Reviews for The Tale of Jack


D. Maya

YES! HE FOUND IT! YES YES YES YES YES! Oh my god! I was so worried - but Jack found it! IT'S SO PERFECT!
Ha! Man!




JACK! ;^;
GOLDIE!! b(^^)d
That is all! XD



D. Maya

Gosh! I was waiting so long for tis chappie! It's awesome! I wish Jack the best of luck - he needs some slack!




I love this story and i can't wait for more!




Aha, cool!  I love the reference to Alex and Red in there, and your talent for making it seem almost fairy-tale setting but then melding in modern details is cool, surprisingly fluid, but it's nice. (It's like, we have Jack and his Mom and I'm thinking peasants, and then there's a microwave and it's like ooohhhh, right, lol.)

Anyway, wow; there must have been drugs or something permiating in pollen form or something from that tree to keep him climbing like that without even thinking about it. If I saw a giant tree with stairs that just kept going and going........actually, I might climb it, really, but I'm not sure that's a normal reaction, hmm...oh well. Cool description, and...cliffhanger! Sort of, at least. Looking forward to seeing where you take this. :)




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