Love Knots

Chapter 15


Wyatt blinked with a start an instant later, eyes widened in surprise as he found himself thrust up against the wall, Ambrose giving him a bruising kiss. It was a moment before he could respond, relaxing with a groan, his eyes closing once more as he replied to the kiss, his arms wrapping around Ambrose’s slight frame.

Ambrose exhaled a heavy breath when he pulled away, leaving them both panting. Breathing heavily, he rested his forehead against Wyatt’s, his gaze lowered as he grasped the lapels of Wyatt’s coat tightly and swallowed. “Sc-scared me,” he murmured softly.

 “S-sorry,” Wyatt replied, still trying to catch his breath. “They caught me in the hallway.”

Ambrose closed his eyes humming softly as he inhaled a slow breath close to Wyatt and swallowed once more. “Missed you,” he whispered.

Wyatt blinked. “Missed me,” he asked, taken aback. “How can you miss me? We’ve spent the majority of the passed three days together, and I was only gone for about twenty minutes.”

Ambrose smiled. “Still missed you,” he murmured softly and licked his lips as he leaned in for another kiss.

Wyatt exhaled softly, wrapping his arms a little tighter around Ambrose as he returned the kiss chastely. “Sorry they ruined the mood…” he said, keeping his voice low. “But thanks for playing along.”

“You had me worried there for a minute,” Ambrose said with a soft smile and patted him on the chest. “But the mood can be recreated without too much effort,” he murmured and moved to pull away only to pause, exhaling softly and smiling at Wyatt when he felt resistance.

“It can wait,” Wyatt murmured huskily.

Ambrose purred and melted into him, raising his arms and languidly wrapping them around Wyatt’s neck. “You’re right,” he replied softly and gave him a gentle kiss. “It can wait.” Sighing, Ambrose leaned in giving him a hungry kiss.

Wyatt groaned, returning the kiss until lack of air made it necessary to stop and slid his hands to Ambrose’s sides, pushing him back just enough to break the kiss leaving them both gasping for breath. “W-we’d better eat,” he murmured few moments later.

“N-not hungry…”Ambrose answered and leaned in to kiss him briefly once more.

“Not hungry?” Wyatt asked blinking at him in amused surprise. “You ordered it… I thought this was a dinner date, Sweetheart.”

“N-not hungry,” Ambrose said again and paused for breath. “F-for that… right now…” he finished and leaned in for another brief kiss.

Wyatt wriggled, moving back a little after the kiss, putting a little more distance between them. “Then what are you hungry for…?” he asked huskily.

Ambrose grinned with a soft chuckle and rocked into him. “You…” he murmured, stealing another kiss.

Wyatt inhaled deeply and moaned as he returned the kiss. After a moment, he moved his hands up to grasp Ambrose’s shoulders and pushed him back a little, breaking the kiss. “I’m not going anywhere any time soon,” he promised. “But we really should eat…” he paused swallowing as he tried to control his breathing. “D-don’t want the food to get cold…”

Ambrose groaned and pouted slightly but relented after another brief kiss and Wyatt let go as he slid from his arms. Moving around the room, Ambrose turned off some of the lights before dimming the main ones and relit the candles before sitting down at the table and waiting for Wyatt.

Wyatt cleared his throat and slipped out of his coat, laying it carefully over the back of the sofa and turned out the lights Ambrose had left on before making his way to the table.

Ambrose smiled at him and lifted the lids on the covered dishes to reveal small bowls of soup.

“This is different,” Wyatt said sitting down and studying the small bowl in front of him.

Ambrose chuckled softly. “It’s an appetizer,” he answered with a slight shake of his head. “Apparently you haven’t seen soup as an appetizer before?”

Wyatt shook his head, picking up his spoon and inhaling the scented vapors rising from the small bowl in front of him. “Smells good,” he murmured, glancing up to Ambrose with a smile before starting to eat.

Ambrose smiled in return and bit his spoon thoughtfully, pursing his lips against the side. “Wyatt,” he said at last. “Why don’t you tell me a little more about yourself?”

Blinking, Wyatt looked up at him. “I thought this was your time…” he replied.

“Well it’s a rather long meal,” Ambrose answered, shifting uneasily. “What I have to say can wait.”

Wyatt paused and looked up at him wonderingly. Could what Ambrose had to tell him be so bad? Was this a last meal of sorts? Had that been a last kiss? “Ambrose?” he said at last, unable to keep the slight waver out of his voice.

“Its okay, Wyatt,” Ambrose said with a smile after a moment. “Just tell me more about you.”

Wyatt swallowed and sat up a little straighter. “What more do you want to know?” he asked.

Ambrose blushed and lowered his gaze, as he spooned some soup from his bowl. “Well… earlier,” he said looking up to meet Wyatt’s eyes. “You knew just how to touch me.”

Wyatt chucked and couldn’t help grinning. “Well you made it rather obvious,” he replied.

Ambrose’s blush deepened and he lowered his eyes once more, shifting nervously in his chair. “Yeah, I guess I did, didn’t I?”

Wyatt chuckled again and nodded. “Yeah,” he replied with a smile. “You did.”

Ambrose leaned over his chair to one side and paused briefly before turning to the other side doing the same, sitting up with a sigh; he smiled and laughed softly at Wyatt’s look of confusion. “Okay, okay…” he said. “I – I guess I was… just wondering…”

Wyatt exhaled softly and set his spoon down. “If I’d ever been with anyone beside Adora?” he asked tiredly.

Ambrose bit his lip nervously but gave a slight nod.

Wyatt was quiet and distant for several minutes as he contemplated an answer, if any, to Ambrose’s question. “Why,” he asked quietly after a moment and cleared his throat, looking at Ambrose with a slightly aloof expression. “Why do you want to know? If you think I won’t be faithful… I never cheated on her if that’s what you’re asking.”

Ambrose swallowed and flushed slightly in embarrassment, waving his hands as if to ward off any assumptions. “Oh, n-no,” he answered. “I – I’m not jealous or anything… it’s just… y-you already know I haven’t been with anyone and well, like I said, I – I have books, but well those are um…” He paused, his blush deepening. “T-those o-only t-talk about men with w-women…” He paused again and swallowed, lowering his gaze and hiding behind a sip of wine. “I – I’m just a-a little lost w-when it comes to this kind of thing...”

Wyatt relaxed a little and shifted in his chair. Picking up his glass in one hand, he idly swirled his wine, giving Ambrose a sidelong knowing look and leaned forward reaching under the table and gave Ambrose’s leg a gentle squeeze around his knee, making him start. “I think we’ve got time,” he murmured and took a sip of his own as Ambrose flushed once more.

Ambrose cleared his throat and shifted a little nervously in his chair and Wyatt let go. Getting up, he cleared away the appetizer dishes and returned with the main course.

Wyatt blinked as a flash of something pale caught his attention but shook his head slightly, wondering for a moment if he’d imagined it, returning his attention to the silver domed tray Ambrose set on the table in front of his as well as for himself.

“Wow,” he said blinking in surprise when Ambrose lifted the lid on the tray revealing the main course and Ambrose blushed, sitting down once more. “You know, I’ve eaten better with you than I have in ages.”

Ambrose flushed again and smiled, lowering his gaze briefly. “Well, that’s good then,” he replied quietly.

“Mmm,” Wyatt murmured, digging in. “This is delicious!”

Ambrose smiled and took a sip of his wine, watching Wyatt eat for a moment. “I’m glad you like it,” he said. “We’ll have to pass our compliments on to the chef.”

Wyatt nodded and didn’t say much else and Ambrose sighed softly in contentment before tucking into his own meal, glad that Wyatt liked his choice for dinner. He smiled slightly watching Wyatt eat quickly, but noticed he savored every bite and it wasn’t so bad that their conversation died down.

*          *          *

“Dessert?” Ambrose asked a little later when he and Wyatt had finished the main part of their meal and took a sip, looking at Wyatt over the rim of the glass he held in both hands.

Wyatt sighed softly, leaning back slightly in his chair and arched a brow at the look Ambrose gave him and blinked when he felt a brush against his leg. Clearing his throat, he replied, “Sh-sure… What are we having?”

Ambrose smiled at Wyatt’s reaction and lowered his glass slightly watching him as he brushed Wyatt’s leg with his foot again. “Chocolate mousse,” he answered. He smiled when Wyatt emitted a soft, pitiful groan, closing his eyes briefly as he tilted his head back and Ambrose took another sip of wine, watching as he slid his foot further up into Wyatt’s lap.

Wyatt blinked, his eyes snapping open at the same time he reached down and caught Ambrose’s foot. “Barefoot?” he asked, feeling the coolness of Ambrose’s toes against his palm, leveling his questioning gaze upon brown eyes sparkling with amusement.

Ambrose smiled into his glass, taking another sip and inclining his head slightly.

“Your feet will get cold,” Wyatt murmured huskily, giving his foot a gentle squeeze, already feeling how cool Ambrose’s feet were.

Ambrose fidgeted, wincing and hissing softly as Wyatt hit a spot that tickled a little, and bit his lip, gently extracted his foot from Wyatt’s grasp.

Wyatt blinked, looking at him curiously as he rose to his feet and slowly began collecting the empty dishes, noticing his hands trembled slightly.

Swallowing and avoiding Wyatt’s gaze, Ambrose set the empty dishes aside and retrieved the last domed platter, setting it in the middle of the table after carefully pushing the candles aside. Moving back to his chair, he stopped short, meeting an intense blue gaze when Wyatt reached out and caught his wrist.

“Come here,” Wyatt murmured huskily, drawing him closer.

Ambrose swallowed thickly and stumbled slightly as he complied, moving around the edge of the table, his breath hitching as Wyatt pulled him down to straddle his lap.

“You’re shaking,” Wyatt murmured, resting a hand on Ambrose’s hips, reaching up with the other and gently brushing some stray curls out of his face. “You alright?”

Ambrose nodded slightly and met Wyatt’s gaze, but his heart continued pounding in his chest, blood rushing in his ears.

“You sure?” Wyatt asked softly, arching a brow. “Do I frighten you so much?” 

“Y-you don’t frighten me,” Ambrose replied.

“Don’t I?” Wyatt asked. 

Ambrose shook his head, biting his lip.

“But you’re trembling,” Wyatt observed. 

“J-just nervous,” Ambrose admitted softly.

“Why are you nervous?” Wyatt asked reaching up and brushing his finger through the soft curls at Ambrose’s temple. 

Ambrose’s breath hitched and he closed his eyes, leaning into the touch with soft whimper. “W-want to ask you something,” he replied quietly and paused, swallowing thickly once more. “A-afraid you’ll say no…”

Wyatt arched a brow, studying him for a moment. “Is that why you went to all this trouble?” 

Ambrose swallowed and released a soft, shaky breath, meeting Wyatt’s eyes with his own heated gaze and nodded slightly. “I – I wanted to…” he replied in a hushed tone and groaned softly, closing his eyes briefly as a shudder coursed down his spine when he shifted slightly in Wyatt’s lap.

Wyatt moaned in reply, arching his hips to meet Ambrose and tightened his grip on his hips. “So what were you afraid to ask me?” he murmured huskily against Ambrose’s slightly parted lips. 

“N-not afraid to ask,” Ambrose answered, his breath hitching slightly as he relaxed under Wyatt’s touch, wondering if the wine had been a bit much or if this was a natural reaction he was feeling, he did trust Wyatt after all.

“No?” Wyatt countered. 

Panting slightly, Ambrose shook his head. “No… a-afraid of the answer…” he murmured.

“Afraid I’ll say no?” Wyatt asked looking at him seriously. 

Ambrose nodded, biting his lip with a slightly sad expression.

“Why would I say no?” Wyatt asked cupping Ambrose’s cheek gently with a rough palm. 

Ambrose exhaled heavily and closed his eyes for a moment before meeting Wyatt’s gaze once more. “Because it’s too soon, because we still don’t know each other all that well, because you want to… I don’t know!” he exclaimed softly, his voice laced with anguish.

Wyatt swallowed thickly as his heart wrenched in his chest at Ambrose’s uncertainty and doubt. “Have I ever said no before?” he asked quietly. 

“Y-you said you ‘didn’t think it was a good idea’,” Ambrose answered, not specifying what ‘it’ was.

Wyatt exhaled softly. “Oh, Ambrose,” he murmured reaching up to cradle the back of his neck as he met his gaze, causing Ambrose to tremble. “I’m sorry… you shouldn’t be afraid to ask me anything… I might not answer or I might not think it’s such a good idea, but you should never be afraid to ask me.” 

Ambrose swallowed and shifted in Wyatt’s lap, groaning softly and leaning in for a kiss before slowly getting to his feet leaving Wyatt blinking in slight confusion. “Come on,” he murmured, taking Wyatt’s hand and pulling him to his feet as well, moving from the table toward the fire place.

“I thought we were having dessert,” Wyatt answered though he followed Ambrose willingly. 

Ambrose turned and smiled at him as he let go of his hand. “It’s more comfortable here,” he said. “Sit down.”

Wyatt complied, blinking as Ambrose headed back to the table and blew out the candles, retrieving the domed tray and coming back, setting it on the coffee table where it had been before as he knelt down over Wyatt’s legs as Wyatt pushed back against the couch arching his brow. 

Ambrose gave him a sidelong glance with a smile and lifted the cover on the tray. “Oh, look!” he cried happily and grinned. “They even put a cherry on top!”

“Ambrose,” Wyatt said warningly. 

“What?” Ambrose asked sounding a little crestfallen as he looked at him.

“I thought you said you didn’t want to do that anymore.” 

“Well, they’re still good,” Ambrose replied pouting slightly as he set the dome cover on the coffee table next to the platter bearing the chocolate mousse and reached out plucking it by the stem before Wyatt could snatch it away. “Besides,” he continued, swinging the cherry idly as he looked at Wyatt. “This is different.”

“Oh?” Wyatt asked, reaching out to try and grab the cherry from him but failing in his halfhearted attempt, he settled his hands on Ambrose’s hips. “How so?” 

Ambrose smiled and rested his chin in his palm, the cherry lying on the back of his hand as he propped his arm on his knees looking at Wyatt. “Well, for one, I’m not alone now, am I?”

“Ambrose,” Wyatt said warningly. “I’m not kissing you with that thing in your mouth; you could choke. Besides, I don’t know how to do what you do with it.” 

“Oh, come on Wyatt,” Ambrose chided. “I won’t choke, besides, you won’t be kissing me with the fruit in my mouth; it’ll just be the stem.”

Wyatt looked at him uncertainly for a moment before sighing. “Alright,” he relented. “What am I supposed to do?” 

Ambrose grinned and held up the cherry by the top of the stem, letting it dangle in front of them. “Take your half and I’ll take mine,” he said. “Then I’ll teach you how to make a knot in the stem.”

Wyatt exhaled heavily as he looked at the cherry hanging in front of him and Ambrose laughed. 

“Come on, Wyatt,” he chided again. “It’s not going to attack you.”

Wyatt exhaled once more and moved in from top to bottom, gently biting his half near the stem. 

Ambrose moved in, his head tilted slightly to the side as Wyatt bit his half and hummed, their lips meeting briefly before drawing away with a smile as he slowly chewed and swallowed his own half then leaned in and gave Wyatt another couple of chaste kisses, gently caressing his cheek. “See,” he murmured, his eyes sparkling. “Not so bad so far, right?”

Wyatt chuckled softly and licked his lips, shaking his head. 

Ambrose smiled and then exhaled softly as his gaze fell on the stem he turned in his fingers.

“Ambrose?” Wyatt asked uncertainly. 

Ambrose shook his head slightly exhaling softly once more. “It’s nothing,” he murmured and looked up to meet Wyatt’s concerned gaze. “New start, new wish,” he explained and held up the stem between them.

“Come here,” Wyatt murmured, wrapping his arms around Ambrose’s waist, making him start and laugh as he pulled him in close. 

“I thought that was my line,” Ambrose said softly but hummed at the closeness the new position offered though he now looked down on Wyatt.

“What do you mean?” Wyatt asked. 

Ambrose smiled and shook his head, tilting it back slightly so Wyatt could see as he dropped the stem in his mouth. “Come here,” he murmured looking back down at Wyatt and leaned in, humming as their lips met, opening his mouth to allow Wyatt entrance as he cradled his head in his hands.

Wyatt groaned at the invitation and blinked feeling the stem of the cherry as well as Ambrose’s tongue. He hummed, drawing Ambrose closer to him as he felt the erotic dance of his tongue and realized he was not only kissing him but tying the first knot in the cherry stem and moaned as he tried to learn the rhythm of the new dance as Ambrose had done earlier. 

Ambrose hummed, whimpering softly as he exhaled through his nose and slowly slid his arms back to wrap languidly around Wyatt’s neck, his own knot completed, he prepared to show Wyatt how to tie his.

Wyatt groaned as Ambrose pulled back a few minutes later smiled as he reached up, taking the cherry stem from his mouth revealing that it now bore twin knots, one on either side of center. 

“See?” Ambrose murmured softly, setting the stem aside, laying it on the side of the platter containing the chocolate mousse before turning back to look at Wyatt. “Not so hard, is it?”

Wyatt swallowed, his breath coming in soft pants and he reached up, drawing Ambrose back down to him. “N-no,” he replied breathlessly before capturing Ambrose’s lips once more. 

Ambrose closed his eyes with a soft purr, his hand coming to rest gently on Wyatt’s cheek as he opened his mouth once more as Wyatt pulled him in close, turning him in his lap and nearly bent him over backwards as he kissed him.

Sitting back after a moment, Wyatt pulled back slowly. “So what did you wish for this time?” he asked huskily. 

Ambrose opened his eyes, looking up at Wyatt as he moved slowly and shifted, stretching out with a hum as his cock found purchase in the friction his clothes provided with his movement and he leaned in gently kissing Wyatt’s neck. “Uh, uh,” Ambrose murmured, shaking his head. “Can’t tell…”

Wyatt groaned softly and felt the chill of his feet against his arm as Ambrose stretched. “Your feet are getting cold,” he murmured blinking somewhat tiredly as contentment settled over him like a thick blanket. 

“Let them,” Ambrose replied huskily, resting his head on Wyatt shoulder as he kissed his collar bone.

“Come on,” Wyatt murmured and reached up behind him for the throw he’d seen on the couch, drawing it down before shifting just enough to tuck it securely around Ambrose’s feet in a soft cocoon. “Don’t want you getting sick from being too cold,” he murmured, leaning back with a sigh and wrapped his arm around Ambrose again, closing his eyes and exhaling tiredly once more.

Ambrose hummed and snuggled closer wrapping his arms around Wyatt, resting his head on Wyatt’s chest sighing softly. “’Kay,” he mumbled softly in reply.

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