Apples and Pears


"Glitch, you are going to fall straight out of that tree..."

"I am not! I happen to be an excellent tree climber."

Cain sighed and tilted his hat back so that he could peer, sunblinded, into the copse of trees to his right. He could just make out Glitch lounging across a branch with the setting sun glinting behind his brown curls like a flaming halo. His pockets were full of pears and he was peering down at Cain who was quite content to lay stretched out on the blanket they had brought out with them for lunch on his first day off in over a month.

"How can anyone be an excellent tree climber"

"It's easy, one just has to take the right classes at the university."

"Right. I suppose you majored in tree climbing?"

"Oh no," Glitch answered quite seriously, "It's only a minor. I majored in jiggery-pokery."

Cain just pushed his hat back down with a smirk, "Right."

"Cain, come climb trees with me."

Cain almost shivered at the near petulant tone that accompanied that statement. It meant the Glitch was bored. Bored and in control of all his faculties.

"Sweetheart, with all apologies, I am <i>not</i> an excellent tree climber."

Glitch was quiet for a long moment before Cain heard the creaking of branches and a soft 'thump' followed by footsteps in the grass.

"Slept right through those classes, huh? You know tin man, I don't think I can keep a man who can't climb trees," Glitch's voice was somewhere to the left of him now, and Cain tilted his hat back up as he felt the slender man settle himself over his torso like some kind of languid house cat.

Blue eyes met brown with identical smirks as Glitch rested his chin on his fists, his elbows on either side of Cain's chest.

"I think I can make it up to you."

"Really tin man? I dunno what skills you could possibly have to compare to tree climbing."

With that said Cain lifted his head just a bit, and kissed Glitch. It was slow and savored. The brunet tasted like pears and smelled like sunshine, the sensation of it all made Cain growl low in his throat, possessively.

Glitch was blinking like he glitched when Cain broke the kiss and leaned back again.

"Oh. Wow."

"Still wanna go climb trees?"

"I think I'll stay here, thank you."

Cain smiled as Glitch curled against him, tucking his nose in the crook of Cain's neck as the sun faded around them.


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