Time & Again

Chapter 12 - It's Not Age, It's Richness of Experience


The two of them rematerialized in the courtyard of the Xiaolin Temple. Instantly, they were surrounded by Clay, Kimiko, Raimundo, and Dojo.

“Omi!” all four of them bellowed, their expressions angry and frantic.

As soon as Omi let go of the Sands of Time, Jack took several steps back, slipping between Clay and Kimiko.

“Better luck next time, Baldilocks!” Jack sang out, and Omi whirled to face him. Jack fixed a new destination in his mind and called out, “Sands of Time!”

The Xiaolin Monks watched Spicer disappear. They were all silent for a moment, and then the others turned to Omi with a look of complete resignation on their faces.

“You tried to change the past, didn’t you?” Kimiko asked quietly.

Omi nodded sadly. “I thought I had succeeded. I spoke with Jun-Han only—“

“Who?” asked Raimundo.

“Long Jun-Han,” explained Dojo, “is the name Chase Young went by before he turned Evil.”

“Ah,” said the other three monks, not really knowing what to say.

Omi sighed and, as Master Fung joined them in the courtyard, he began to recite his recent adventure in the past.


Jack arrived at his own home two minutes later from when he disappeared from the Temple, although to him it was barely a second.

He sighed roughly as he looked at his house, knowing that his parents were still away on a trip to India; therefore he would be left to his own devices. He was thankful for this, because all he wanted at the moment was a long soak in a hot bath, an ice-cold soda, and a thick, juicy cheeseburger – or maybe some pizza. Possibly both; he was hungry for junk food.

“Well, on the plus side, I’ve got the Monkey Staff and the Sands of Time,” he muttered as he made his way into his house. “Minus side: Chase hates me more than ever. But at least he went Evil.”

Encountering a maid in the hallway, he gave orders for his meal to be delivered to his private bath and a hot bubble bath drawn. Then, he made his way down to his Evil Lair to lock the Shen-Gong-Wu in the cabinet he had designed especially for Shen-Gong-Wu.

“What happened, sir?” queried one of his robots.

“I took a little trip to the past and got thrown around by Chase Young and assorted other villains,” Jack replied tiredly as he locked the cabinet. “I’m too exhausted to work tonight; I’d like it if you’d all put yourselves away for the night.”

“Yes, sir,” replied the robot, and it turned to begin gathering up its activated fellows to shut down for a chance to recharge.

Jack made his way upstairs to his bedroom, where he shucked out of his dirty, stained, and torn garments and left them lying on the floor. He patted his heli-bot fondly, glad to see it again, and then went into his bathroom.

The wide and deep tub that was surrounded by a rectangular casing of black tile was currently filled to the brim with hot, fragrant water and bubbles. On the tile by the foot of the tub was a tray that held a thick, juicy cheeseburger, two slices of pepperoni pizza, a glass filled with ice-cold soda, and a frosted pitcher holding yet more soda.

“Oh, yeah,” Jack sighed. He walked over to his tub and sat on the edge. Picking up the cheeseburger, he took a big bite and closed his eyes, sighing in bliss. When he’d chewed and swallowed, he set it down, took a long, luxurious drink of soda, and then took a big bite of pizza. Finally, he swung his feet over the side and eased slowly into the hot water; groaning with relief as his aching body was warmed and relaxed by the soothing heat.

He submerged entirely, letting his hair soak for a moment, and then surfaced again, sputtering as he wiped water and suds away from his eyes. Finally, he lay back against the end of the tub and simply rested in the water for a long, long while; soaking away the grime and achiness accumulated by his adventure.

Over the course of an hour, Jack finished his meal and scrubbed himself clean, washing his hair twice. The water was lukewarm by the time he was done, but he at least felt like he was back to normal. Leaving the tray and dishes where they were, Jack pulled the plug and got out of the tub. Standing on a bath mat, he dried himself off thoroughly, then pulled his black terry cloth robe on and belted it shut. He left the bathroom with a fresh towel draped over his head, soaking up the excess moisture from his hair.

He was rubbing at his hair with the towel as he made his way towards his bed when he heard a familiar voice say: “I see you made it back in one piece.”

Jack went rigid and froze for several seconds. Then he yanked the towel from his head and threw it to the floor while he looked for the source of the voice. There, sprawled up the length of his bed, was Chase Young; lying on his back with his arms stacked behind his head and smirking at the youth.

Jack shuddered hard, gave Chase a look of pure terror, and then he turned and fled. Yanking open the door to his bedroom, he bolted into the hallway.

Chase sat up swiftly and gave the open door an incredulous look. Then, scowling, he stood up and went running out the door after Jack. He caught up with the youth at the end of the hall. Reaching out, he halted Jack’s desperate run by grabbing the teen’s shoulder and yanking him off his feet.

Jack yelped as he felt himself caught and lifted. He was turned and found himself held aloft by large hands gripping his upper arms tightly as he looked into cranky gold eyes.

“Don’t run from me,” Chase growled, shaking Jack slightly. “Don’t ever run from me.”

“O-o-o-okay,” Jack agreed, stammering. “Wh-why?”

“One reason is that it makes me grouchy. Another reason is that my instincts view anything that runs away from me as prey.”

Jack’s eyes widened as he got the gist of the meaning. He nodded his understanding and hoped he wasn’t about to be lizard food.

Sensing the young man’s fear, Chase sighed irritably and flung Jack over his left shoulder so that the youth draped head-first down his back while his legs hung down Chase’s front. Then he turned and walked back to Jack’s bedroom.

Jack squirmed and kicked a bit as he tried to get free of Chase’s grip on him. “Chase, please don’t kill me! I didn’t mean to – I just – I didn’t – please, don’t—“

Chase raised his right hand and slapped Jack’s robe-covered bottom sharply as he spat, “Quiet!”

Jack, who had yelped at the spank to his bottom, immediately shut up and went limp.

Appeased, Chase carried the youth into the bedroom, shut the door, and dumped Jack onto the bed. Stepping back, Chase put his fists on his hips and asked, “Why do you believe I’m going to kill you?”

Jack scooted to the far side of the bed and grabbed a pillow. He held it in front of him, knowing it made a highly ineffective shield or weapon against Chase, but he needed the illusion of safety at the moment.

“Well?” Chase demanded, baring his fangs to show his irritation.

“Because I kissed you!” Jack replied immediately, wincing. “You’ve always hated me, ever since we met – I mean, in this time – and then I kissed you. I can’t see you being happy with that.”

Chase sighed and facepalmed for a moment. Then he dropped his hand and looked at Jack as he said, “Need I remind you that I deliberately didn’t tell you anything? I knew what was going to happen, Spicer; and as I recall, I kissed you – not the other way around.”

Jack blinked, then looked skeptically at Chase. “You’re not going to kill me for touching you?”

Chase laughed and shook his head. “No, I’m not. I am going to do this, however.”

Before Jack could move, he found his head captured by Chase’s hands and his own mouth being kissed by Chase’s mouth.

When Chase pulled away to look at him, Jack stared back, his eyes wide.

“I figured it out a few months after you left,” Chase said with a small grin. “You said you didn’t want me, but you were trying so hard to get me to become Chase Young. I finally figured that you meant you didn’t want Jun-Han – you wanted Chase Young.”

Jack blushed bright crimson, but he nodded his agreement.

“I’m Chase Young,” the older man murmured. “Pleased to meet you.”

Jack gave a small, hysterical laugh and squeezed his eyes shut.

Realizing that the youth was near his breaking point, Chase tenderly stroked one of Jack’s cheeks with the knuckles of his right hand. When Jack’s red eyes opened and looked up at him, bewildered and beseeching, he smiled and said, “I have waited twelve-hundred years for you, Jack. May I have you?”

There was no way Jack could resist. “Please,” he groaned, and relaxed as best he could; allowing his body language to signal his submission.

Chase wanted to roar with triumph. Instead, he leaned down again and touched his mouth lightly to Jack’s. When the youth didn’t tense against him, but instead willingly parted his lips, he hummed his appreciation and began to deepen the kiss gradually; keeping himself in check so he wouldn’t overwhelm Jack, though he’d hungered for this young man for hundreds of years.

Jack let out a sweet, trembling moan and kissed back; inviting the older man to take whatever he wanted.

Chase took.

Jack felt the greedy heat of Chase’s mouth all the way down to his toes. His heartbeat doubled, his cock hardened, his toes curled. He melted against Chase like superheated plastic, moaning his approval as he realized the man’s tongue was in his mouth. Jack thought he would die with the deliciousness of it. He felt as though his nerves were on fire and he squirmed against Chase’s body, whimpering when he encountered the cool unyielding hardness of the warrior’s armor.

Chase growled and pulled away from Jack. “Wait,” he said breathlessly, pressing quick, hot kisses to the youth’s mouth, and then stood up. He swiftly divested himself of his armor, gloves and sandals, leaving him in just his tunic and trousers and socks. He stripped off his socks and opened his tunic, and then he was on the bed again, covering Jack’s body with his own and kissing the youth hungrily.

Jack moaned happily into Chase’s mouth, his arms wrapping around the warrior’s back to hold him close. Touching Chase's tongue with his own, Jack stroked clumsily but eagerly, feeling the older man’s heart start to slam against his own ribs. Those large, strong hands that Jack had always been fascinated by long before he fell in love/lust with Chase slid down to cup his arse cheeks through the lightweight cloth of his robe. Chase pulled the younger man up against his body and Jack felt the size and hardness of the other man pressing against his own erection, and he gasped and shuddered. Jack felt dizzy and weak with pleasure and his head fell back to the mattress while the taller man bent over him and slanted his mouth across Jack's like a man who was starving.

When air became a pressing need, Chase tore his mouth away, gulping air in raw gasps, then dove back for more heated kisses, which Jack gave eagerly.

He clung to Chase, kissing him as devouringly as the older man kissed him back. He hardly noticed as Chase's hands slid between them to untie the belt to his robe and slip his hands inside to caress the silky skin of his back before moving downwards towards his arse. When a large warm hand closed on each separate cheek, Jack groaned and wriggled in the older man's grip, desperate to be touched. Chase held him, squeezed him, and then pulled away with a gasp.

They panted for breath and then Chase feathered light kisses all over Jack's face.

“Jack,” murmured Chase, his voice barely more than a heated growl. “I can’t wait much longer; I want you.”

His cheeks bright pink with arousal, Jack blinked and then grinned shakily at the older man. “Whatever happened to all that patience that makes you so good at planning your schemes?”

“Used up over the last twelve hundred years while waiting for you,” Chase growled, pressing a nipping kiss to Jack’s mouth. “I have no wish to hurt you and I know you are not ready for everything just yet. But I must have you. Let me give you pleasure, Jack.”

“You already have,” Jack whispered, his eyes wide.

Chase grinned. “There’s more, Jack. So much more I can do to you; more I can share with you.”

The younger man shivered. “I… please, I want that.”

The grin became a full-fledged smile. “Good. I give you my word: I won’t hurt you, Jack.”

“I believe you.”

The quiet, simple truth in those words made Chase feel warm and tingly all over.

Climbing off the younger man and the bed, Chase stood beside the bed and then smoothly pulled Jack off the bed, setting him on his feet. Jack stared at him and waited, barely breathing.

Sliding his hands up under the edges of the robe again, Chase let his hands move slowly up over the smooth white chest to the tautly muscular shoulders that not many people knew the teen possessed. Carefully, he slid the robe off of those shoulders and Jack moved subtly so the material would slide down his body to land in a heap on the floor, baring him to the warrior’s gaze.

Jack held still, his breath catching as hot gold eyes swept down the length of his body slowly, cataloguing each and every feature. Finally, Chase looked back up at him.

"You’re beautiful, Jack," he murmured. The words that he'd only heard once before, when Chase was Jun-Han, excited Jack almost unbearably. He watched as the older man calmly, efficiently removed his own clothes, and then Jack daringly reached up and caught Chase’s shoulders, pulling him closer.

Chase wrapped his arms around the teen and kissed him again hungrily. Then he moved lower, nipping and licking at Jack's neck, and the join of shoulder and neck. He moved lower still, nuzzling his way down Jack’s slender chest, enjoying the silky smooth feeling of all that white skin. He could feel the youth shuddering against him, but as he caught sight of one small, pale nipple, Chase felt very wicked indeed and he closed his mouth around it.

Jack arched against the taller man and bit his lip to muffle his cry while Chase's hot, wet mouth drew in his stiffened nipple, suckling it as he used his tongue to toy with the sensitive flesh. Jack writhed as Chase began to tease and stroke the other nipple with his fingers, rubbing and pinching it. Gasping, his fingers clenched on Chase's shoulders, tightening and marking the taut skin there as he struggled to remain upright on his seriously wobbly knees.

Chase left off his ministrations and straightened, kissing his young lover again. "Gently, Jack," he whispered, and then held the teen close as he guided Jack down onto the bed, settling carefully over the youth once again.

Jack quivered and calmed under the soothing tone and touch of the older man. Then, he felt a blaze of wonderful sensation shoot down his spine, between his legs and through his balls and cock, where Chase's thigh had taken up residence. As Chase kissed and suckled and nibbled on Jack's nipples again, Jack arched his back with wanton abandon, clutching the warrior’s head with both hands as he rubbed himself against that muscular thigh, groaning when he felt Chase’s erection throb hotly against his hip.

Chase stroked one of his hands down from his lover's hair, to the younger man's stomach; a finger burrowing playfully into Jack's navel before moving lower, resting just to the side of the fiercely hard erection that lay pulsing against Jack's lower belly. He didn't immediately touch it; simply stroked his fingers teasingly over the soft skin of Jack's lower belly, smiling as he felt his lover's instinctive pelvic movements become increasingly more frantic.

"Chase, please!" The words were gasped out above him and he gently bit at a nipple, feeling Jack stiffen minutely, and then moved upwards to again claim the youth’s mouth.

Jack was certain he was going to go out of his mind any minute, and then when he felt Chase’s hand wrap firmly and hotly around his straining cock, he almost did. He arched and howled into Chase's mouth as he struggled to hold back his orgasm.

Gasping, he succeeded just barely, and heard Chase mutter, "So responsive...." The older man proceeded to torture Jack by stroking his hand up and down in a manner all hormonally-active men were familiar with.

Jack pulled his mouth away from Chase's and said gaspingly, "Chase... please... don't… I'm going to... I’m gonna come if you... oh, please, don't...!"

Chase withdrew his hand and then took one of Jack's. He brought his lover's hand to the taut skin of his abdomen, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of that small, square, calloused hand splayed against his muscles; the fingers cool but the palm burning.

"Now, you touch me," he murmured and Jack did; his hands greedy for the older man. He caressed the muscle-ridged abdomen, tugging at the curling tufts of hair that framed the impressive erection. He suddenly craved the feel of that cock in his hand. His fingers curled around the straining cock, huge and hot and pulsing in his white hand. Chase groaned and sighed with Jack's awkward, hungry caresses.

Both of Chase's thighs were between Jack's now as he loomed over his lover, supporting his weight on both knees and one hand. His other hand was stroking Jack's face. His eyes were a hot, smoldering crystalline gold as he watched Jack pleasure with him; watched the youth’s face as Jack took in the size and heat of him; watched the younger man's body as it lay spread open beneath him, ready for his taking. And yet, he still held himself from Jack, not giving either of them what they desired. Jack was certain he was going to go insane soon if Chase didn't give him everything right at that moment.

Looking up into the older man’s hot gaze, Jack whimpered, "Chase, come on, please, do it!"

Chuckling softly, the older man bent and swiftly kissed him on the lips, but that wasn't what Jack's body wanted. He pulled gently on Chase's cock – he didn’t want to hurt the man; not only would the fun stop, but he was pretty sure Chase would throttle him for it. Jack tried to bring the other man to him, arching his body forward as well, but still Chase resisted. Jack whimpered enticingly, leaning up to seduce the older man with a line of tiny, biting kisses and licks traced up that muscular neck, but to no avail. Chase was hard and hot and pulsing in his hands, and Jack was going crazy beneath him. But still, Chase wouldn't give him what he wanted.

"Chase, please!" he whispered at last, no pride at all when it came to loving this man.

Chase shook his head, shifting to sit back on his heels. He slipped his hands beneath Jack, gripping that firm, shapely arse tightly and lifted. "No, Jack," he whispered. "You’ve never been taken before and if I did that, I would be too wild and would hurt you. We’ll get to it later. But there are plenty of other ways I may give you pleasure.”

Then he proved it.

Jack yelled wordlessly as he felt his cock engulfed in liquid heat. Chase's mouth wrapped around him and the older man began sucking; wetting him thoroughly before beginning to move slowly up and down. His mouth and tongue were wet and scalding hot against Jack's overly sensitive flesh and it didn't take long at all before his mind hazed and he emptied himself into Chase's mouth with a choked, gasping cry that he could not contain.

He was vaguely aware of Chase dropping him to the bed again; of Chase leaning in close, laying himself down atop him finally. He felt the warrior’s hot, hard cock against his own spent member and lower belly; felt it grinding and thrusting roughly against him, sliding in the slickness of Chase’s pre-come. Jack managed to lift his arms and he wrapped them around the older man’s shoulders as his lover growled quietly and thrust above him.

"Love you," Jack whispered, his voice cracking slightly.

Chase cried out then, reaching his own release, and he groaned his pleasure into the younger man’s throat as he ground himself against Jack's trembling body.

Afterwards, they lay quietly for some time; eyes closed, bodies limp except for the random tremors that quaked through them as they basked in the afterglow of their pleasure.

Slowly, Jack's eyes opened. Chase was still atop him, sprawled deadweight across him. His breathing was slightly shaky in Jack's ear and the younger man smiled goofily as he felt the fine tremor that went through the older man’s body. It made him feel kind of powerful to know that he had been the one to reduce the great warrior to such a state. Chase was undoubtedly heavy and cutting off his breathing and circulation, but there was no way Jack wanted him to move.

Several moments later, Chase finally groaned and rolled sluggishly off to the side. He heard Jack sigh at the loss of warmth and weight and used his shaky strength to pull his lover against him, wrapping his arms around the smaller body.

“Was it better than you expected?” Chase murmured, staring drowsily at the ceiling while stroking his fingers through Jack’s damp hair.

“Wasn’t expecting this,” Jack mumbled against Chase’s shoulder.

The evil everlord smirked. “We’ll talk about it later. Go to sleep, Jack.”

“Mmmph,” the youth agreed, and moments later, he was snoring lightly.

Sighing, Chase willed his utterly relaxed muscles to work and he got up from the bed long enough to pull the covers down; sliding them from beneath Jack’s limp body. Then, he climbed back into the bed, settling himself against his lover, and pulled the covers up over them both. Finally, he wrapped his arms around Jack to hold him close, shut his eyes and allowed himself to go to sleep.


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