Sweet Puppy

Chapter 10

Harry sighed contentedly as he pulled his shirt back over his head. He could hear Fenrir grumbling behind him as his zipped up his jeans, and he chuckled at the sound of the man’s annoyance.

“You have to wear them, Fenrir – Remus will have your hide if you prance around starkers.”

“Or I’ll have his if he makes me wear anything else,” muttered Fenrir, finally getting the old shorts fastened. “And I don’t prance.”

Harry bit his lip to hide his grin and turned to look down at the man sitting on the forest floor. ‘We just had sex,’ thought Harry. He could barely wrap his mind around the idea; he willingly had sex with a werewolf – an extremely dangerous werewolf at that – and they were mates. They also kissed – or done something that sure felt like kissing. And Harry couldn’t wait to do it all again.

Fenrir groaned as he stood up, then stretched his arms to the sky as he arched his back. Harry gulped; his eyes darted up and down, taking in the incredible power that was standing before him. He hardly ever saw Fenrir stand up straight like this; he was usually in his standard crouch position, or leaning over him. The man was just – incredible. He was so tall, so strong. Battle scars adorned his body, and his skin was no longer as pale as it had been – he was gorgeous.

“Like what you see, boy?”

Harry coughed and moved his head as if to scoff. “Nothing I haven’t seen before.”

Fenrir leered down at him showing his teeth, which, admittedly, were still rather frightening looking. “Oh, really? Seen a lot of humans like me, have you?”

Harry turned towards the direction of the cottage in order to hide his grin and began walking. “Oh, sure – in the Quidditch locker rooms, or in the dormitories –plenty of them.”

Fenrir growled behind him and Harry sped up, biting his lip. He couldn’t believe his own daring – he was flirting with Fenrir! And it was fun. Remus would kill him.

“Not so fast, pup.” Harry gasped as Fenrir’s arms seized him around his waist, and he gulped as Fenrir bent over, forcing Harry’s head down. “I want to hear more about these…other men.”

Harry chuckled nervously. He was just playing around, and so was Fenrir – but he knew that deep-down, Fenrir probably didn’t like the idea of ‘other men’. “What about them?”

“Did they have this?” asked Fenrir huskily, thrusting his pelvis forward.

Harry gasped, then moaned as he felt Fenrir’s hardening cock against his arse. “You – you can’t be serious,” he panted. “We just did it.”

“So what?” murmured Fenrir, sliding one of his clawed hands up Harry’s shirt; Harry shivered as the sharp nails trailed across one of his nipples. “I have to show my wayward pup that there are no other men.”

“Oh – of course there aren’t any oth – ohh…” Harry trailed off as Fenrir began to suck harshly on his neck. Harry bent his head away from him, exposing his neck as much as possible – he was quickly learning what Fenrir liked – and if Harry was completely honest with himself, he liked making Fenrir happy, especially if it felt really good for him too. Like when Fenrir bit his neck – just – there–


Fenrir pulled back with a snarl. “Fuck! The bitch always spoils it.”

Harry groaned with exasperation and untangled himself from Fenrir’s arms.

“I’m here, Remus!” he called. Within seconds, Remus came charging through the thick brush, his lit wand held aloft as he came into view. Bill soon appeared at his side as well, a smirk adorning his face as he caught sight of the pair.

“I thought you’d be with him,” said Bill knowingly.

“Harry – Greyback – what’s going on?” demanded Remus, still breathing shallowly.

Harry blushed, sure that what had been going on was quite evident from their appearance, not to mention their smell. He could almost hear Fenrir leering behind him.

“I went for a walk. I found Fenrir,” said Harry as innocently as possible.

“More like I found you,” said Fenrir, throwing a heavy arm around Harry’s shoulders. “You should teach this boy a few lessons about not walking alone in the woods, Lupin. Why don’t you read him that muggle story, huh? Would have done him some good, I’d wager.”

Harry cringed; Remus hated being patronized by Fenrir.

Luckily, Remus seemed to have caught on to Fenrir’s bait tactics, for he merely clenched his jaw before saying, “Harry, we were looking for you. It was very irresponsible of you to–”

“I know,” said Harry quickly. “I just – needed to clear my head, you know. Sort out a few things.”

Remus glared, then said harshly. “Well I hope you got them sorted. We’re going back now.” He turned abruptly towards the cottage, his shoulders tense with pent-up anger. Bill spared Harry a sympathetic glance before turning to follow.

“Well get moving, boy,” said Fenrir, giving Harry a sharp pat to the rear. Harry tuned to face him.

“What about you? Aren’t you coming?” Harry tried to conceal his wishes, but he knew it must be written all over his face that he wanted Fenrir to join them.

Fenrir smiled a wry smile, then rasped, “I’ve got a few things of my own to sort out.”

“Oh,” said Harry, suddenly deflated. “Well, are you coming back tonight?”

Fenrir made a face that suggested it was possible, but not likely. Harry pursed his lips in annoyance.

“So, where are you going then? The stream?”

“It’s where I always go to think,” replied Fenrir.

“Yeah, there – or the cave,” said Harry. He knew he sounded like a spoiled teenager, but he couldn’t help it – Fenrir had been gone for practically a whole week.

“I had business that I needed to tend to, boy,” said Fenrir roughly, as though reading Harry’s mind. “I’m risking a lot to be here with you, I hope you know.”

Harry swallowed his retort. He’d forgotten… Fenrir’s pack wasn’t on their side… was Fenrir even on their side? Harry glanced at the forest floor, suddenly feeling unsure of himself.

“What kind of business?” he asked in a small voice. Was he getting Fenrir in trouble?

“Politics of the pack. You understand,” said Fenrir gruffly, not willing to say anything more.  

“Oh,” said Harry again. “Okay, well…I’ll see you tomorrow?” He looked up hopefully.

Fenrir leered down at him. “I’d better. Now that you’re willing to spread your legs, I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of me.”

Harry’s jaw dropped and he felt his face heat, humiliation filling him. Before he could say anything, Fenrir reached down and pushed his jaw back up.

“But it’s more than that, puppy. You know that.”

Harry’s heart stopped short, then began to beat wildly. Fenrir’s clawed hand was still holding his jaw with delicate care, and he leaned down and nudged his nose against the cheek he had marked earlier that week. Harry’s eyes drifted shut, and he turned his face towards Fenrir’s.  

“I suppose you want proof,” Fenrir whispered against his cheek. Harry’s chest fluttered as he felt Fenrir’s stubble graze his face, and he made a committing sound in his throat, unable to speak.

“At your request, I’ll take that bloody potion,” Fenrir whispered.

“But you were already going to do that,” said Harry, just as quietly.

“Well then what will do?”

Harry swallowed as Fenrir’s sharp golden eyes met his. “You’ll come back, right?”

Fenrir nodded.

“Just…come back tonight,” whispered Harry.

Fenrir gave him a piercing stare. “You really don’t like me leaving, do you puppy?”

Harry shook his head. “I really don’t like it,” he admitted, almost ashamed of his need.

“Harry! Let’s go!” Remus shouted from ahead.

Harry sighed and began to move away.

“Wait. Come here,” said Fenrir.

Harry moved back and Fenrir pulled him into his arms. Harry pressed his face to the werewolf’s chest, inhaling his smell. God, he really was becoming needy, wasn’t he? And he wasn’t so sure it was entirely the moon anymore…. He felt breathing against his hair, and he realized that Fenrir was smelling him too. He allowed himself a small smile, then Fenrir let him go and turned away, disappearing into the darkness.


* * *



Fenrir emerged from beneath the water, shaking his hair and wiping his eyes. As much as he hated to wash the smell of the boy from his body, it was necessary in case that weasel of a wolf was slinking around. Devis Bloodjaw was doing his best to cause mayhem back at the cave, and Fenrir couldn’t assume that he wouldn’t be followed to his stream. He couldn’t bring Harry here anymore – it was too dangerous.

Fenrir growled to himself – he was going to have to tell Lupin and the others. It was necessary….

As soon as Fenrir entered the cave, he knew something was not right. It smelled different. The main den was rank with discord and confusion, and he could feel the weight of every man, woman and child’s eyes as he ascended the raised platform in the center of the den.

“I have news for you all – I have been mingling with a nearby pack.” Growls and yips of confusion spewed from all sides – it was Greyback’s policy to steer clear of any unknown wolf, especially after Lupin had been exposed as a traitor.

“Silence! I have established my dominance over their leader! They do not mean us harm!” More grumbles and snarls of distrust. “They have revealed to me information that I am now entrusting to you.” Whines of excitement and anxious movement. “The Dark Lord has turned his back on them! He has killed one of their pack!” Cries of confusion, alarm, and disbelief echoed all around the walls.  

“It can’t be true, my Lord!”

“There must be a reason!”

“Silence!” roared Fenrir. “It is true! Any who think me a liar, step forward and challenge me!” No one did.

Fenrir shook his head again, clearing his mind. He could still feel the sensation of blood racing through his veins as he lied to his pack. He had never done that before. But it was necessary. Necessary….

“Greyback, I must speak with you,”

“Not know, Blackmane, I am busy,”

“Greyback – Fenrir, please,”

Fenrir took a steadying breath then turned to face the black-haired man. “What is it, Blackmane?”

 Lawcian Blackmane glanced around before whispering, “Bloodjaw is not satisfied with your reason for leaving”

“Of course not; none of you are – you can’t bear to be without your lord,” said Fenrir. “What of his displeasure?”

“He is speaking of mutiny.”

Fenrir stared into the other werewolf’s eyes. “What?” he asked, voice barely audible.

“He – he is not manageable, Fenrir. Vadania can’t control him anymore. I am sure he has formed alliances with some of the core – who knows how many of the pack – they will turn on you, if you give them reason, Fenrir.”

“And why is this? What reason have I given to make the pack distrust me?”

Lawcian shook his head. “It is not about reason, Fenrir. Bloodjaw wants power – he always has – and with you gone for weeks at a time, he is no longer satisfied with his position of core. He wants you gone, Fenrir.”

“Then let him challenge me! Let him come!”

“You know as well as I that no one can best you in a fair fight – if he does challenge you, it will be with as many others as he can convince.”

Fenrir shook his head angrily. “Convince them of what? That I am weak? That he is stronger? Hah! No one will be convinced of that.”

“Fenrir,” said Lawcian, leaning forward. “You’ve changed. He’s noticed, Vadania’s noticed, I’ve noticed – and I’m sure some of the pack has noticed.”

“And how am I changed?” asked Fenrir, sneering.

Lawcian shook his head. “I don’t know – you no longer speak of blood, of pain – you sound different. You – you speak like…like a human, Fenrir.”

Fenrir dragged his body out of the water and flopped onto the sandy bank. Was it true? Did he no longer sound like a werewolf? Act like a werewolf? The mother moon had not shown displeasure with him – she had always encouraged his slaying of humans – but now that he had stopped, she did not encourage him to feed again. What did this mean?

And what of a mutiny? Devis Bloodjaw had to be dealt with, before something terrible happened. He should have done away with him years ago – he had always been rather too ambitious – too hungry – too much like himself.

And who were these others that distrusted him? He knew Vadania would never turn her back on him; nor would Blackmane. Amaryllis Longfang could be a possible traitor – after all, she was always a jealous bitch, never satisfied with what he gave her. Perhaps even that sniveling muggle of a werewolf, Simon Bent-tail, could turn on him. But they were no threat. A threat would be the entire pack coming down on him – he would be run off the territory: a disgrace. No pack leader had ever been run off – and the first one would certainly not be him….

“Nestrobber, come here,” said Fenrir, gesturing for Vadania to stay while the rest of the core filed out of the den.

“Yes, Fenrir?”

“Will you be alright? At least for another week?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t I be?”

“I know of Bloodjaw’s plans.”

Vadania laughed, tossing back her silver hair. “Oh, that cur is talking crazy these days, Fenrir. He will be run off the territory before he can piss on your throne.”

Fenrir smirked, then suddenly he met Vadania’s eyes. “Vadania…you, of the entire core, will be honest with me. Have I changed?”

Vadania stared back at him for a moment before saying, “Yes. You have.”


Vadania gave him a considering glance. “You haven’t changed, I suppose. But you remind me of someone I used to know.”


Vadania allowed a small smile to grace her thin lips. “Oh, I am sure you have forgotten all about him…. Yourself. You, before you became the pack leader – when you were one of the core – before…before the Dark Lord.”

Fenrir slowly looked towards his hands. His nails, once caked permanently with dried blood, were clean, save for some dirt. He no longer could smell that smell of carnage about himself. But he could smell –

"Why? Why have I changed, Vadania?”

She kept her silver gaze level with his golden one. “You tell me, Fenrir.”

Fenrir brought his hands to his nose and sniffed. Yes, there it was. Undetectable to another – but not to him. The smell, several days old, of sweet skin….

“Vadania – I have Scented someone.”  



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