightfully his to do with as he pleased, not some babe who didn’t listen to their mother and got lost in his woods.

Greyback’s undulations became stronger, more aggressive. Harry was wincing as his own hips were being slowly pushed into soft ground littered with rocks. His glasses were still trapped beneath his chest, and the lenses were digging into his sternum. He focused on that sensation with all his might so that he didn’t have to think about the heat radiating against his backside, or the incredibly thick pressure that could only be the man’s erection. Harry suddenly felt the insane urge to vomit.

“Mmm, but isn’t this perfect, pup? Our first joining, right under the mother moon…” Greyback laughed harshly. “How wonderful.”

Roughly, the man lowered his teeth to the back of Harry’s shirt and he tore the neck of it completely to shreds. Harry whimpered and resumed his scrambling, but he only succeeded in pushing the lenses underneath him into the damp earth; now, there were no distractions from the pressure above him. A frustrated sob escaped his lips.

“Ah, you definitely are my mate, Potter. How else would you have known that I love the taste of young tears?”

“I’m not crying,” said Harry desperately, continuing to wriggle. Greyback released one hand, and Harry let out a triumphant noise as blood began to flow back into his fingers. His glow immediately left him as he realized Greyback was tearing at his own clothes, the sound of fabric ripping disturbing the otherwise peaceful night.

“No,” said Harry, his left cheek pressed against the earth. “No, no, no, no….”

Greyback growled a pleased growl and clawed the pitiful remains of Harry’s shirt from his back, revealing a fragile looking snow-white back, the shoulder blades moving frantically. Greyback gripped the boy’s biceps and lowered his broad tongue to the top of the boy’s spine, then dragged it slowly down, relishing the boy’s mantra becoming louder. When his tongue reached the top of the boys loose denim jeans, he sank his teeth into the fabric and ravaged the pants until white, thin underwear revealed itself. He lifted his crotch off of the boy long enough to pull down the boys pants and pull of his own. His inhuman erection sprang from its confines and he let out a delighted whine as he lowered himself atop the squirming boy again. Immediately he resumed his grinding, this time shoving the boy’s thighs apart with a knee before settling down. He snaked his arms under and around the boy’s arms and began to graze his canines across the back of the boy’s neck, letting his tongue lap at the collecting sweat. This was heaven.

Harry couldn’t remember feeling more helpless. Even when Dumbledore died, and he couldn’t move to stop Snape, he hadn’t felt more useless. He couldn’t fight this thing, and he didn’t even have the excuse of a spell. His fingers dug into the soil, desperate for some sort of purchase. His silent tears had fallen sideways down his face and were now mingling with the dirt. The thing on him was so heavy, too strong, and too big, and whenever he tried to move, he only succeeded in being pressed into the dirt harder. He whimpered when his legs were kicked apart, and gagged with fear when he felt the man’s erection settle against his behind; it was too big, there was no way it would fit – for Harry wasn’t naïve. He knew exactly what the creature was planning to do, and the lump in his throat was getting closer to his mouth. He couldn’t hold back a sob of fear when he felt, for the first time, those teeth against his skin. Too hot breath skittered across his shoulders and neck, and a tongue tasted freely what no one had before.

“No, no, no, no….”

“Oh yes, my sweet puppy. Whimper all you want. I like the sound very much.” A lick to his neck, followed by a graze of teeth, then a sucking sensation followed the taunt. Greyback continued to lick, nip, and suck, and one of his clawed hands slid down the slender boy’s side, enjoying the shivers his nails produced. He tangled his claws in the boy’s underwear, then slipped it off and down the boy’s arse, lifting himself so that he could admire his mate’s body.

“Oh yes,” he growled again. He rolled to his side so that he could look fully at his mate, settling a hand on one of the lovely swells of flesh. He couldn’t resist grazing his index finger down the cheek, marveling at the faint scratch against the smooth whiteness. Harry flinched.

“Hmm. We can’t have that, boy. It’s time that you lose that shyness of yours.” Greyback bared his teeth in a predatory grin, and grasped the boy’s hip before yanking it up. Quickly he reached around and curled his hand around the boy’s young cock, and began to squeeze and pull. He no longer had to hold the boy down. He wasn’t even struggling anymore; just curling in on himself, whimpering and pressing his thighs together, as though hoping that would stop him. Greyback laughed, then scooted forward, molding himself to the boy’s arse, releasing the now half-hard cock.

“We’re not doing this sideways, so don’t get comfortable pup,” said Greyback into Harry’s ear, darting his tongue out for a lick. “They don’t call it doggie style for nothing. Roll back over.”

Harry didn’t move, so Greyback shoved his hip against the boy and reared up onto his knees. He grabbed the boy’s slender hips in his clawed hands and pulled the boy’s arse up, so that his back was arched. Greyback grinned, then lowered his mouth to the end of the boy’s spine.

Harry whimpered at the uncomfortable position his back was in. He knew it would ease the pressure if he got to his knees but he refused to make this easier for the wolf. He bit his lip when he felt the rough lick of a tongue against the top of his arse. Was Greyback going to…lick him…down there? Again, the urge to vomit made itself known. God, what an animalistic thing to do. The sharp claws were digging into his sides, so he focused on that, instead of the tongue that was beginning to travel down in between…

Greyback’s cock was leaking continually now. The taste and smell of the boy was incredible. He tongued the boy’s virgin hole ruthlessly, eager to feel it open and contract, shyly letting him in. He gave a sharp nip to one of the cheeks and enjoyed the whimper it produced. His mate was so fun to play with…

When the man stopped thrusting his tongue inside him, Harry was glad. His face was so hot that he thought it would explode, and he felt even more violated than when Greyback touched his cock. He hated the feeling of his hole opening like…like he liked it. He was trembling with shame by the time Greyback rose once more and stretched out against Harry’s arched back. Greyback shoved his head down next to Harry’s and nuzzled his ear and neck.

“I’ve been gentle with you till now, pup. But I can’t hold back anymore, it’s not in my nature. Brace yourself…I’m going to rip you apart.” The werewolf concluded his statement with an almost loving lick up the side of the boy’s heated face.

Greyback positioned his now slicked cock at the boy’s virgin entrance. He put one arm down to the ground, resting his forearm beside the boy’s own elbows, and clung to the small hip with the other. He rested his head in between the boy’s shoulder blades, then began to push.

Immediately the boy began to yowl like the wolf Greyback knew was there. He smiled his teeth-baring smile, then surged forward powerfully, throwing his own head back and letting go a howl of his own. The boy’s whines and whimpers fueled his arousal, and with a growl he slammed forward, breaking the tight ring of muscle and the scent of blood filled his sensitive nose. He roared then, so aroused that he forced himself completely inside his mate, scratching his teeth against a quaking shoulder, his clawed hand digging into the boy’s side. He began to slam his hips back and forth with a monstrous quality, all the while his ears feasting on the boy’s puppy yelps and whimpers. His chest heaved with the effort he put forth, and he completely mounted the boy, shoving himself completely inside with each thrust. After what felt like hours, Greyback howled his climax to the moon and collapsed atop his used mate.

And that was how Severus Snape found them, before he whipped out his wand and shouted "Stupefy!" 


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