Hidden Words


The suns had risen and Glitch frowned at the book he was looking at. He was a bit of an early rise compared to Cain, who still slept with his arms tight around Glitch's waist. But, well, Cain did work at night and usually Glitch was in bed by the time that his lover came home, not that he didn't get absolutely elated when he was woken up. If he got kisses at three in the morning then sleep could wait.

But that usually meant that Glitch woke up pinned by a gloriously mussed and sleeping tin man with no way to actually get out of bed without waking up said tin man, and to wake Cain up when he was like that, well, it would be like kicking a puppy.

So he'd taken to leaving a stack of books on the night stand. It really was the only time he got any reading done, being still rather distracted by everything and realizing that even as Ambrose, he was still scatterbrained in some areas. Currently he was flipping through something that was half a dictionary for the old picture language of the ancients and half a stuffy lecture about it. They had seven different words that meant 'Light'? That was kind of neat.

Glitch mused and idly traced the symbol for 'Light in the darkness' on Cain's right shoulder with his fingertips. That was a useful one, he'd give it to Cain. He flipped through more pages, more skimming than seriously thinking about anything.

'Thinker of new' was traced on his own thigh followed by 'Whole'. Glitch smiled and gave 'Whole' to Cain too. It was an important word. He flipped pages looking for words now. Cain got 'Protector' and 'Loyal' while he took 'Wanderer' for himself. Glitch muttered quietly to himself as he flipped page after page until he found what he was looking for. "...not a widely known symbol for 'Love' exists. Instead in writings and carvings the phrase 'my soul' would be used when referring to..." Glitch blinked and looked down at Cain. My soul? Slowly he traced the symbol in the short hair behind Cain's ear, right over that spot that made the man gasp when he kissed it.

Then blinked as his lover stretched against him and Glitch smiled down at blue eyes that cracked open and peered at him. "What are you doin' sweetheart?"

Glitch grinned, "Just reading."

"Learn anything new?"

"Nothing I didn't already know."

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