Reviews for The One Where the Fire Nation Clearly Loses



SWEET! Oh, wow...this is absolutely brilliant. I was rolling, over and over and...actually, this is my second time going over it. >.< Only because I re-discovered it, and then checked to see if I had left a review last time, only to discover that I /hadn't/....and that was just absolutely unacceptable...because this totally totally deserves at LEAST several gushing OMGfangirl-spaztastic reviews for the book. Wonderful, wonderful job, all hilarious and hot and totally Sokka and teenage boy and...well, I really, really enjoyed it. Thanks for the endless grin and sore-from-laughing stomach. Never quit writing. ;)





*LMFAO!* OMG! *dies* That was perfect! *LAWL* Urgh, now I need more~!



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