Unspoken Rules

Chapter 14


Konoha Shinobi (Unspoken) Rule #14: Regardless of their training in codes and the like, shinobis are remarkably prone to communication problems.

Konoha Hospital (Unspoken) Rule #3: Always restock that salve with the green label, you know, the one for treating chafed skin, as soon as possible. Shinobis suffering from rug burn come in on a daily basis.


Neji just woke up from loss of consciousness.

Neji just woke up from loss of consciousness and got assaulted by recollection of what had happened to him.

Neji just woke up from loss of consciousness and got assaulted by recollection of what had happened to him, hence the realization that he was no longer able to… get it up… so to speak.

Neji just woke up from loss of consciousness and got assaulted by recollection of what had happened to him, hence the realization that he was no longer able to… get it up… so to speak, and found himself safe and warm in his boyfriend's bed with said boyfriend sitting calmly beside him like nothing was wrong.

Neji, to put it simply, was pissed.

Shikamaru just found his boyfriend awake.

Shikamaru just found his boyfriend awake after carrying him home, tucking him in, and watching over him for a couple of hours.

Shikamaru just found his boyfriend awake after carrying him home, tucking him in, and watching over him for a couple of hours, therefore was very much relieved to see that Neji was alright.

Shikamaru, to put it simply, was clueless.

Shikamaru smiled.

Neji frowned.

Shikamaru raised an eyebrow.

Neji glared.

Shikamaru opened his mouth to ask how Neji was feeling.

Neji beat him to the punch. Literally.

“Ow! What the fuck?!”

“That’s my line!”

“Then why didn’t you just say it?!”

“Fine, then. I’ll say it now. Shikamaru, what the fuck?!”

Shikamaru was a bit bitter about his jaw. “Can you be a bit more specific?”

Neji was very bitter about his… yeah. “Don’t make me punch you again.”

“Look, I know you hate me for taking things out of your hands, but what was I supposed to do? They were going to kill you.”

“You could at least tell me what was going on!”

You should’ve reported to the mission room once you got back from your mission. What, you can't even remember standard procedure? Some jounin you are.”

“I wasn’t even on a mission!”

“You were on a mission! Both technically and officially!”

“Fine! I was on a mission! What does it matter anyway?!”

“If you had reported in, Iruka would’ve told you to report directly to Tsunade in her office. I was waiting for you there. No one will wonder about why you didn’t file in a report, and your clan won’t know that I’ve already prepared you for everything.”

“Yes, well, your message did say ‘Go home’ so that’s what I did. I was just following your instruction.”

“Was that what pissed you off so badly? Because I know you’re smarter than that. Even if you didn’t know I was waiting there, you would’ve reported in to keep up the charade of having a mission.”

“I’ve tolerated the way you made me escape to another country without my knowledge. But that message was out of line. I had no idea what you were planning, and it was my situation. Who gave you the right to do that?!”

“You did! You gave me that right when you didn’t even try to do anything about your situation. You gave me that right when what we both know would happen did happen and you almost died!”

“So what if I died? Being dead isn’t that bad.”

“That’s easy for you to say. After all, you’ll be just that: Dead. I’m the one who’ll be stuck here living without you!”

Neji couldn’t believe Shikamaru just said that.

Shikamaru couldn’t believe he just said that.

“Do you realize what you just said? Shinobis die, Shikamaru. People die. I could walk by Ichiraku tomorrow and got struck by lightning, for all we know!”

“There’s nothing I can do about lightning, but there are many things I can do about the Hyuuga clan. That’s why it’s different. How would you feel if I died when you’re nearby and you know, you know you could’ve helped me stay alive?”

“You call making me suffer a fate worse than death ‘helping’?!”

Let us pause this argument for a while to see where Shikamaru was coming from, shall we? He knew how much Neji hated his seal. He could see it each time Neji looked into a mirror sans hitai-ate. He also knew that Neji was actually traumatized by seal placement, even though Neji never said anything about it. Hell, Neji probably didn’t even realize it.

In any case, those were the reasons Shikamaru took the trouble of commandeering Tsunade’s office. He knew another seal could destroy the man so he wanted to prepare him, to talk to him quietly and ensure him that everything was going to be alright, that another seal won’t change anything between them. He knew it was going to be complicated. So when he found out that Neji had gone directly to the compound, he was ready for the possibility of retrieving a broken man.

However, Shikamaru had noticed that Neji wasn’t broken the minute he had opened his eyes. He was thoroughly pissed, which was understandable, but not broken. Far from it, even. Shikamaru was very much relieved, not to mention proud of how strong his lover was. But he was also a bit miffed about the heart attack Neji almost gave him by going straight to the compound. Not to mention the punch earlier. Right now, in Shikamaru’s psyche, Neji was all right so there was no need to treat him any different than usual.

Suffice it to say, the conversation was going downhill.

“Aren’t you being a bit melodramatic? You never wanted to have children anyway.”

“Melodramatic? Melodramatic?! I just became an impotent man and you say I’m being melodramatic?!”

Neji, justifiably, snapped. Seriously, who wouldn’t?

Shikamaru, thankfully, saw it coming. So instead of having a repeat of that fateful night where he almost killed the person he loved, this time he was ready to jump back and form a seal.

Silence permeated the room. Neji was crouching on the bed, stuck in a position where he was ready to jump at the other man. Shikamaru was crouching on the floor, hands locked in a familiar seal. Their shadows were intertwined, and Neji was even more outraged than before. Shikamaru, on the other hand, finally realized that they had been arguing in circles. There was a misunderstanding on Neji’s part. He had been wondering why Neji was so distraught. The guy actually punched him, for God’s sake. That was just not Neji’s style. Now he knew that something was wrong.

This had to stop, Shikamaru decided, the argument. Ends. Here.

“Shikamaru,” Neji called with an eerily calm tone. “Release me.”

“No,” Shikamaru answered serenely. “I need you to calm down first.”

Neji knew he wasn’t just angry. Insecurity, fear, frustration, despair… Anger was merely the packaging. “I can’t.”

“Try. We have about five minutes until my Kagemane runs out.”

“Release me,” Neji tried again. “I won’t hurt you. You know I can’t.”

“That’s not what I’m afraid of and you know it,” Shikamaru responded. “I know what you’re thinking and I won’t let you go. Not now, not ever.”

The older shinobi felt like crying, but he smiled. “Shikamaru, what use do you have of me now?”

“Neji,” Shikamaru used the gentlest tone he could muster. “I think there’s something you misunderstand about that seal. I’m going to explain it to you, but you have to calm down so you can listen. No more yelling.”

Luckily, Neji was still reasoned enough to let Shikamaru’s words got processed by his brain. Besides, it gave him some hope about his current predicament. After a couple of deep breaths with his eyes closed, Neji finally decided that nothing could be worse anyway. “Agreed. No more yelling. I’m all burned out anyway.”

Shikamaru deactivated his jutsu and slowly climbed in to the bed to sit by his lover again. Neji just stared at him dully as he gently put their hands together.

“Neji,” the taller jounin called softly. “What did Hiashi say the seal does?”

“It prevents me from spreading my bloodline limit outside the clan,” answered Neji blankly.

“That’s true, yes, but did he tell you how it does that?”

Neji, to his lover’s relief, started to get more focused on the conversation. “Uh… no, not really.”

“Okay,” Shikamaru sighed. He had seen this possibility, but what with being sucker-punched and all, he had forgotten about it. He made a mental note to apologize to Neji about that later. “I’ve studied the seal thoroughly so I know how it works. I wouldn’t have proceeded with this particular plan otherwise.”

The older man frowned. “How? It couldn’t have been in Konoha’s archive.”

“I’ll tell you about that later,” Shikamaru said firmly, squeezing Neji’s hands. “Right now let’s just clear things up about that seal, okay?”

“Okay,” Neji said resolutely. His fate was sealed in this explanation, pun not intended. “So how does it work?”

Shikamaru took a deep breath before starting, “The seal activates automatically whenever the bearer is aroused. When activated, it blocks the bearer’s vasa deferentia, or what is now known as ductus deferens, preventing the spermatozoa produced in the testicles from mixing with seminal fluid produced mostly in the seminal vesicles and pros-”

“Shikamaru,” Neji quietly butted in. He had an inkling of what Shikamaru was talking about, but it was just too good to be true that he had to make sure. “English?”

“Oh, right. Sorry.” Shikamaru gave an apologetic smile, thumbs rubbing the back of Neji’s hands absentmindedly. Sometimes he forgot that not everyone came from a clan that dealt with medicine. “Well, to put it simply, that seal is a ninjutsu version of vasectomy.”

The sudden elation that washed over him was so intense, Neji couldn’t do or say anything. Since Neji only stared at him, Shikamaru thought he needed to elaborate. “It’s a procedure where the vasa defe- um- tubes that link the testicles to the prostate are cut and closed, preventing- Are you laughing?”

“Shikamaru,” Neji sighed tiredly. “I know what a vasectomy is.”

Both shinobis went quiet for few moments. Shikamaru knew Neji needed some time to take everything in so he just sat there in silence, thumbs still unconsciously caressing the back of Neji's hands.

“So that’s it then?” Neji asked after a while. “It’s all over? I won’t get killed for not marrying some distant cousin or any other… soap-operaish… crap?”

The younger jounin chuckled. “Yes.”

“And all I had to give up was my whole family and the ability to procreate?”

Shikamaru looked at him intently, “Neji, I know that’s a lot, maybe too much. But I just… I can’t lose you. Not like that. I want you to be alive and well whether you want to or not. I know it’s selfish and you probably hate me now. I won’t blame you if…”

He couldn’t bring himself to say it. He didn’t know what more to say either so he just went quiet after trailing off.

Neji didn’t even think about that option until Shikamaru mentioned it, and now that he did, he didn’t like it. He decided to switch to another subject. “So… You’ve studied the seal thoroughly, you said?”


“Are there any… side effects I should know about? Would I still be able to… perform as superbly as usual?”

On any other day, Shikamaru would’ve rolled his eyes. Now though, the claim of superiority and the smug smirk that accompanied it felt like the best things ever. If he wasn’t sure that Neji was all right before, he was positive now. “Of course you would. In fact, as we’ve heard many times about guys who’ve had a vasectomy, you’d have more endurance.”

The older shinobi snorted. “Isn’t that just a myth?”

“Oh no,” Shikamaru smirked. “I don’t know about vasectomy, but this seal is sure to make you… last longer, so to speak. It was actually written in your family’s scroll.”

Neji chuckled. “Yeah, right.”

“No, seriously. Maybe it’s a Hyuuga thing, you know? They claim their clan members are the strongest in Konoha. They can’t let any of them lose out there in the outside world and have them… under-perform, wouldn’t you think?”

“You have a point there.”

“I know,” Shikamaru said as he let go of Neji’s hands and got up. “Now let me go make that tea you like so much. You’re still a bit cold from the shock. Would you like me to prepare a hot bath for you? I can make you dinner while you take it.”

Neji raised his eyebrows. “Are you trying to get back in my good graces by playing the nice boyfriend?”

“Is it working?”

“Well you did send me on a bogus mission, all the way in Suna, and left me in the clutches of the Infuriating Wench from Hell, without so much as an explanation. Then you decided, all on your own, that I wouldn’t mind having a vasectomy the ninja way, outside my knowledge. Hm… Oh, wait. There was that other thing about me being cut off from my whole family. Not that it’s a bad thing, really, but it’s still kind of a life changing experience, you know, one that I would’ve liked to have a say in. So… I don’t know, what do you think?”

Shikamaru actually smiled. “I think that you still taking the trouble to be pissed at me is a good indication that you’re still willing to be with me.”

Neji glared. “I’ll be letting you off too easy if I just leave you. I’d rather stay and torture you for the rest of your life.”

Nothing could ruin Shikamaru’s good mood now. “Good to know.”

“That doesn’t mean I’m done being angry with you,” Neji added as he noticed the wide grin on the Nara’s face.

“Good to know that, too.”

It took a few moments until Neji realized the implication of what he just said. He covered his face with a pillow and groaned. Ah hell, he cursed in his mind, no wonder Shikamaru looked like he just won the lottery. Good thing the man was already busy in the kitchen; otherwise it would’ve been really awkward. In hindsight, at least there was no question about Shikamaru’s willingness to have a commitment now, and that was definitely a good thing in Neji’s book.

Neji used the quiet minutes alone to think. He was out of his compound with nothing but a flimsy kimono. He was never to return, and he didn’t even have his wallet. Monetary issue aside, Neji suddenly felt a bit lost. He had never lived on his own. His mother died during his birth and his father died when he was four, but he had always had his clan, regardless of how much he hated them. Granted, he had his friends and, most importantly, Shikamaru. But what was he supposed to do now?

Okay then, first thing’s first. He would need a place to live. No, scratch that. He could just shack up with his boyfriend. He doubted Shikamaru would mind. In fact, he was pretty sure that was what the genius had planned all along.

With that settled, Neji went to the second thing he would need. Clothing. He had no money, as in, at all. Besides, he never shopped for clothes before. His clan always provided him with tailored clothes whenever he needed new ones. He never even knew what they would look like before finding them in his room. Wait, he could go to the quartermaster at the Hokage tower. He had never taken his allotted vest and/or other parts of standard shinobi attire, so now was as good a time as any.

Neji’s musings on how to proceed with his newly acquired life stopped when Shikamaru entered with the aforementioned tea.

“Here,” the younger shinobi said while giving the mug to Neji. “How are you feeling?”

“Not too bad,” Neji sipped his tea, “considering the circumstances.”

Shikamaru stared at him worriedly as if assessing damage, so Neji added, “I’m no longer in shock, Shikamaru. I’m fine. Really.”

“Okay,” Shikamaru concurred. “Do you want that hot bath? I’ll go and prepare it.”

Neji had to hold back a laugh. “Shikamaru, as much as I’m enjoying you being nice and caring, I don’t think you should do this so often.”

The slightly taller jounin raised an eyebrow. “Why?”

“Frankly,” Neji sighed. “It’s freaking me out.”

Shikamaru chuckled. “Duly noted. I’ll make sure to stay an asshole from now on.”

“Good. Not that I won’t welcome the change once in a while.”

“Yeah, yeah. So you want that bath or not? This playing-the-nice-boyfriend thing is starting to get on my nerves.”

“Sure,” Neji snorted lightly. “Oh, and I need to borrow your clothes.”

“You don’t need to ask for that. I’ll go get them for you,” Shikamaru answered before snickering suddenly. “Besides, you’re already in my clothes.”

That was when Neji realized that he was no longer wearing his kimono. He was wearing a pair of black loose pants and long-sleeved shirt. Neji paled.

The change didn’t escape Shikamaru’s observant eyes. “Neji? What’s wrong?”

“You-” Neji had to take a deep breath. “You undressed me?”

“Your kimono was dirty and drenched in sweat,” Shikamaru explained carefully. “You were in shock. You needed to be as warm and comfortable as possible.”

“So you’ve seen…”

Shikamaru didn’t know how to sugarcoat it so he simply answered, “Yes.”

“Oh,” Neji responded vacantly. Shikamaru let him get his head around the situation in silence. After a few moments of inwardly berating himself to stay calm and not panic, Neji finally looked at the younger man. “How- how does it look?”

“Honestly?” Shikamaru asked before answering, “It looks… very sexy.”

Huh? “Huh?”

Shikamaru smiled his distinctive slow smile and repeated, “I think it looks sexy.”

Neji didn’t know what to say to that. He just sat there like his usual stoic self although to Shikamaru, his lover looked heartbreakingly dejected. He couldn’t have that. The Neji he knew was so damn proud, it was almost annoying. This fickle, unconfident attitude just wouldn’t do.

“Come on,” said the young Nara as he took Neji’s hand. “I’ll show you.”

Shikamaru led Neji to stand in front of the full-length mirror in his room. Neji was about to protest as he never liked seeing his sealed person in the mirror, but Shikamaru didn’t let him.

“It’s okay,” Shikamaru soothed. “Everything’s okay.”

“No, wait,” Neji objected when Shikamaru pulled his shirt up. “Shikamaru-”

“Hush. We’ll both see it sooner or later anyway.”

Knowing that Shikamaru was right, Neji went quiet and let his lover stripped him. It wouldn’t take much effort anyway since he was only wearing two pieces of clothing. Neji raised his arms halfheartedly and let Shikamaru pull the shirt all the way off. He kept looking anywhere other than the mirror, even when his Nara stepped in front of him and blocked the view. But then, Neji’s eyes widened as he saw Shikamaru take off his own shirt and stood there just as bare-chested as he was.

“There,” the taller jounin said assuredly, “I’ll strip too. You can just focus on me and enjoy the view.”

Neji couldn’t stop the nervous bark of laughter from coming out. “How comforting.”

The other shinobi just smirked and went back to his self-appointed task. Although he found Shikamaru’s suggestion silly, Neji unconsciously kept his eyes locked on that distinct ponytail as the young Nara kneeled to pull down his pants. He didn’t dare to look up in to the mirror.

Neji didn’t realize he was holding his breath when Shikamaru carefully pulled his pants down, not even when he was urged to lift his feet one by one and complied, not until a sudden sensation made him gasp.

“Shikamaru?” Neji gazed down at the person who just kissed his balls.

The younger man looked up and they locked eyes. Shikamaru smirked before kissing those jewels again, this time not stopping before trailing more kisses all the way to the tip of Neji’s rapidly hardening cock. From there he trailed even more kisses back down to where he started. Then he started licking and sucking them gently.

“Shika- ah- Shikamaru, what are you doing?”

“Worshipping you,” answered the other shinobi casually before licking and sucking his way through the same path as before.

Neji didn’t know which one was more unbelievable; that the man called Nara Shikamaru actually said such a cheesy line, or that such a cheesy line actually turned him on. He finally decided, when the aforementioned Nara Shikamaru practically swallowed his dick, that he didn’t give a damn.

The older shinobi closed his eyes as the sensations became more intense. He yanked the hair tie off that head in front of his groin and buried his hands in those familiar thick locks, refusing to let his knees buckle. As Shikamaru replaced the use of his mouth with one hand and stood up, Neji opened his eyes again to follow the ascension, ready to intercept that face with a kiss. To his disappointment, however, the other man just smiled and moved to stand behind him.

It was a well-known fact that shinobis are exceptionally deft with their hands. They’re used to forming intricate seals in a split second, after all. As it was, Neji had to close his eyes again in gratification, starting to forget about his seal and everything else. All that mattered was the warmth encasing him from behind, the lips dancing allover his shoulders and neck with gentle nips and kisses, the hand pleasuring him down below, and the other hand traveling about his torso in tender caresses, paying homage to his nipples whenever it passed them.

“Neji,” called a voice that never failed to make him moan. “Open your eyes.”

Neji did so and was caught in wonderment. There, in the mirror, was a full-body image of him, sweat glistening over taut muscles as he writhed in the holds of his slightly taller lover. He could see the other man’s face and as he focused on those dark eyes, he groaned merely from the way the young Nara looked at him. The intense gaze was filled with such awe and burning passion that he felt like the most beautiful thing in the world. He felt like a masterpiece. Hell, he felt like a freaking god.

“This is how I see you. This is how beautiful you are.”

The dazed jounin fixed his eyes to the whole picture again and was surprised at himself for feeling how tantalizingly erotic it was. Now he could both feel and see Shikamaru’s hand pumping him slowly. He didn’t realize it before, but now he could see that he was thrusting lightly into that hand. As his lover carefully guided his cock upward, he could see the blue-green hue of the seal on his scrotum, a symbol in the middle of two elegant lines curving up to the base of his penis.

A little trepidation made itself known in the back of Neji’s mind when Shikamaru’s other hand went down, but as the younger man slowly and gently traced the seal with one finger, he couldn’t help but hiss in pleasure while he watched. He shifted his focus to the man behind him in the mirror, only to find that man following his finger with his eyes, still alight with utter admiration and worship, as if he was perusing a work of art made to perfection.

“Beautiful…” a quiet whisper came, followed by sensual nibbling on one earlobe, and any doubt or insecurity flew out of Neji’s mind. He boldly took those fingers that had been tracing his seal and put them in his mouth. He licked and sucked them while keeping his eyes locked with Shikamaru’s in the mirror, and he smirked when those dark eyes burned even more as his lover was engulfed in lust.

Shikamaru never stopped the slow strokes on his lover’s cock, even as his fingers were released, all wet with saliva, and even as he carefully prepared his lover’s entrance with them. All the while, their eyes were fixed on the mirror as they both admired the view. The young genius was starting to lose himself as he watched. The way those arms went up to bury those graceful fingers in his hair; the way that head leaned on his shoulder as that elegant neck arched back; the way those half-lidded, milky-white eyes that, to him, resembled those clouds he loved so much, gazed at him in the mirror; everything about the older shinobi seemed to tune his overactive mind to no more than one thing. And that one thing was none other than the beautiful man in his arms.

The feeling was mutual, if the way Neji slowly turned and kissed him was any indication. The slow and loving kiss turned hard and demanding in a flash. It was as if at the same time, all those pent-up feelings and emotions from the past few days they were apart burst out of both of them. The anger upon the situation, the frustration of waiting for a conclusion and, most prominently, the fear of losing each other, it all flew out in a flurry of passion.

Both could no longer keep their legs from giving in. Shikamaru lowered them both as carefully as he could as his lover clung to him. The frantic kisses and touches didn’t stop even as the young genius flipped them over so that he was on top, obliging the fire that burned them both. The strategist remained quiet as he caressed and fondled the man underneath him, panting slightly.

Neji didn’t know how to voice his searing need. He needed Shikamaru so bad, needed to feel the man inside him, to scream, to feel that ache on his lower backside in the morning, needed desperately to prove to himself that this wasn't a dream… that Shikamaru wasn't a dream. It appeared however, as the young Nara prepared him again in a hurry, that his lover felt the same desperation as he did.

He writhed impatiently and Shikamaru obliged. The tokubetsu jounin entered him swiftly, making him scream the other’s name, and by God it was glorious. The burning pain of penetration eased as the Nara paused. The older nin could feel his lover throbbing inside him, pulsing with the same rhythm as the other man’s heartbeat. They were plastered together, Neji’s hands clawing at Shikamaru’s strong back as he arched his when the strategist pushed a bit deeper and nudged his prostate firmly.

The older nin couldn’t remember exactly when they finally started to move together, just that when they did, he was wailing, shouting, demanding the younger man to pound him harder, deeper, faster. And again, Shikamaru obliged him, grunting and moaning incoherently. Neji was lost in the rhythm. It was fast-paced, rough, and sharp, with immense pleasure shooting up from the base of his spine to the summit of his brain in a nanosecond at each thrust. He rocked his lower body desperately meeting his lover’s, barely keeping up with the snapping of the other man’s hips, yet he was still screaming and clawing, asking for more.

Their bodies weren’t pressed together, but they were close enough that Neji could feel his cock rubbing against the contracting muscles of Shikamaru’s abdomen as they moved. The strategist was rigid and hard allover, arms supporting himself so he wouldn't fall on to his lover as the older shinobi pulled him down, pulled him in, arching up, reaching out. Vaguely Neji thought Kakashi and Genma would surely tease him tomorrow for being so loud, but he couldn’t care less because he was almost there… he was there…

Shikamaru slowed down and one thing came to Neji’s mind, “FUCK!”

“Shh…” Shikamaru coaxed, running one hand on Neji’s cheek, still thrusting slowly and sedately, eyes burning in to the other's furious ones.

“W-why’d you…” Neji was trembling, teetering over the edge as he hissed, “…s-so close…”

The younger jounin took a deep breath, as if trying to control himself, all the while moving in and out of his lover gently. Somehow the gesture brought Neji some semblance of control too, and he was no longer shaking and panting so heavily. Maybe that was what the renowned genius was going for, Neji didn’t know, but at that moment, Shikamaru suddenly pulled him up on to his lap and lay down, folding his knees up for Neji to lean on as the other man straddled him.

“Oh God…” Neji moaned helplessly as the movement nudged him in more sensual ways deep inside.

“Ride me,” the strategist ordered softly yet stern. “And watch.”

So Neji rode. He rode so fast and hard he was practically slamming himself on to the younger man. And he watched. He watched them in the mirror. Shikamaru’s hands were on him, one roaming the plane of his chest while the other closed around his cock unmoving, letting his movement provide friction. It only took a while before his lover pushed upward as he went down, just as fast and just as hard as his riding. Neji found his voice again although no words came out, gasped “ah”s tumbling from his mouth as sharp sensations of pleasure shot through him.

Suddenly he heard a growl, deep from the young Nara’s throat. Shikamaru grabbed his hips with both hands and held him while pounding up fiercely, faster and harder than before. Neji was lost, unable to keep any semblance of rhythm. His body couldn’t choose between undulating his hips and jacking him up and down with his folded legs, and it seemed to want to do both. In the end he let the younger jounin take control, just like he had asked him to. His hands clenched the carpeting on the sides of Shikamaru's head in vain, his back arching as his lover moved under him, fucking him in earnest.

Neji realized then that he was screaming again, this time without reserve or demand. Shikamaru had managed to make him scream as nothing came to his mind other than how completely intense the feeling was, how hot the fire burning inside him, how swift and strong, how good… so good, so good, so good… “AH!”

Neji climaxed so hard, he nearly blacked out. His body was jerking wildly as jet after jet of semen shot out and hit his lover on the chest, some even landed on that handsome face. When Shikamaru let out a droned moan and came inside him, warming him from the inside and soothing the sore walls, he nearly died of pleasure and he couldn’t help the thought that said maybe strategy wasn’t the only thing the man was a genius of.

Neji couldn’t move if the apartment was on fire. He was so tired and dizzy, yet happy and highly content, that he just slumped on his lover catching his breath. He noticed Shikamaru trying to breathe easily again too, and realized that he might be crushing the other man with his weight. But when he started to move away, the young Nara wrapped his arms around him and held on tightly, unwilling to let him go or slip out of him.

“Wait,” Shikamaru’s chest rumbled with the word and Neji liked the feel of it against him. “Just for awhile…”

“Keep talking… that feels good.”

“How troublesome,” the strategist said lazily, one hand playing with his lover’s hair.

“Hmm…” Neji couldn’t help but sigh happily, enjoying that rumble. Then Shikamaru’s other hand started to draw lazy circles on the base of his spine and he wanted to fall asleep right then and there.

“You’ll be sore,” Shikamaru murmured to the side of Neji’s head.

“I don’t care,” the older nin mumbled in to the crook of Shikamaru’s neck. “I don’t think we should be having sex like that too often though.”

Shikamaru chuckled. “Well, you did ask for it.”

“Only because you obviously needed it,” Neji retorted after sighing contentedly at the rumble again.

The other man merely smiled. “Too true.”

They lay there quietly for a while, minds blank and bodies relaxed. Both were too lazy at the moment to do anything, even to just stand up and move to the bed that was only a few steps away.

“So,” Neji suddenly muttered to Shikamaru’s neck again. “How did you make Temari come more than five times without even touching her?"




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