Three Wishes

Chapter 6 - Speak My Language

Cold clung to him despite the magic, as if the vacuum of space, not so far away now, refused to let pitiable spells detour its effects. Norm floated, some countless thousand feet above the Earth’s surface, in the dead of night, watching the scene play out from a safe, far distance above. Beside him, Jorgen followed his example, and yet, though he wore no more substantial form of cover than the faintly shivering genie, the chill seemed to have bypassed the general completely, and his ice blue eyes kept focused on the land below without so much as a distracted flicker to acknowledge the temperature.

“Remind me why we’re here again?” Norm suddenly questioned, giving in to the irritation itching at his system as he folded his arms crossly and breathed out, making a slim column of steam with his breath in the thin atmosphere before him.

“Your plan, not mine.” Jorgen rumbled in his usual base drum roll. “We get a-“

“-view from above, determine enemy numbers and accumulated territory, seek out their base, then form a plan of action. Yeah, yeah, I know.” Again, the genie shuddered, grumbling mildly as he created a steaming cappuccino out of nowhere, brought it to his lips, then scowled as he found it frozen by the time it got there. “Remind me to sue myself later.” He muttered sourly, only partially sarcastic.

“If you hate this so much…why don’t you just fix it?”

For the third time in the past half-hour, the genie sighed at hearing the same question over again. “I’ve explained this already, nukes-for-brains…I may have rule-free magic…but I’m just one genie. Down there…they have thousands of pixies…all squandering their magic to keep things the way they want. Yes, my power is close to limitless but…there is such a thing as strength in numbers. Even if I did manage to turn it all back…the pixies could reverse the magic in seconds and it wouldn’t change a thing.” With a small frown, Norm dissipated his frozen coffee, summoning another and watching it ice over in record time. Some ten feet to his left, the fairy general scowled, obviously dissatisfied. “What?”

“You…are freezing coffee…in deep space…while PIXIES TAKE OVER THE PLANET!”

After waiting a moment to assure that the fairy had, in fact, finished, Norm gave a slow nod. “Yeaaahhh…and every time you do that…it becomes clearer to me why your only friends are a brainless dunce and the pink-haired daughter of the Fairy World mafia leader…”

“Just do something useful.” The tanker fairy muttered sourly, his expression vaguely akin to someone who’d just eaten a rather large dose of ripe lemons.

“Useful, huh? Well see…that’s were the problems start in cause…” A chain reaction of popping noises erupted around the genie as he hovered mid-air, a halo of espresso coffee cups forming an almost planetary ring around him, like Saturn except less colorful. “I have nothing useful left to do.” Each of the cups froze in turn, the dark brown steaming liquid solidifying into hard, icy blocks in seconds. “And as a side note…this isn’t deep space. It’s thin air.”

“You…are…” Jorgen obviously struggled as he searched for a word, mouth opening and closing several times before he eventually settled for a characteristic scowl, icier even than (in Norm’s opinion), the hundreds of frozen coffee cups now orbiting idly around the bored genie. “You frustrate me.”

“And you…hey, you trip my gag reflex! But that’s alright…all relationships start off with a few bumps and grinds right? Maybe a few scraped, bloody finishes? Add some broken eardrums to the mix, a spellbinding prejudice, a planet full of idiots, oh! And did I mention? World domination by a monotone race of pencil pushers!” As he took a moment to breathe, Norm summoned a small fire before him, grabbing one of the idly floating mugs around him and melting it over the flame as he started up again. “I mean sure, all things have their ups and downs, but we’re one big down, down, down-“

Jorgen opened his mouth to point out that that was, in fact, three little ‘downs’ and not one big one, but eventually shut it again as the genie continued without pause.

“-no friendship, no lasting memories, no tender caring yada yada… In fact, the only thing we do have is-“ The next moment, he found his words cut off by a hand, his body trapped firmly in the fairy’s hold and his back to Jorgen’s chest. Apparently, the general had summoned him as opposed to coming making the move himself, considering that the ring of coffee lay off to the side a good distance away, completely forgotten for the time being, and the one cup he had held over the fire seconds before now dangled uselessly from his fingertips.

“We have what now?” Jorgen’s voice rumbled past his ear like a slow clap of thunder, distant and foreboding. When the hand over his mouth left, Norm could only blink dully for a moment before heat rose in his cheeks and he scowled at his own foolishness.

“A big, whopping one-night sex fiesta…which, if I remember correctly, was absolutely ter-“ The words caught in Norm’s throat before he could speak them, violet eyes falling shut with a shudder that had nothing to do with the chill temperatures of the stratosphere as Jorgen’s lips trailed with surprising finesse over the shell of his ear. “Ab-so-lutely…t-…eh…”

“Answer me, sprite…” The German fairy purred lowly, the throaty tone lighting a match in the cavern of Norm’s gut and encouraging a spark that spread like wildfire. “Was it…terrible? Or terrific.” Jorgen’s teeth caught the cold metal of the genie’s piercing, teasing the small gold loop until Norm’s hands clenched against the large hands already circling his waist.

“Oh, Eden be cursed… It was both.”

Without a moment’s pause, the general swept down, abandoning the earring and claiming a far greater prize beneath him, and within seconds, the genie found himself surrendering the thought of pride never coming to mind once. Deftly, Jorgen’s tongue made its way between his lips, asserting firm dominance in an instant, and Norm felt a shiver of need and consent travel the length of his spine as his mouth succumbed greedily to the harsh invasion.

“Weren’t we…doing something…?” The genie managed to mutter between bouts of having his mouth ravaged by the insatiable hunter above him, but Jorgen merely rolled his shoulders in distracted disinterest.

“Yes,” the fairy eventually admitted, using his grip at the genie’s waist to tease at the tangerine silk that made up Norm’s new tux. “And now,” he continued, “we’re doing something else…”

“Mmph…” Norm meant to say more than that, he really did, but as Jorgen’s thumbs ran over the gold buttons of his top, tracing the cold, metallic circles, then destroying them each one by one with magic bursts, words abandoned him, and all he came up with was a sidetracked, “Ok.”

Each touch was a catalyst in a chain reaction that he couldn’t stop or slow down, even if he’d wanted to. The first had lit a spark, and now the heat spread through his body like wildfire, catching anything and everything in its path and simply letting it burn. Around them, a universe of stars twinkled silently in natural serenity, a perfect display of nature’s peace; below them, a race of darkness marched with emblazoned power, a perfect display of nature’s cruelty. Together, alone in the midst of space, the two magical beings created their own display of nature’s brilliance.

With his usual rough air of impatience, Jorgen eventually spun the captive in his grip, bringing Norm’s chest flat against his with an abrupt show of force and dragging the pliant genie into a searing, head-on kiss that quickly stole every last ounce of breath from between them, leaving the pair gasping in thin air. Literally. It didn’t slow them down much.

“You do realize…” Norm pointed out between chopped kisses. “…that a relationship built completely off of sex…” His hands trailed down the rock-solid wall of flesh before him, and the thin green material of Jorgen’s tank top beneath his fingers felt like tissue paper slipping over the surface of a boulder. “…is like a house built with nothing but papier-mâché and super glue?”

“It gets soggy in the rain?” The fairy questioned, his confused tone a thick rumble against the genie’s lips, and Norm only shuddered in silence as Jorgen single-handedly transformed his tux jacket and button-down white vest underneath into a loose pile of floating shreds, limp and useless in front of his bared tan chest.


“Because last time…” Caramel fingers clutched at the tight-fitting green cloth before them, a stuttered gasp of surprise escaping the genie before he could stifle it as Jorgen’s free hand gave a possessive squeeze to his rear. “…I liked the rain…”

Once over his brief shock, Norm’s eyes narrowed to glare of accusation, but Jorgen paid him no mind, turning his focus instead to running the demanding, callous fingers of his spare hand over the recently-bared flesh before him, ignoring the bits of shredded cloth still clinging there. In nearly no time, the genie tossed his inhibitions to the empty precipice of space and surrendered once again, head falling back in fiery bliss as the general’s lips began following after his hand, and stringing his own hands with needy insistence through the short, silver-white hair of his master.

“Jorgen…” A bulky grip cupped the firm curves of Norm’s ass once more, using the leverage to lift the genie higher and enticing a throaty moan in the process, much to Jorgen’s glee.

“You like this, flaschengeist?”

With his thighs on either side of his partner’s upper torso, Norm could almost feel the heat of the words as they pressed against his stomach, then slipped down low to create a painfully hot stirring between his legs. In his state, he couldn’t quite manage to wrap his mind around the utterance of German from his lover’s lips, but he did understand the first part of the question, and answered quickly with limited breath.

“Fuck, yes…”

“Call me ‘master’.” The order came steady and calm, a steady stone in a raging sea, unaffected by the wild crashing waves that threatened to send Norm’s mind tumbling into oblivion.

“Master…” At that moment, he didn’t care how wanton or needy he sounded, his throat a wreck and his fingers literally clinging to the solid base beneath him, but Jorgen’s lips were on his stomach, both hands on his ass now and he didn’t give a flying flip so long as the fairy didn’t leave him there hanging.

“Tell me what you want.”

“You. Now. Please, God, anything. Do anything. Just--…Oh fuck!” The last of his statement found Norm hoisted up, knees draped over the fairy’s shoulders, and back to a hard wall, the breath knocked out of him. In that position, it took him a moment to realize the oddity of having a wall in the middle of space, and another to digest that they had, in fact, left the upper atmosphere in favor of a much warmer, sparsely lit bedroom. The clattering sound of buttons raining down onto a wooden floor told him that at least parts of his mangled tux had made it back from space, and almost simultaneously, he noticed the shreds of his shirt falling loosely over his chest, no longer weightless in mid-air, but still airy in their tattered state.

Gott Verdammt…” The German cursed fluently in his native tongue, his lips hovering mere inches above the prime focus of Norm’s arousal, and bringing forth a shudder from the delirious genie. When Jorgen glanced up, his blue eyes filled with a carnal lust and need that set Norm’s blood on fire, the genie thought he might burst then and there, but something else in the gaze sent an entirely different feeling shimmering through his bloodstream, and his heart gave an indistinct flutter, something besides desire making his chest tighten up with a very foreign feeling. Uncertain, he opened his mouth, but the fairy shook his head, using his hold on the slighter figure (his hands basically the only thing holding the genie up), to lower his captive down slightly, just enough so their lips could meet. In the midst of the kiss, a single word escaped him, and this time, Norm had the state of mind to comprehend it. “Schön.”

“Mm…oh yeah, sweetheart, I’m fucking sexy.” Against his lips, he felt the German’s smirk, followed by a throaty chuckle that sent a tremor down his spine, and seconds later, he found himself sprawled out on the surface of an endless mattress, the familiar feel of silk and satin swallowing him up.

At the foot of the bed and still standing, Jorgen’s eyes feasted on the sight. Splayed out before him on crimson sheets, the genie’s body reminded him of an Arabian sunset, the gold silk of tattered attire a shimmering edge of sunlight along the horizon, soon to disappear, his violet eyes, dark with desire, the looming sky above, and his caramel skin an endless expanse of rolling desert, simply waiting for an explorer daring enough to travel its length, become lost in its treacherous heat.

Gott, you are beautiful…”

“So true that you have to say it in two languages, Master?” The genie teased, his eyes darting up as Jorgen relocated with a poof from the foot of the bed, to a caging position over him once again.

Ja. Precisely.”

When Jorgen’s lips met his, prompting him into submission, Norm spread willingly, melting into the fairy’s embrace and relaxing in the encompassing sheets, relishing in the taste of the general’s mouth as it bombarded him with pleasure. Coarse hands shoved at the flimsy remnants of his shirt, now completely impatient, and scattering even more buttons in their wake. Norm’s own dexterous fingers simply dissipated the unwanted material of his partners top and took to traveling the chiseled expanse of torso, even running over the famed biceps that the fairy took every opportunity to exploit. By the time his hands reached the man’s sizeable belt buckle (and the similarly formidable package just beneath it), his heart felt like a trapped canary in his chest, beating at his ribcage and begging for escape.


“Master.” The fairy corrected plainly, destroying the scattered buttons and last remains of the genie’s shirt as he did so.

Smirking slightly, Norm propped himself up on his elbows, eyes twinkling with mischief. “Oh, you don’t have to call me that, sweet cheeks…” He purred coyly, purposefully misinterpreting the meaning of Jorgen’s words and earning himself a scowl from the general above. Lazily, he leaned back into the bedding, shutting his eyes and folding his hands behind his head. “Just plain old ‘Norm’ will do for now…”

“Sprite…” Jorgen warned lowly, his words a ghost of hot breath across the lips before him, and Norm quirked an eyebrow, flickering one eye open in the process to regard his lover with a look of false solemnity.

“Yes, my fairy master? Is there something you require of me?”

Ja. Speak German…”

Jetzt?!” Norm shut his mouth almost instantly at the foreign utterance, cursing himself for obeying so blindly, whether he could control it or not, and narrowing his eyes even as the fairy smirked.

Ja. Good job.”

Moments later, Norm found himself face down, chest to the sheets, and arms cuffed in some form invisible bindings above his head. “Ficken Sei,” he swore tightly into the silken fabric beneath him, shutting his eyes for one instant before turning his head back to throw a shallow glare over his shoulder. “Bastard.” Technically, that word meant the same thing in both languages.

“Now tell me what you want, pretty flaschengeist…” Jorgen purred smugly, looking far too satisfied for his own good.

Gott Verdammt, Jorgen-“ A powerful hand slid with false gentility down the small of his now completely bared back, and the genie shuddered, his words catching in his throat as his eyes fell shut once more. “Jorgen…” In a more solid state of mind, Norm likely would have hated himself for how much the name sounded like a plea on his lips, but at that moment, he couldn’t have cared less.

“Answer me now, sprite…”

Ficken Sei, Gott, bitte…” Norm gasped over the words, his tongue a useless wreck as it stumbled over a language he hadn’t spoken once in his multi-thousand year life until that minute, and even then, magic guided his every word. When the fairy’s hand slid over the still-clothed curves of his backside once more, he let out a shaky breath of defeat, muttering his answer in a low hiss. “Fick mich. Jetzt.

Instantly, every scrap of fabric left on his body disappeared, and Norm gave a soft groan into the coverlet as a magically summoned slickness prepared him without a word or touch shared between them. For reasons unbeknownst to him, a hot heat chose that very moment to take over his cheeks, as if, for the first time in the near hour that he’d already spent in Jorgen’s presence, his conscious had picked then, of all times, to make him shameful of his actions.

As a genie, he could claim rights to nothing but his pride and spirit, and though he didn’t mind handing over control every now and then, having them stripped from him without a choice hurt more than just his dignity. Laying face down, naked as a newborn babe, and bound by the wrists to the bed beneath him like a pig on a rut roast, he didn’t think he’d ever find himself in a more compromising position. But God he didn’t want to move an inch. Desire coursed through every grain of his fabricated being, and at that moment, he didn’t care whether he was a king or a whore, he simply needed Jorgen in him, over him, commanding him and taking the reigns until he forgot each and every little curse life had ever thrown at him.

When hard, heavy hands gripped his thighs, spreading his legs to each side with the ease of opening a book, Norm shut his eyes. His nails dug viciously into his palms as he felt the fairy’s stiff arousal first press against him, the vulnerable ring of muscle tightening instinctively as his body tensed, but then, Jorgen was caressing his hip, this time with sincere tenderness, and soft words in his ear caught him off guard, enticing a fluttered gasp of surprise as they registered.

“Relax, mein liebe… Do you want this differently?”

Norm muttered something, but using German felt odd and unnerving on his tongue, so the words faded off before they became more than incoherent mumblings. Eventually, he simply shook his head. “Nein.”


Willst du ficken oder was?!”

Jorgen chuckled, a dangerously cocked smile working its way onto his lips seconds before his fingers dug into the supple hips before him, and the genie gave a chopped cry as the general’s body breeched him for the second time in two days, the sound dying into a ragged moan as the torture continued.

Ja, oh Gott, bitte…”

Unlike the last time, where Norm had found himself faced one moment with deep, clawing emptiness and the next split in two by simultaneous agony and ecstasy, this round, Jorgen took his time. Instead of rushing in and skewering his captive to the hilt in under a second, he dragged the penetration out, waiting for the genie’s gasping, shuddering body to grow accustomed to each and every vast, excruciating inch of him. Given his body size alone compared to the trembling mystic, that meant a lot of painful inches. Still, Norm wouldn’t have passed up a single one of them, and by the time Jorgen finally lay still, fully embedded in the tight, welcoming heat that was the fifty-thousand-year-old genie, Norm had traded the pain, for eternal bliss. After a time though, his body demanded a greater fulfillment.

Mehr.” The single word had the desired effect, and the fairy gave a quiet grunt, lifting himself just enough to gain better freedom of movement, but keeping his intimate contact with the figure below.

“Your wish is my command, sprite…” In a different time and place, Norm might have laughed at the irony; then and there, he had no rational thought left in him to comprehend the words as Jorgen’s body initiated a pace.

Trapped between the hot, hard wall of Jorgen’s blacksmith’s body and the sleek, giving sheets of the his bedding, Norm found the simple task of breathing challenging enough, but with every shift of the crimson silk beneath him adding to his torment, teasing his sensitized skin and leaving him drowning in the override of sensations, he felt sure he’d never live to see another day. And he didn’t care.

He wanted to scream, but didn’t have the breath; he needed to move, but lacked the energy. When Jorgen’s lips grazed the back of his neck, worrying the emblazoned flesh even as his adamant body struck another chord in the genie’s already taut figure, Norm’s fingers dug into the sheets, still bound together and desperately tense. Numerous incoherent sounds escaped him as they went, the large majority of them crude German profanity, his mind in a tumult and lips spouting anything and everything that came to him in the heat of the moment.

Apparently, Jorgen found vulgar use of tongue exceedingly funny, as he took to laughing after the first venomous bout, smirking as he pressed an amused trail of kisses along the man’s shoulder blades. “Interesting choice of words, mein liebe…”

Ja?” Norm questioned, panting into the sheets as a particularly molten path of heat weaved its way over his skin in place of the man’s kisses. Gathering together what breath he could, he managed to mutter something sarcastically about his prime interest in preserving the exotic beauty of the language. All in German of course. Jorgen merely scoffed, and the next instant, Norm was on his back, bound wrists over his head, and violet eyes blinking in startled surprise up to the man above him, chest heaving violently.

“Troublemaker.” The fairy accused with a quiet pant, and the genie quirked an eyebrow, lifting one leg and draping it suggestively over the general’s waist, their bodies having had separated in the process of repositioning.

Mich? Nie…”

“Liar.” In one fluid motion, Jorgen caught both his legs, lifting them effortlessly over his shoulders and leaving them propped there.

“Jorgen-“ Lips covered his, sealing off the rest of his words with a kiss, and seconds later, that kiss swallowed up his strangled moan as Jorgen entered him once again.

Instinctively, his legs wound their way closer together, his ankles crossing behind the man’s neck, and he arched wantonly with a keening whine so very untrue to his character as the fairy withdrew, then struck again. The new arrangement allowed him to move and breath, and he suddenly felt wildly alive instead of caged down. As if the man had read his mind, the invisible binds on his wrists relinquished their hold, and with a pleasured gasp, his hands flew into short, silver hair, dragging the fairy down for another aggressive kiss to show his appreciation.

Vielen dank…” Norm whispered hoarsely, his words awash with gratitude, and Jorgen felt his chest tightening with a foreign feeling for no reason whatsoever. To avoid a lengthy reply, he drowned himself in the act of returning the fervent kiss with equal passion.

“Welcome.” He muttered finally, and nothing else needed saying.

From there, things went quickly. Norm had the freedom to breathe, and henceforth, his pleasure in the matter skyrocketed. Primal instinct drove Jorgen into a faster pace, and the genie had no other role but to sit back and enjoy, endless waves of sensation building one after another and growing larger with each breaking point until no force of man, beast, or magic could have stopped the swell.

Atop him, Jorgen relished in the sight, his tireless body driving without pause into the tight, yielding heat of his raven-haired lover and feasting on the reactions as Norm bucked and clutched in needy answer to his advances. Not for the first time since their meeting, he concluded that chopped gasps and simpering moans definitely suited the wily mystic better than his engaging, sarcastic tongue, but, for once, he also admitted that the man just wouldn’t be the same without both.

A telltale tensing from the figure beneath him alerted the fairy to the genie’s approaching release, and with a move prompted by sheer last-minute instinct, he slid a hand between their bodies, tracing his fingers over the smooth, delicate definition of the mystic’s chest and stomach before coming to what he wanted.

“Ngh…” The hand around him felt like fire, a whiplash of heat, and for a moment, Norm couldn’t breath. “Oh, Gott…Jorgen!”

As the genie arched, Jorgen growled, melding his lips to Norm’s with searing force and feeling as his lover spilt his release, hot and wet across his fingertips. Moments later, he followed after, filling the smaller body shamelessly with evidence of their actions and snarling possessively against the soft lips beneath him. “You,” he panted coarsely, fighting back exhaustion, “are mine.”

“Mm…” Norm answered with a rather satiated, incomprehensible moan, his eyes lazily shut and body thoroughly spent. “Wundervoll…”

“Hmph.” Jorgen brushed a thumb distractedly across the genie’s damp forehead, catching a raven strand of hair between his fingers before he spoke gruffly. “And you can speak English now…”

Norm smirked ever so slightly, lips twitching up at the words, though he kept his eyes completely shut. “Oh, can I?” He murmured sleepily, feeling blindly for his lover’s shoulders before tugging down slightly as if to encourage the man to lie down beside him. “Well, mucho gracias, mon amour… I certainly appreciate it.”

“Three languages in one sentence?” Jorgen questioned, eyebrow raised in only minor disbelief as he gave in to the genie’s silent encouragements and carefully separated himself from the smaller body in order to lie beside him.

“Mm…it’s not the worst I’ve done.” Norm muttered quietly, a smile of contentment landing on his lips with the grace of a butterfly, and he enjoyed one silent, perfect moment in the arms of his general until…

“Well you two look comfortable!”

The dreadfully familiar voice felt like a cold stone being thrown into the pit of his stomach as both Jorgen and Norm jumped up in startled shock, clothes popping into appearance by magic even as the suddenly self-conscious genie drew the covers up in front of himself in spite of them. Never in his life had he had a stronger urge to strangle the living daylights out of the perky green fairy. Knowing Cosmo though, he likely had no idea what he’d just barged in on. Apparently, Jorgen didn’t care, as it took only a few brief seconds before his booming voice shook the walls.

“You IDIOT! WHAT THE HELL do you think you are DOING HERE?!?”

“Uh…” Cosmo scratched his head slightly with a puzzled frown, his expression considerate, as if in deep thought for one instant, before he summoned a butterfly out of nowhere and squealed in excitement. “Oh look! A butterfly!”

COSMO-“ If Jorgen grit his teeth any tighter, Norm wouldn’t have been surprised if they’d shattered to bits, and he quickly placed a hand over the general’s.

“Jorgen...I’m sure there’s a very important reason he’s here, and-“

“REASON?!” The fairy boomed. “If he had a REASON, he would have-“

“Oh yeah!” Both fairy and genie glanced over simultaneously at Cosmo’s enthusiastic outburst. “A reason! Josie…” His eyes got slightly glazed at the thought. “…the Tooooth Fairy…she told me I couldn’t forget this very important message!”

Silence filled the room as Norm and Jorgen patiently and not-so-patiently (in that order), awaited the deliverance of the message, but Cosmo said no more, suddenly seemingly entranced by a spot on the wall as they waited. Finally, before Jorgen exploded himself in his red-faced fury, Norm stepped in with a small prompt.

“And the message was…?”

“Huh?” Cosmo looked distracted as he turned away from the spot on the wall. “What message?”

Jorgen looked like a red balloon stretched to its limits.

“The one from Jo-...the Tooth Fairy?” Norm persisted as calmly as possible, most of his focus on payers as he tried not to think about Cosmo’s fate if he didn’t summon up an answer pretty darn soon.

“Oh! Yeah. She says the pixies are on her side, the anti-fairies have escaped and they’re suuuuper brilliant…” Cosmo was counting off on his fingers, eyes directed at the ceiling as he spoke. “…Chip Skylark is waaaay hotter than Jorgen and…she never wants to see…” He poofed out a small piece of paper with a frown, reading glasses coming into place over his eyes as he scanned the print. “… ‘that big, stupid, oaf bastard again in my entire fucking life’…”

Jorgen blinked, all rage gone from his expression and a blatant look of surprise taking over his features. After a long pause, he frowned slightly. “I didn’t know Cosmo could read…
Ja- Yes.
Nein- No.
Gott Verdammt- God condems/God dammit
Gott- God.
Bastard- Bastard.
Wundervoll- Wonderful.
Fick mich.- Fuck me.
Bitte- Please.
Jetzt- Now.
Ficken Sei- Fuck.
Merh- More.
Mich- Me.
Nie- Never.
Willst du oder was?!- Do you want to fuck or not?!
Mein liebe- My love.
Flaschengeist- Bottle spirit/genie.
Schön- Beautiful.

Mucho gracias- Many thanks/thanks a lot/thank you very much

Mon amour- My love.

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