Tin Man - Cain/Glitch


Alloy by sirael

    Glitch has been told that he has a heart of gold.  He doesn't think that's a compliment.

    Rated: G


Apples and Pears by Ameonna1

    A little picnic in the restored Papay fields.

    Rated: G


Excellent Rhythm by iamascavenger

    "Everyone has individual dances, seperate rhythms-"

    Rated: NC-17


Fair Trade by sirael

    For a man who had lost everything, there were few things left to hold onto. But hearts can be found where least expected, especially in a healing world, but only for a fair trade.

    Rated: G


'Fixed' Does Not Mean 'Unbroken' by Saathi1013

    "There is a white tree in front of the cabin, and an iron sarcophagus out back, twin sentries guarding a ramshackle house, a meager grave, and an old ex-tinman that tends to both."

    Rated: G


Hidden Words by Ameonna1

    Ambrose gets a little time to read in the early morning.

    Rate: G


Love Knots by PropertyofWyatt

    Frustrated with being ignored and avoided after his surgery is a success, Ambrose retreats to his lab until receiving a unique apology.

    Rated: T

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Reflections by uh_oh_shuffle

    "Forget the guests, Glitch.  All they are about are themselves and making the Queen happy."

    Rated: G



Tin Horses and Paper Planes by The Watched Pot

    "The invitation to the to the celebration, in honour of the Queen's birthday, had come just at the right time."

    Rated: G


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Token by Torra

    A quick look at political and romantic life after the fall of the witch.

    Rated: G


Watch and Repeat by Ameonna1

    Glitch shows some rookie Tin Men that he can hold his own in battle.

    Rated: G



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