The Dark Knight Rises - Bane/John Blake


Behind the Mask by OneWhoSitsWithTurtles

    Blake has been causing problems for Bane in Gotham City. When Bane finally gets his hands on Blake, he decides to keep him off the streets where he can’t cause any more trouble.

    Rated: NC-17


Stigmata by underwater_owl

    Bane sends his men to bring him the Priest that supposedly helps Jim Gordon and his followers. Blake is at the orphanage when they come to take father "what's-his-name" so he puts on a clerical collar and pretends to be the Priest.  

    Rated: NC-17


What's in a Smile? by OneWhoSitsWithTurtles

    When Bane sees John smiling at an unknown woman, he feels the need to remind John just who he belongs to. 

    Rated: NC-17


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