No one knew it but Kiba…just how wild Sai could be. 


The way the other cried out and was rocking and bowing under him was a side of the normally emotionless man that no one ever saw but him. No one ever saw Sai claw and scratch at him, demanding more and demanding it NOW. It had been like this since the first time they had been together, the first time Sai had experienced what it was like to be with someone other then his former boss. Kiba could barely believe it…Sai was a wildcat, in the purest sense of the word, in bed. He dropped the mask he constantly wore in public to show raw need and want. “So needy already, Sai.” Kiba teased, his tanned hand dragging down the center of Sai’s pale chest. He did it mostly to just compare their skin tones but…the way it made Sai arch and whine was a very nice added benefit. 

“Kiba…” The name came out as an uncharacteristic whine as Sai pressed up, trying to pull Kiba down. He wanted him inside him, he wanted that heat and stretch that could only be achieved by a hard cock pushing into his body. Nothing rivaled it, not even the most technological dildos or vibrators that promised to be just like the real thing. They were NOTHING like the real thing, nothing was like a heated erection spreading his insides and bumping against his prostate time and time again. “Please…” 

Kiba held back the moan when he felt the sensitive head of his erection bump against Sai’s slick entrance, just barely slipping inside the prepared hole. “You know I could never deny you anything.” The Inuzuka rasped out in a deep, aroused voice before he gripped Sai’s pale hips hard enough to bruise the fragile flesh as he pressed forward, the blunt head of his cock easily slipping past the tight ring of muscles making up Sai’s entrance. He groaned softly as his length slid easily to the hilt inside the smaller mans body, his hands gripping a bit harder at the others hips as he fought back the urge to just take…to own and dominate the man quivering under him. 

His control didn’t last long. The thin leash holding him in check was snapped just seconds later when Sai scratched long, red lines down the sensitive skin of his back. He lunged forward, stealing Sai’s breath with a deep, desperate kiss as he started thrusting hard and fast inside him, his hold on the others hips never letting up. It was almost like he was forcing Sai to endure the hard strokes into his body but he really wasn’t…Sai had never been unwilling of his advances and he never would be. 

Their pleasure spiked, their skin flushing an aroused pink as they rocked desperately into each others bodies. Each thrust was deeper, each stroke faster and every kiss hotter but they wanted more…they wanted more pleasure, more of those maddening sensations that made their vision waver and their breathing speed up. It ended all too soon for them, the quivering and shaking of their bodies intensifying too fast for them.

They came together, their pleasured screams mixing as their bodies arched, stilling as absolute rapture crashed through their systems, stealing their breath and wiping their minds of all coherent thought. Their hands moved lazily over each others bodies as they relaxed, contented noises coming from their throats as they laid together, two totally relaxed and contented men. 

“We should get back to the camp.” Sai murmured softly only a few minutes later, his stony and emotionless mask slowly reforming. He never lost control for long and it took him even less time regain it but…they both enjoyed it while it lasted. They both loved the loss of control that came with being together and indulging in the most carnal of pleasures.

Kiba made a slightly annoyed noise at that before pushing Sai back down, looking down at him with a cock grin. “Nope, not this time, Sai, you’re not leaving me this time.” He murmured before leaning down to kiss him again, the grin still on his features. His hands moved over the others body as they kissed, slowly making the partially reformed mask melt away.

And it started again.


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