Watch and Repeat


In retrospect he should have been paying attention. Well, he had been paying attention, he'd just been paying more attention to what he was going to do later than what had been going on in the present. Now he was sitting on a log with two other tin men with their hands manacled behind their backs. He didn't know what had happened to the third man they had been traveling with. Cain was going to grumble at him, but at least now he knew where the insurgents camp was. Oh! Insurgents. That was nice word. Sounded important.

A hand yanked him up his lapel and he smiled blankly, as a question was growled at him, ah, he hadn't been paying attention again. Cain had told him to play dumb which had kind of chafed at him but was a bit fun. There were six men, only six? Must be scouts then or this whole little 'rebellion' against the Queen was going to end hard and fast. This man smelled awful, really, at least when they were the resistance they bathed...

"Unhand the Advisor!"

Glitch hissed as one of the tin men tried to stand up and got knocked down in the dirt for his troubles.

"Told you we had him," one of the men said, "That tin man don't go nowhere without him."

The part of Glitch that was Ambrose cringed when the man spoke and Glitch shook his head as the other five came and took a good look at him before nodding. Apparently he was what they wanted to ransom. Perfect!

"Take him down the ravine, kill these other two."

Uh oh, not perfect. Glitch frowned as the younger of the tin men's eyes widened. He had a girl, didn't he? The other had a mother to take care of. Glitch better step up and do his job then. It's a split second before the one dragging him around by the collar is screaming on the ground clutching his nose just before a sound kick sends him into unconsciousness. Two more men start at him and Glitch hits the ground of his own violation, long legs taking one man down with him as hard as he could.

Rhythm, they had no rhythm, just a roiling gaggle of limbs and the second one is out cold just as the third gets close enough to get a boot where the sun doesn't shine and another in his gut. The fourth is barely on the edge of his range, hesitating in a cringe as the last one falls and then Glitch twists, his hands are in front of him now, giving him just enough leverage to push up and tumble into the gawking one, cracking him over the head with his chains. In the same heartbeat he'd spun and caught the fifth one with a head butt that had the insurgent toppling to the ground and then he simply grinned at the last one.

Which was enough to make the man bolt, straight into the trees, only to get dragged out a second later by Cain who was frowning, "Did you have to knock all of them out? That's a lot to carry."

Glitch shrugged as he fiddled with the cuffs around his wrists, "Sorry, I went on instinct. Did you hear that idiot talk? Don't go nowhere indeed..."

Cain turned to the two tin men who where still wide eyed and staring at Glitch who was off muttering again, dumping the cuffs on the ground as he stepped over a groaning man. Cain only smiled and inclined his head, urging them to get up,

"Come on, you didn't really think you were here to protect him?"


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