Sweet Puppy

Chapter 5

The next morning found Harry bleary eyed and deeply unsettled. After he had raced back into the cottage, he had dove under his covers and stayed there for the rest of the night. He did not sleep at all, and when the sounds of the others waking up reached him, he welcomed it and began to set the table for breakfast. Hermione was the first one to come through the door and sit down, a careful expression on her face.

“Good morning…,” she said timidly. “How did you sleep?”

Harry shook his head. “I didn’t.”

“Oh,” said Hermione. Her hands twisted in her lap, and she stared at her plate.

“Don’t worry about it, Hermione,” said Harry exasperatedly. “I’ll be okay. I’m used to losing sleep, after all.”

Hermione nodded quickly. They both turned as Remus made his way into the room, Tonks trailing behind him.

“Wotcher, Harry. Good morning, Hermione,” said Tonks, sitting down.

“How was your night, Harry?” asked Remus, eyes focused. Harry felt suddenly like one of the creatures that Remus had kept in the tanks in his office.

Harry shrugged, not wanting to make a scene in front of Tonks and Hermione – inside, he wanted to throw himself at Remus’ feet and beg him to take back everything he had told him about werewolves; he wanted the sun to stay up forever, he wanted to never have ventured into that cave, he wanted Dumbledore never to have died, and he wanted, wanted, wanted – instead, he avoided Remus’ eyes as he poured everyone a cup of tea. As the minutes ticked by, chairs were filled with their occupants and breakfast plates were filled and cleared. Harry couldn’t get away with doing the dishes again – Charlie got to the sink first in an effort of silent apology. It wasn’t until Remus mentioned that he was going to ask Greyback if he wanted any breakfast that Harry began to fidget again.

“Er, Remus?” he asked quietly while everyone else chattered at the table. “Can I go ask him with you?”

Remus’ eyebrows rose in surprise. “Why would you want to do that? Are you alright?”

Harry nodded quickly. “It’s just…I didn’t get much sleep last night. You know, with the moon and all.” Remus nodded. “I think if I just saw him for a minute, I’d feel better.”

“Are you feeling sick?” asked Remus, concern written all over his face.

Harry shook his head, eyes lowered. “It’s more like…like that feeling you get when you know you were supposed to do something, but you didn’t – and now you feel guilty about it….” Harry bit his lower lip. “That didn’t make sense, I know, but –”

“It’s alright, Harry,” said Remus. “I understand. Let’s go.”

Harry followed closely behind Remus as they neared the paddock. Once again, the werewolf was sitting in the corner, his back turned on them.

“Good morning, Greyback,” said Remus. Greyback simply grunted.

“Would you like some breakfast?” asked Remus, voice injected with forced cheeriness.

“Is that what the pup is doing with you?” Greyback growled, turning his intense gaze on Harry. “You’re offering me a quality breakfast?”

Harry couldn’t help but take a step towards Remus, but in order to save face, he shot the werewolf a defiant glare. Greyback seemed to find this amusing because he let loose a rumbling chuckle.

“You must be hungry, Greyback,” Remus continued, as though he hadn’t heard. “What would you like…eggs? Ham? Bacon?”

Greyback screwed up his face in revulsion. “You should know by now that my tastes run more…raw.” His eyes shifted back to Harry, and he licked his lips – Harry shrank back.

“I’m not giving you a human to chow on, so a raw steak will have to do,” snapped Remus, losing patience.

Greyback glared, but let out a clipped, “Fine.”

Remus turned to Harry. “Would you like to go back in, Harry? I can finish this up.”

“No,” said Harry, plucking up his nerve. “I’ll wait here; you go get the steak – I’ll be fine.” Greyback watched the exchange with interest, rising to his knees and grasping the fence as he had last night. Remus gave each of them one last look, then turned on his heel and headed back to the cottage. Harry bit his lips nervously and crossed his arms in front of his chest, then turned hesitantly to Greyback.

“She was pretty hard on you last night, wasn’t she?” asked Greyback, eyes piercing. Harry didn’t need to ask who ‘she’ was; the moon’s authority was one of a mother’s – Harry wasn’t sure how he knew this, as he’d never had a real mother, but after observing Mrs. Weasley and her rein over her many children, Harry had a good enough idea as to what it felt like. Harry didn’t answer Greyback’s question – he already knew the answer anyway.

“What about you?” Harry asked, his voice almost a whisper. It seemed surreal to be talking to the man who had raped him so recently.

“Ah, it was torture,” said Greyback raggedly, looking towards the skies. “It felt like getting whipped over and over; it was my fault – she was punishing me. I had lost you, after all.”

Harry’s arms hugged himself tighter at the man’s regretful tone. “What do you mean, you ‘lost’ me?”

Greyback flexed his arms as he pulled himself forward and back, rocking on his knees. “I guess I didn’t lose you. That son of a bitch took you. It wasn’t my fault…she doesn’t think so, though.”

“Snape saved me,” said Harry, voice strangled. “You sound like he did something wrong! If he hadn’t come –”

“If he hadn’t come, you’d be mine – I’d have you and I wouldn’t be stuck in this bleeding cage.” Greyback’s lips were pulling back in a scowl, revealing his sharp yellow teeth. The sight of them brought back the sensation of sharpness grazing across his back, and Harry couldn’t hold back anymore.

“But I don’t want to be yours!” he burst out, tears flowing freely for the first time since he had been attacked. “You’re a monster, you raped me –”

“I may be a monster,” Greyback roared, jumping to his feet. “But I didn’t rape you – you belong to me, and I can do whatever I want with you –”

“No!” Harry sobbed, falling to his knees. He wanted to vomit, to scream, but in his head and heart, he knew he couldn’t last through another night like he had – he would have to submit to the creature in front of him – and soon .

“Yes!” Greyback was snarling, teeth exposed and spit flying. “And I’ll get out of here soon enough! The others will come for me, and then your little friends will be dead, and you’ll be with me –”

“What?” Harry asked, eyes widening, sobs stopping almost immediately. “What did you say – what others?”

Greyback smiled nastily. “Haven’t you been paying any attention, boy? Or have you only been thinking about yourself?” Harry shivered. “The cave you stumbled into – it’s the entrance to our hideout. You have no idea how close you are to a hundred or so more of us ‘monsters’.”

Harry stared up at the wolf behind the fence in horror. Greyback kept his eyes locked on Harry’s, and they stared at each other until they heard the footfalls of Remus, hurrying to get to them.

“Harry!” he shouted, his voice puffing. He dropped a plate holding a bloody steak and grabbed Harry by the underarms, hauling him up to stand. “Harry, I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have left you –”

“Don’t baby him, Lupin, he’s fine,” said Greyback harshly, eyeing the steak.

Harry huddled in Remus’ embrace, deaf to the man’s alarmed voice as he continued to stare at Greyback.

“Harry, what happened, what did he say –”

“Damn you, Lupin, give me the steak –”

“I’m not giving you anything, Greyback!” Remus bellowed, voice like nothing Harry had ever heard before. It snapped Harry back to the present, and he said quietly but firmly, “Give him his breakfast, Remus. Please, I want to go inside.”

Remus stared at Harry’s tear-streaked face for a moment, then turned to the fallen steak, his expression completely vulnerable. Almost with a bit of confusion, he picked up the plate and slid it under the flap at the bottom of the paddock door. Greyback scooped up the steak with his claws, then bit into it savagely and turned his back on the pair. Harry watched the scarred, pale back for a moment longer, then began to walk to the cottage, Remus’ arm over his shoulders.


* * *


“Well, his story checks out,” said Tonks exhaustingly, plopping down into a chair, closely followed by Charlie. “There’s a new guard in the cave already.”

“How did you get close enough to see him? Wouldn’t he have smelled you?” asked Hermione.

“Anti-scenting charm,” said Charlie smugly. “We use it in Romania when we stake-out the dragons.”

“And it was a her, not a him,” added Tonks. “She had long, thick silver hair. Anyone you know, Remus?”

“Describe her build,” said Remus, sitting at the table.

“Slim,” said Charlie, looking thoughtful. “But strong looking – she looked around thirty maybe.”

“Sounds like Vadania Nestrobber,” said Remus, running a hand through his hair.

“That’s some name,” said Ron, chewing on an apple.

“They all have names like that,” Remus sighed. “It’s Greyback’s way of shedding everything human – he wasn’t born a ‘Greyback’. The pack names each member according to some trait. I’ve said before that Greyback believes that biting children while they’re young, then brainwashing them against wizards and humans alike is the way to go. Vadania Nestrobber has stolen the most children, more than the rest of the werewolves combined…she lures them with her beauty and motherly persona, then takes them away – essentially, she robs nests…,” Remus trailed off, looking ashamed, as though the other wolf’s behavior was somehow his own fault.

“Greyback said they’d come looking for him soon,” said Harry, leaning his elbows on the table. He was physically and psychologically exhausted, but had wasted no time in warning the rest to what Greyback had revealed to him. What resulted was a stake-out of the cave performed by Tonks and Charlie and a relentless swapping of plans if the werewolves attacked. By the time they were all together again, it was nearly dinner. As Harry listened to idea after idea, a plan of his own began to buzz in his head.

All of the ideas that had been tossed around so far had not involved Greyback’s release; to do so would unleash a killing machine on them all, not to mention giving Greyback an opportunity to alert the other werewolves to their presence. While Harry understood the reasoning for keeping Greyback with them, he also knew that the werewolves would never be fooled by a polyjuice Greyback, and that they would have no problem tracking him if they moved their base. He wanted to suggest his plan, but he also knew that Remus would never let him carry it out, for it involved some major sacrifice on his part, as well as putting an awful amount of trust in Greyback. He’d just have to run it by Greyback himself. As soon as dinner was over, he came to a decision - after telling Ron and Hermione to cover for him, he put on his Invisibility cloak once more, and slipped past Remus and the rest of the adults at the table and through the door.

As he walked the considerable distance to the paddock, Harry rethought his plan. Yes, he was terrified of Greyback, but he cared about the lives of his friends more than his own. The threat of a hundred vicious Voldemort-supporting werewolves, in human form or not, bearing down upon them all was enough to snap Harry out of his near-breakdown state, and realize the advantage he had over Greyback: as much as the werewolf snarled and snapped at him, he still needed him, or he’d go insane as well as Harry.

“What are you doing back, Potter?” Greyback groused on his arrival. “I thought you’d all be long gone by now.”

Harry dropped the cloak. “We’re not going anywhere. But you are.”

Greyback turned and looked at him. “Oh? And where are you all hiding me?”

Harry shook his head. “I’m not going to hide you. I…I’m going to let you go.”

This caught Greyback’s attention, and he swiveled on his heels to see Harry.

Harry swallowed, then straightened and continued. “I will let you go…and you will go back to the cave, and tell your werewolf friends that you’re fine, that you’re just exploring the area. Then you’ll come back…and you won’t hurt any of us.”

Fenrir couldn’t help but smile at his pup’s nerve. “And why would I do that?”

Harry gulped. This was the part he’d been dreading. But the thought that his friends could end up marred like Bill or worse spurred him to continue. “I’ll…I’ll give you…what you want.”

Fenrir leered, nostrils flaring. “And what is it that I want?”

Harry’s voice seemed to freeze in his throat. “You know,” he said finally. “And… you’ll come back, and you’ll answer our questions.”

“One thing at a time, boy,” Greyback growled. “You give me what I want, and I’ll let the pack know I’m alright. As to coming back, I don’t have much choice do I? The mother will see to it that I’m not away from you for long.” Greyback paused, his eyes flickering from Harry to the cottage. “Your keeper doesn’t know you’re out here.”

It wasn’t a question, so Harry said nothing.

“When are you going to let me out?”

Harry fidgeted. He wanted to put it off for as long as possible, but who knew when Remus would check up on Ron and Hermione, and supposedly Harry, in Ron’s room.

“I suppose...now would be a good time,” said Harry, refusing to acknowledge the trembling of his voice. He also avoided making eye contact with Greyback, whose pupils had begun to dilate.

“Then let me out,” Greyback rasped. Harry was suddenly made very aware that Greyback was naked, and not only that, but he was quickly becoming aroused. Harry’s hand shook as he aimed his wand at the lock on the cage door.

“Remember,” he said trembling. “Don’t hurt me.” His voice had dropped to a whisper. Greyback growled, muscles bunching in anticipation. Harry shut his eyes and let the incantation flow through his brain and out of his wand. The click of the lock caused Harry to flinch, and Fenrir licked his lips at the overwhelming smell of fear radiating off of the boy. Harry stepped back quickly as Fenrir pushed open the door. The werewolf took a crouched step forward, then before Harry could even move, Fenrir had his upper arm in one strong, clawed hand, and was hauling him off towards the trees.

“You said you’d give me what I want,” Fenrir was rasping, eyes bright in the rapidly descending darkness. “And right now, I want your pretty arse.”

Harry didn’t know what to say to that, so he said nothing. They were under the cover of the trees now.

“But – we have to be quick,” said Harry, panting with the effort to keep up. “Remus – he’ll come after me soon –”

Fenrir let loose a laugh hoarse with arousal as he tossed Harry lightly to the ground. Harry quickly spread out his Invisibility cloak, then scrambled onto it – he didn’t fancy being pressed into the dirt again.

“Just – be careful – go slow –,” Harry was saying as Fenrir pulled his shirt over his head. Harry raised his arms obligingly, not even letting himself think about what he was doing, or he feared he’d scream and run; he was also pointedly ignoring the weight that seemed to be lifting off his chest as Fenrir’s body pressed down upon his own – a feeling that should have been reversed.

Fenrir bared his teeth in a feral smile as he straddled his mate’s young body. The boy was staring at the ceiling of the trees with a fixed expression; well, that certainly wouldn’t do.

Harry let out a yelp as the buttons to his jeans were roughly undone, but he didn’t complain – at least they hadn’t been ripped off. He swallowed audibly as Fenrir leaned over him, and goose bumps rose on his arms as he felt the werewolf’s hot, hungry breath at his throat.

“Been wanting to do this ever since I heard you last night...” Fenrir growled into his ear. “You sounded so good….”

Harry whimpered and shut his eyes tight. He felt Fenrir remove his glasses, then the hot breath descended down his chest and hovered over his zipper.

“Take them off.”

It took Harry a few seconds to realize that Fenrir meant his jeans. He moaned in frustration; he had hoped he could just lie back and let the beast do all the work, but it seemed Fenrir was intent on making him take part. Shakily, he opened his eyes and unclenched handfuls of his father’s cloak to pull down his zipper. Above him, Fenrir was licking his teeth impatiently and his chest was heaving with rumbling pants – it seemed to Harry that he was likely to explode into a violent rage at any second, so he hurriedly lifted his hips to pull down his pants and underwear. Fenrir’s slow, satisfied exhalation drifted across his half-hard erection, and he bit his lip to stifle the sob that longed to break loose.

“Turn over.”

Harry hesitated for only a few seconds then turned over, ducking his head in embarrassment. His hips were roughly repositioned so that he was flat on his stomach, and his pants were pulled down to his ankles – he whimpered at the feeling of being exposed in the middle of the woods, and felt almost grateful when Fenrir leaned over his body.

“Don’t worry,” said Fenrir in a gravelly, consoling fashion. “I won’t go in.”

Harry shifted in confusion. “Then – then what are you going to do?”

Fenrir grinned at the boy’s apparent fright, then bent his head to deliver a slow, heavy lick across the small of the trembling boy’s back. He looked at the curve of his mate’s arse and couldn’t help but silently thank the mother moon for giving him such a beauty of a mate, then nuzzled the supple flesh with his nose.

“If you want to make this easier on yourself, spread your legs a bit more,” he rasped, nipping at a cheek.

Harry clenched his teeth at the feeling of the man touching him in such a private place; he tried to move but he couldn’t – he was frozen in fear. Above him, he heard Fenrir let out an agitated huff, then flinched as his legs were grabbed and pulled further apart.

“Better,” he rumbled. Harry tensed as the claws gripped his hips and pulled them up, then cried out, blushing furiously at his own sound as Fenrir wrapped his hand around his cock.

Fenrir was delighted at the squeal that graced his ears. Smirking devilishly, he flexed his hand around the boy’s cock as he licked at a quivering cheek – this pup was so delicious.

“You wanted to know what I’m going to do,” he rasped. “This is what I’m going to do.”

Harry’s back arched as he let out a silent cry – Fenrir had just grasped a cheek and pushed it over to deliver a rough lick to his hole. He immediately began to squirm at the sensation. Fenrir huffed against his entrance in laughter and squeezed tighter around his cock.

“Oh, I know you want it, boy,” he growled, voice deeper than it ever had been. “Know how I know? You’re winking at me.” Then Fenrir laughed against his entrance.

Harry buried his face in his cloak, totally embarrassed with himself. His body was completely betraying him – his cock was dripping, his body was trembling and worst of all, his legs seemed to want to spread wider and his hips were pushing back, and that was just wrong. He could feel everything – the silkiness of his cloak against his cock head and chest, the strong hand gripping him, the rough wet tongue stabbing and lapping at him, Fenrir’s stubble grating against his cheeks, his hot, moist breath – even the moon across his back, which seemed to be egging him on and that was not right either.

“Come on,” Fenrir was panting, nose to his skin. “Let me hear you, I want to hear you –”

Then he began to suck down there, and Harry couldn’t take it anymore. The idea that anyone would even want to do that was blowing his mind – the fact that he’d never been harder or wetter in his life had nothing to do with the cries he threw into the night.

Fenrir was beside himself with glee. The boy was positively moaning, wantonly arching his hips forward and back as his legs and arms scrambled for purchase. Fenrir grabbed at himself and roughly pulled as he licked further and further into the body that was his to play with. Soon he was pulling and squeezing both of their cocks, not having to even hold the boy down – he seemed willing enough, panting and writhing against his silly magic cloak.

“Yeah, that’s it,” he growled, moving up the boy’s body to nip an earlobe. “Just like that.” Fenrir aligned his body with his mate’s, sliding his dripping cock in between the boy’s thighs and he roughly pulled them together, creating a nice, tight passageway...

Underneath him, Harry began to shake violently – was he going to go in? He said he wouldn’t! But Harry quickly silenced his brain, saying he should have expected it, Fenrir was a cruel man after all – he even arched his arse back against the man’s cock in acceptance.

Above him, Fenrir snarled into the night, straddling the boy’s arse. He’d promised, and he wouldn’t go back on his word – if only the damned pup hadn’t wriggled like that, almost as if he wanted – but no, he couldn’t want it. Instead, Fenrir began to slide back and forth, cock trapped tightly between the boy’s thighs.

Harry shivered at Fenrir’s pleased growl, and gripped the cloak as his body was soon moving rhythmically forwards and back. Oh, this was all…Harry’s attention was soon fixed on the incredible feeling that was stirring in his groin. The constant friction against his cock, Fenrir’s own semen slicking his thighs and dripping on his balls…soon he was letting out a constant stream of whimpers as Fenrir pleasured himself above him. Fenrir was just rutting against him, he was using him –

And then Harry was coming, sudden and unexpectedly. Everything went white as he shook and spurted all over his cloak, and above him, Fenrir roared and picked up his pace, rocking Harry hard against the ground. Fenrir’s roars reached his brain through the thick haze that had come over him, and soon, hot cum was all over his arse and in between his legs. Harry lay there numbly as Fenrir collapsed beside him, and he didn’t even have the strength to fight as the werewolf pulled him against his body and spooned behind him, licking wetly at his sweaty neck.

“Mmm,” Fenrir was grumbling, nosing at the back of his neck. “Lovely, lovely…”

Harry flushed at the praise, and wriggled uncomfortably – being called ‘lovely’ after he’d just come and made more embarrassing noises than he knew he was capable of was disturbing, to say the least. He tried to ignore the fact that his thighs were beginning to stick together, and was that heavy dripping thing against the top of his arse what he thought…yes it was; ick.

Fenrir looked through his hair that had gotten into his eyes to see the slender curve of the boy’s shoulder, and he couldn’t help but lick at it…the moon was shining right on it, after all. Soon he was licking at the boy’s neck and jaw as well, tangy sweat settling on his tongue. He saw the boy’s face scrunch up as his tongue reached the boy’s eyelids, and he grinned at the boy’s discomfort – it was so amusing, how he tried to fight it. He nuzzled at the boy’s ear affectionately, wrapping his strong arms around the fragile chest, and was content to lie there like that for hours. But then his sensitive nose picked up on something.

“Fuck,” he spat. Harry looked up at him with fright.


Fenrir released his hold on the boy and sat up slowly. “Your bloody dog is coming.”

Harry bristled and sat up as well. Fenrir chuckled as he saw the little shake of fury – the boy had been totally mortified seconds ago, and now he was back to his indignant, righteous self, quick as a rabbit’s leap.

“I suppose I should go,” Fenrir rasped, eyes towards the cottage, ears trained on the sound of the other wolf’s footsteps.

Harry stared at the man – it almost seemed like he was expecting some sort of farewell. The absurd image of a woman waving a handkerchief as her husband went off to work filled his mind, and he stomped on it angrily.

“Well go,” said Harry shortly. “Remus will be here soon.”

Fenrir looked at him appraisingly, then slowly crept on all fours towards Harry, pushing him down and completely covering him again.

“Wait, hey!” Harry muttered, panicked. “He’ll see you, you should go –”

Fenrir interrupted him with a long, heavy lick to the side of his face, effectively silencing Harry.

“I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon at the latest,” he rumbled, eyes losing their usual harshness. “Before the moon rises tomorrow night.”

Harry stared up at him with wide eyes, then nodded hesitantly. Fenrir looked intently at his face as though setting it to memory, then backed off and turned into the forest, disappearing behind the trees – which left Harry feeling surprisingly abandoned.


* * *


“Sick! That’s how worried I was. Sick!” Remus was shouting as he steered a brooding Harry back to the cottage.

“I did what I had to do,” said Harry, starting to get angry. Didn’t Remus have any gratitude at all?

“What you had to do? Harry,” said Remus, looking lost for words. “Harry, it’s dangerous, he’s dangerous! He could go and bring the whole pack down on us –”

“He won’t,” said Harry. He didn’t know how he knew that, but he just knew it…not after that look the wolf had given him. That look that said it would be torture to be away from him.

“Harry, you can’t know that. You don’t know that.”

“God, Remus!” Harry shouted, jerking away from his grasp. “There are a lot of things I don’t know, but I know he can’t hurt me or he’ll go mad! If he tells his pack we’re here, they’ll attack – I could be killed; he won’t tell. Besides, he said he’s coming back tomorrow, and he’ll probably answer our questions if I bribe him again,” Harry finished, wrapping his arms around himself defensively.

Remus stared at Harry with wide, incredulous eyes. “Harry…you must know I can’t possibly let you do that again.”

Harry bit his lip, tears threatening to fall again. “Remus, you make it sound like I want to do this. I don’t! But it’s the best way – and as much as it makes me sick to say it, I feel better after having done it. The moon’s not angry with me now, she’s – it’s satisfied.” Harry hurried the last few steps to the cottage and trotted up the stairs, leaving Remus staring at him, concerned eyes glowing in the darkness. 



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